Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lou Reed: "Sweet Jane"

The Kinks: "Jukebox Music"

The Kinks: "She's Got Everything"

Little Feat: "Willin'"

Little Feat:"Rocket in My Pocket"

Roger Daltrey: "Free Me"

Neil Young: "Like a Hurricane"

Neil Young: "Cinnamon Girl"

G' 'N' R': :"Sweet Child of Mine"

The Doors: :"Roadhouse Blues"

Wishbone Ash: "Blowing Free"

Wishbone Ash: Warrior"

The Hollies: Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress"

The Kinks: "You Really Got Me"

The Kinks: Jukebox Music

The Kinks: "All of the Day"

"Rock bands come.  Rock bands go, but rock and roll will go on forever."

The Kinks: "Celluoid Heroes"

The Kinks: Low Budget

The Kinks:(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman (Live)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Assault With a Deadly Bratwurst

[Congratulations, Tajuana Banks, you are the wurst.

The 31-year-old woman from Des Moines allegedly assaulted a woman with a German sausage on Monday night following an altercation regarding childcare for the woman's granddaughter, according to Iowa police.

KCCI-TV reports that Banks hurled the bratwurst at Connie Jones' chest after yelling profanities and, according to Jones, attempting to start a fight.

The police said that Jones, 63, remained calm and resisted altercation, up until Banks threw the processed meat.

"Police documented grease marks on Jones’ clothing for the police report," the TV station noted.

Authorities arrested Banks on charge of simple assault.]

Internet as Addictive as Heroin

[Computerworld - How would you handle giving up your Internet connection -- your Facebook friends, Twitter, online news and shopping -- for just a single day?

If you think being disconnected for even a day might drive you nuts, you're not alone. A survey of 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 65 in the U.K. showed that many Britons are as emotionally connected to the Internet and all of their devices as smokers are to their cigarettes.

Some said giving up their Internet access, even for just a day, was as hard as quitting smoking or drinking, according to Intersperience, a consumer research firm based in England. One person surveyed described it as "like having my hand chopped off." Another called it "my biggest nightmare."]

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who Gets Government Welfare? You Do!

Dummkopfs, pinhead tea bagging protesters , driving over federally built highways and riding in Medicare paid electric scooters waving your "Taxed Enough Already" signs, how could you fall for RepubliKKKans big lies?

[The same people who complain with such vigor NEVER seen themselves as the recipients of government largess. Well, it turns out that MANY of those people are both delusional AND full of shit. Here is a handy dandy chart – from a paper by Dr. Susanne Mettler — showing the percentage of people who have gotten, or are getting, government assistance, but who think they have never used a government social program. These are the kinds of people who join the Tea Baggers and hold aloft signs saying, “Keep Government out of my Medicare”.] emphases indicate links in original at

Even Grumpy McCain Knows RepubliKKKans Insane

RepubliKKKans Waging Class Warfare

This proves RepubliKKKans care only about the rich, lavishing them with tax cuts given temporarily by the Cheney administration, and budgetcuts to social progams.

"What Would Jesus Cut" indeed?

[House Speaker John Boehner’s new budget proposal would essentially require, as the price of raising the debt ceiling again early next year, a choice between deep cuts in the years immediately ahead in Social Security and Medicare benefits for current retirees, repeal of health reform’s coverage expansions, or wholesale evisceration of basic assistance programs for vulnerable Americans.

The plan is, thus, tantamount to a form of “class warfare.” If enacted, it could well produce the greatest increase in poverty and hardship produced by any law in modern U.S. history.

The Boehner plan calls for large cuts in discretionary programs of $1.2 trillion over the next ten years, and it then requires additional cuts that are large enough to produce another $1.8 trillion in savings to be enacted by the end of the year as a condition for raising the debt ceiling again at that time.

The Boehner plan envisions no tax increases, with its entire $1.8 trillion in additional deficit reduction coming from budget cuts.]

Ironic Irish Epitaphs

[5. Belfast: Beneath this stone lies Katherine my wife
In death my comfort, and my plague through life
Oh liberty! but soft I must not boast
She’s haunt me else , by jingo ,with her ghost]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Criminalizing Poverty

[Two Deltona women face child neglect charges after they were found sleeping on the porch of a home because electricity had been cut off to the residence.

