Friday, February 5, 2016

Völuspá Doomsday Prophecy

"A sword age, a wind age, a wolf age.  No longer is there mercy among men."
From Snorri Sturlson's prose Eddas.  From "The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings"

Do we live in the wolf age?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

1 More Word

Backpfeifengesichtt: German word for face which needs a slap.

Can't see Trump's mug w/out thinking of this word!

You want to shred the Constitution?


Deny American born Muslims entry into the USA, even those born there?


Spout divisive nonsense and hatemonger?


You get the drift.

2 Words



All hypothetical, of course, 'cause using tobacco now as other option illegal in FLA.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stupid Crook News

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Poem 13

Would a, could a, should a, done, did, but not Done!, will, can, can do, will do, do more, do anything good, any worthwhile deed, some good, probably some bad but no evil, lift the veil....

See, speak, and write my truth!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"A baby?...."

"....a chubby cheeked rolly poley shit machine?"
Dexter Season3, Episode 3

Catching up on reruns.  Hmmm, a serial killer w/ an ethical code, should I worry 'bout me?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Why Florida Has No Winter This Year

Because a confirmed bachelor changed his mind and asked God to send a wife by winter this year.  Apparently, he ain't get married soon, and we currently enjoy weather with highs in mid 80 degrees.  Of course, 'posed to get freezing this weekend with lows in the 60 degrees.  Where did I store my winter coats?

Suck on that M'sieur Sean Paul..

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Nothing Says Christmas Like Free Shotgun Wiith Purchase

Guys and Gals, Be aware Where your partner shops for jewelry.

[VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Customers are locked and loaded over a promotion put on by Downtown Goldsmith, Jewelry and Engraving in DeLand.

Any customer who buys from a selection of jewelry costing more than $450 is eligible to go home with a free shotgun.

The promotion has been so popular, the store’s owners have already run out of shotguns and have put in two more orders.]

Presumably, you only get to insert shells after shopping.  Or give the gift of shotgun to your partner, because nothing says love like a shotgun.

Building Wall to Keep Donnie J. Trump INSIDE Trump Towers

From comedy duo called The Good Liars

Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Tradition: Kill Your Brother for Christmas

Sounds like a great tradition, at least until you run out of brothers.  To avoid me, my family left me stuck in damn nursing home because he likes my fat pig sister better than me.

But I don't plan on killing any of 'em. however.

[ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Orange County deputies are investigating after a man allegedly shot and killed his brother in Pine Hills on Christmas Day.

Deputies responded to the 5000 block of Altec Court at about 3 p.m. Friday.

They said the two brothers, who have not been identified, were in some kind of dispute when one opened fire.

The victim was killed, and his brother was in custody.

Family members at the scene were very shaken up, and neighbors were stunned that something like a fight led to a shooting on Christmas.

Family and friends tried to console each other as deputies worked the scene.

“I just feel for everybody around here, because I'm sure everybody's trying to enjoy this day, and that just put a damper on everything,” said resident Adolph Tolliver.]  emphasis added because OMG!  "Put a damper on festivities."  YOU THINK!

Friday, December 25, 2015

"Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime"

Almost forgot a couple of Christmas traditions: watching ourfuture robot overlords enslave us and beating penguins bloody.  The latter can really fight back the savage Christmas Blues affecting me.  So enjoy.


For more Christmas "fun:" How Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas from Hyperbole and a Half and Penguin Bloody Bashing Time from someone sick and twisted as me 'cause it made me laugh, "Do you like to decapitate penguins with spiked clubs and use their heads for batting practice? If so, then you are truly a twisted individual."
[The Associated Press
COCOA BEACH, Fla. — Hundreds of surfers dressed as Santa caught the waves and celebrated on the shore in what has evolved into an annual tradition at Florida's Cocoa Beach.

Organizers of the seventh annual Surfing Santa event say they distributed 500 wristbands Thursday for surfers who wanted to ride the waves dressed as St. Nick.

A singer with a ukulele led hundreds of people in singing Christmas carols, and some Santas glided onto the beach, ]

Made in China

Label on my forehead reads: "Made in China."  I give up.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Sayings

Pancakes w/out syrup feels like Love w/out sex, filling but nearly as much fun.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Sign of Hope for Humanity

Got back from dialysis Saturday and had big Christmas bag on my bed with gift cushy blanket and this priceless--treasured forever--Christmas card from the Grandmothers and Grandkids club of Mount Moriah church just south of my Island Hell.

If you ever wonder what to get someone in a nursing home, a blanket will always do.

Nevertheless, think the card amounts to greatest treasure of all;  my bah humbug savage Christmas blues be damned.

God bless ye, one and all.