Monday, January 19, 2015

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Lack of Colour at Oscars: They don't like Mexicans none neither

Maria Christina Jurado Garcia, performing as Katy Jurado, born in Guadalajara, Mexico, received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 1954.

The next nomination for a Mexican came in 2003 for Salma Hayak, a span of 49 years.

Katy Jurado

Ms. Jurado received the nomiiation for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Broken Lance, playing the native American common law wife of a cattle baron.  Think about it; Hollywood couldn't even find an Indian to play an Indian.


"Nuff Said

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Birthdays Today

Michelle Obama and Betty White. Don't know what that means, but karmically and comically kewl.

Crippled Ass MotherF*****s

Damn, I hate when news programs run stories on inspiring disabled people: see them walk on prosthetics,  see the addled run at Special Olympics, see the legless peddle arm bikes in marathons at the Paralympics, see the addled run spprints there also, see what plucky human beings can do if they only try.

Golly gee whiz, Lara Logan of CBS News found a dude, former Hells Angel Tim Medvetz, that takes folks who left limbs behind in illicit wars led by the devil, Dick Cheney and his soulless minions, and they climb the highest mountains on each continent.

Now dammit, reckon they could attach helium balloons to my wheelchair?

Naah, I'd probably blow away like that fool on his lawn chair.

First have to establish mobility w/ local transit agency and try and volunteer anywhere.

Well, that comes after or during working on upper body strength and trunk control.

And, oh yeah, work on my depression.

Should occupy my time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fight Rape Culture

Great Day 4 Gator Nation

Seriously, usually root for Florida teams in games against outsiders.  The state of Florida should rule over all college football.

So I watched the Florida State vs Oregon and rooted as long as humanly possible: until perhaps 3 minutes left in 1st half after seeing the epic Winston fumble and gift TD to the ducks.  Although this fumble will show on blooper reels until the end of time, the most heinous and despicable acts ever: yelling at his coach.

To recap, "Famous" had dropped back to pass, dodged right, scrambled out of control to the left, ignored chance to run for first down, lumbered right into teeth of the rush, and tried to throw the ball while falling on his butt, and served up fumble with Oregon player flying for a touchdown, quite possibly the single worst play ever by a quarterback ever.

Afterwards w/ "Famous" on sideline and Coach Dumbo Fisher try in to explain 1 of the obvious points of the game--like hold onto the ball, son--and "Infamous" Winston yelled back.

Back in my day, a qb would cower in fear and flee from a coach after such a play.  Yelling back risked getting your facemak grabbed and pulled so close the coach's spittle would explode on you and the dread slap to the helmet would concuss you.

Instead, "Famous" stood toe to toe with his coach, Jumbo Loser, and yelled back at him.

While generally opposing violence by coaches directed toward players, my soul yearned to see a clipboard rap the player's earhole on his helmet, which would leavehis ears ringing for a week.

That'd learn him some discipline!

Of course, it felt good to see FSU smoked!