Sheren Ocasio Santiago, 27, and Crystal Karle, 24, also were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and Karle was arrested on a warrant charging her with petty theft.

Volusia County deputy sheriffs were called to a home in the 2100 block of Van Orman Drive Saturday morning and found an electrical extension cord running to that house from an adjacent home.

They found the two women and three children sleeping on mattresses on the back porch of the house, according to arrest affidavits.

Kafrle, identified as the homeowner, told deputies she could not afford to pay the deposit for electrical service and electricity had been off for about a week. She said that without electricity, it was too hot to sleep inside.

The FREE Orlando Sentinel app for iPad. Now available in the app store.

According to the arrest reports, there was an in-ground pool near where the children were sleeping with water that was green and murky. There was no barrier to keep the children, who ranged in age from 3 to 8, from falling into the pool, deputies said.

Deputies said they were overwhelmed by the smell of animal waste, which was visible on the floor of the patio.

Inside the home, according to the reports, deputies found prescription pills and two marijuana cigarettes within easy reach of the children. The only food they found was a package of bologna and a loaf of bread.

The state Department of Children and Families took custody of the children.],0,1869559.story

Governor 48.9% Kills Jobs

[In the meantime Governor 48.9% and the Florida legislature add high priced staff who essentially do no work whilee peope on the front lines-counsellors for at risk children, teachers, hardworking secretaries, and bookkeepers--get the boot.

They don't make as much in a state job as they could of in private companies. They took these jobs for health insurance and q pension, knowing full well the cheapskate FL legislature would stiff them on raises for the last 5 ears and well into the future.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Millions of Floridians head back to work Tuesday after a restful three-day Fourth of July weekend.

[But Toni Gugliotta won’t be among them.

She’ll be applying for $275 a week in unemployment benefits instead.

The Pinellas County woman is among 1,300 state employees put out of work by the new budget approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott on May 26.

Scott kept his promise to reduce the size of the state government bureaucracy. But he did so at the expense of real people with mortgages, healthcare bills, college tuition payments and credit card payments.

Many of them earned less than $30,000 a year after years of state employment.] emphasis added

Read more:

If You Jet Ski in thew Nude....

...don't for get your life preserver.

[KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Authorities say two people were injured when their water scooter hit a sea wall near Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee.

An Osceola County Fire Rescue spokeswoman says the crash happened just before 8 p.m. Sunday. A man and a woman, both 62, were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

A receptionist at the nudist resort says the man and woman were guests at Cypress Cove and had borrowed the watercraft from another guest. She says they were wearing their birthday suits while riding the scooter.]

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wall Street Reform

Where Did Bank Bailout Billions Go?

To high end hookers, you rubes.

Of course when considering ethics of bankers and hedge fund managers versus those of whores, the latter might actually have more personal integrity.

[Brooklyn's District Attorney Office has busted a high end escort service that brought in $7 million over three years. The DA indicted 17 people with relation to prostitution ring with expensive prices, which was used by New York City's Hedge fund community.

According to Irish American DA Charles Hynes the ring charged their clients $400 to $3,600 per hour. Hynes said many of the clients were in the "financial markets" or "hedge fund people".]

Friday, July 22, 2011

Progressive Christans Form Circle of Protection for the Poor, Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security Cuts, Oh My!

" 'What do you mean by crushing my people, by grinding the face of the poor?' says the Lord God of hosts."
- Isaiah 3:15-

Since progressive has become a code word in view of some for "liberal," my definition of the word lies in social justice for all humans, starting with basic rights of having enough to eat, shelter from storms, and a voice through voting in establishing the governing parameters of their society.

The Bible tells me so, from the quote above to the parable of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25, God commands his people and by extension all humans to feed the hungry.

Disagree with me if you will on practical political points in modern America, but drive the streets of my humble Orlando Empire of Dirt or any US city and see homeless humans barely existing in misery and then tell me about the justice of an economic system allowing top 1% of individuals to control 20% of wealth and resources and then tell that makes a christian nation.

Other Christians agree with me.

If even the Baptists get on board, I double dog dare any so-called "Christian" to debate on their politics of parsimony towards the poor.

On 20 July 2011, twelve progressive Christians visited President Obama in the Roosevelt Room of the White House to engage him in a circle of protection for the poor of the world.

Let Jim Wallis, CEO of Sojourners tell you about that: "Yesterday, before congressional leaders were due at the White House for critical negotiations, I, along with 11 other national faith leaders, met with President Obama and senior White House staff for 40 minutes. We were representing the Circle of Protection, which formed in a commitment to defend the poor in the budget debates. Sitting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, we opened in prayer, grasping hands across the table, and read scripture together. We reminded ourselves that people of faith must evaluate big decisions on issues like a budget by how they impact the most vulnerable.

We urged the president to protect programs for low-income people in the ongoing budget and deficit debate, and in any deal concerning the debt ceiling and default crisis. In an engaging back and forth conversation, the president and faith leaders discussed how we can get our fiscal house in order without doing so on the backs of those who are most vulnerable. We shared the concern that the deficit must be cut in a way that protects the safety net, and struggling families and children, and maintains our national investments in the future of all of us."

Social Security currently has a surplus;

The Cheney administrations tax cuts for the rich and 2 costly foreign wars have led to current deficits.

So pray--even you heathens and atheists among all essentially believe in something like Karma or positivism ad epicureanism, something as fictional as my belief in Jesus, all of which I choose to cherish as all human embraced fictions that teach the Golden Rule--that President Obama can see through the outright lies and half truths and protect programs which help poor people.

Then, vote that way.  If you've visited my dirt pile before you know how I vote.  For those yet to retire, it don't concern me how you vote I gots me mine, retired too early in middle of my mid-life crisis.

11 Year Old Designated Driver Drives Into Church

[BRANDON, Florida — A man was arrested on child neglect charges after his girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter crashed an SUV into a water pipe at a Hillsborough County church.

Deputies say Donald Leet, 37, told them he let the child drive because he had a glass of wine with dinner Tuesday evening, and his driver's license was suspended. The child told deputies Leet was teaching her to drive.

When deputies arrived at First Baptist Church of Brandon, water was shooting 50-feet into the air. Officials say the girl and her 7-year-old sister were screaming, but no one was injured.

Leet, of Apollo Beach, berated the deputies, calling them "dumb," and "an illiterate Southerner."],0,2654775.story

"Amish Teen Leads Cops On Drunken Buggy Chase"

[CONEWANGO, N.Y. -- An Amish teenager is accused of leading police on a short buggy chase Monday after deputies observed him drinking beer in the vehicle in western New York.

According to authorities, Lewis D. Hostetler, 17, was seen driving his buggy with a can of beer in his hand about 1 a.m. while sheriff's deputies were patrolling Route 62 south of Buffalo, The Buffalo News reported.

When officers attempted to stop the vehicle, Hostetler led them on a brief chase, police said.

Hostetler was charged with resisting arrest, second-degree obstructing governmental administration, unlawful possession of an alcoholic beverage with intent to consume by a person under age 21, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, insufficient tail lamps and littering on a highway.]

Palin Family Mental Pathology

This makes me wonder about the voices in my head, always thinking about what my dearly departed Mom or still with us Dad would want me to do.

Do my only original thoughts and actions come from being bad and wrong choices?

Or can the positives taught me by my parents help establish a way of looking at the world to try to do any little thing to make my dirt patch a better place?

Bristol, honey, cut the apron strings and move out of your Momma's  house on your own 2 feet; become your own girl.  You can still make bank on your own, not just as 1 of Sarah's spawn.

You go, girl.

[One thing jumped out at me over and over again when I interviewed Bristol Palin: She had difficulty identifying and expressing feelings.

Even when pressed, she was unable to dig deep and readily find an emotional response.
Based on how Bristol described her family, the Palins seem to exhibit what in my line of work is called an "enmeshed" family. It's more than being close. It's being too close.

Members are extensions of each other. It's hard to tell, for example, where mom begins and daughter ends. Boundaries are blurred. Each feels that she's essential to the other's happiness, even survival.

And while it is not an awful situation it can be a handicap.

In more severe enmeshment, individual identity suffers. Sense of self can be totally lost. A person is ultimately unable to look within. So he or she acts out.] emphasis added

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Protect Your Wireless Connection

[Promoting Defensive Computing is like nagging children to eat their vegetables. So, when a story hits the news with details of the absolute worst case scenario, it's a teaching moment.

Although the case of Barry Ardolf hacking his neighbors Wi-Fi network has been known about for a while, it's being reported on again because Ardolf was just sentenced to 18 years in prison. His story should scare people into verifying that their wireless network is as secure as possible.

Things started in August 2008 when Matt and Bethany Kostolnik moved into a house near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The day after they moved in, their 4-year-old son wandered into the yard of the house next door to climb on a play-set. The next door neighbor, Barry Ardolf, returned the child, but while doing so, kissed him on the mouth.

Needless to say, the parents reported this to the police and Ardolf then spent two years getting revenge. According to prosecutors the incident
... caused the defendant to begin a calculated campaign to terrorize his neighbors, doing whatever he could to destroy the careers and professional reputations of Matt and Bethany Kostolnik, to damage the Kostolniks’ marriage, and to generally wreak havoc on their lives.
In large part, he did this by hacking into their Wi-Fi network.]

Charles Barkley Killed Nickel Beer

Orlando used to have downtown entertainment district which included Lily Marlene's which had nickle beer.

Sir Charles threw a patron through a plate glass window.

This ended nickel beer, and I still turn off the sound when he comes on my TV.

Rule of Law

So now some mouth breathing Neanderthal want to murder attornies who simply did their jobs, finding reasonable doubt for defendants on trial for their lives.

If any of the mouth breathing Neanderthals protesting faced trial for their lives, every one of them would want the best defense counsel they could afford.

[Posted: 2:33 pm EDT July 20, 2011
Updated: 6:28 pm EDT July 20, 2011

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- The wife of Casey Anthony's attorney, Cheney Mason, called 911 after receiving several harassing phone calls, including one that was a threat toward her husband and attorney Jose Baez.]

James Bains: Wrongly imprisoned 35 years

Imprisoned for 35 years for rape, and it took the Innocence Project to test the evidence and prove the man innocent.

The first story below conveniently leaves out the fact of Mr. Bain's innocence, proved by the Innocence Project rather than the state of Florida.

The account from the Innocence Project gives a fuller account including shoddy police work and a

[Posted: 9:45 am EDT July 21, 2011

POLK COUNTY, Fla. -- A Polk county man who was wrongly convicted of raping a fourth grade boy more than three decades ago is finally getting compensated by the state.

James Bain spent 35 years in prison after being convicted in 1974. He was 18 at the time.
Bain was released from prison in 2009 after DNA evidence cleared his name.]

...[The State’s case was based largely on serology on the underwear performed by the FBI and the victim’s identification of Bain as his assailant...

1) Victim’s Misidentification: The police had already arrived at the victim’s home when he returned after the assault. The victim gave the officers a physical description of his assailant, which included very prominent sideburns, and said he identified himself as “Jimmy.” The description was then given to the victim’s uncle who stated that he knew an individual named Jimmy Bain who fit the description. After the uncle stated Bain’s name, the victim adopted Bain as his assailant. At this point, the police took the victim to the police station (along with his father and uncle) and presented him with a photo lineup. Bain’s photo was included in the lineup, along with four or five other males, only one of which had sideburns. Rather than asking the victim to pick out the photo of his assailant, the police suggestively and improperly instructed him to pick out Bain’s photo, and he did...

Jamie submitted handwritten motions four times seeking DNA testing, but he was denied each time. He was denied the fifth time, too, but an appeals court overturned that denial. The Innocence Project of Florida (IPF) stepped in to assist Mr. Bain, and he was finally able to get the DNA testing he’d wanted for so many years. Bob Young, General Counsel for the Tenth Judicial Circuit Public Defender, acted as co-counsel. The State Attorney agreed to the testing and it was sent to DNA Diagnostics Center, a private laboratory in Fairfield, Ohio. Testing on DNA of sperm found on the child’s underwear worn during the rape excluded James Bain as the donor of the sperm, confirming that someone other than Bain raped the victim.]

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Cause I Can Believe In: Eat Snickers to feed fellow humans

Hope Solo: "They really deserved it"

"I truly believe that something bigger was pulling for this team. As much as I've always wanted this, if there were any other team I could give this to it would have to be Japan. I'm happy for them and they do deserve it." --Hope Solo, U.S. goalkeeper, on Japan’s defeating the U.S. for the Women’s World Cup championship.

Swan Stolen from Public Park: Suspect says life of crime not all it quacked up to be

[ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orlando police said a trail of feathers helped them solve a bird-napping case.
Investigators told WFTV they rescued a swan, stolen from Orlando’s Lake Eola Park around 1 a.m. on Monday.

Officers said they followed the trail of feathers to the back yard of a home on Ridgewood Street, where they found the swan, and arrested 24-year-old Geffre Smart.

Smart was charged with grand theft and cruelty to animals, according to police.]

Eat More Bananas

[NEW YORK (MainStreet) – The government wants you to eat more bananas. And while you’re at it, take it easy on the salt.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention have completed a study based on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, that assessed the health and dietary habits of Americans. What the CDC found was that those Americans with diets high in sodium and low in potassium had a 50% increased risk of death, and the risk of heart attacks doubled.]

Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Rubio does it without blinking. Hell, he probably even believes it."

[But then, for about the thousandth time, my mind wanders over the past ten years. Republicans got the tax cuts they wanted. They got the financial deregulation they wanted. They got the wars they wanted. They got the unfunded spending increases they wanted. And the results were completely, unrelentingly disastrous. A decade of sluggish growth and near-zero wage increases. A massive housing bubble. Trillions of dollars in war spending and thousands of American lives lost. A financial collapse. A soaring long-term deficit. Sky-high unemployment. All on their watch and all due to policies they eagerly supported. And worse: ever since the predictable results of their recklessness came crashing down, they've rabidly and nearly unanimously opposed every single attempt to dig ourselves out of the hole they created for us.

But despite the fact that this is all recent history, it's treated like some kind of dreamscape. No one talks about it. Republicans pretend it never happened. Fox News insists that what we need is an even bigger dose of the medicine we got in the aughts, and this is, inexplicably, treated seriously by the rest of the press corps instead of being laughed at. As a result, guys like Marco Rubio have a free hand to insist that Obama — Obama! The guy who rescued the banking system, bailed out GM, and whose worst crime against the rich is a desire to increase their income tax rate 4.6 percentage points! — is a "left-wing strong man" engaged in brutal class warfare against the wealthy. And Rubio does it without blinking. Hell, he probably even believes it.]

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Afghanistan Gets Banking Reform: US Doesn't

[The challenge of fixing Kabul Bank has posed a daunting task for the Afghan government. It has responded, under international pressure, by stripping the shareholders of their ownership, putting the bank into receivership and breaking it into two parts: the “New Kabul Bank” for depositors and functioning loans, and another part functioning as a collection agency for the bad loans.]

[{Tim} Geithner’s main function in crafting what became the Dodd-Frank Act and the lobbying around its key provisions was to argue for weaker rather than stronger ones. Backbenchers in Congress like Senators Merkley, Levin, Kaufman, Reed of Rhode Island, and Franken were instead the advocates of strong reforms. Geithner explicitly opposed many efforts by progressive senators to toughen the bill, as when he opposed a ban on “naked” credit-default swaps (the Dorgan Amendment) or setting explicit limits on the market share of large banks or returning to the strict separations between speculation and investment of the Glass-Steagall Act. Obama, to Geithner’s great discomfort, invoked that reform as the “Volcker Rule,” but then Geithner successfully fought to undermine a serious version of it.]

Bat Crap Crazy Republican State Legislatures

From sea to shining sea:

Before Women Had Rights

Why Does the NRA Love Terrorists?

What Are You Waiting For? from Fix Gun Checks on Vimeo.

Stephen Biko

At any one point in time, very few individual humans achieve recognition for their given or adopted names name:Jesus, Bono, Biko and Martin spring to my mind.

Over centuries, Martin for me has come to mean both Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr..

So, too the name of Stephen Biko ought be honored and remembered by people of my generation and for as long as human history survives, stay alive, and hopefully thrives.

"A well balanced Irishman has a chip on both shoulders"

[1. Money can’t buy love, but better to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle

2. Forgive your enemy, but remember the bastard's name.

3. Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when
he is in trouble again.

4. Many people are alive only because it is illegal to shoot them.

5. Alcohol doesn’t solve any problem, but then neither does milk.

6. You can always burn that bridge when you come to it

7. A well balanced Irishman has a chip on both shoulders

8. Always remember the British never remember but the Irish never forget

9. Nothing better than warm words on a cold night

10. A girl is a daughter all her life but a boy is a son until he takes a wife]