Monday, June 30, 2014


Juanita Jean at World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon couldn't mention, but I just have to tell y'all about the Texas Testicle Festval, even though apparently canceled, still subject to shock, awe, and ridicule.


We use the term "chickenhawk" in a political sense to refer to those who promote, peddle, and pander to fear to foment war, those like William Kristol, thunderdouche, next to enlist in the Iraqi army, right after ex president Dick Cheney.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Despicable Crook

maltipoo named "Oliver"

An asswipe whose very existence embarasses the rest of the human race, William Rabourn, felt spurned by a female. Instead of picking up his ego off the floor, moving on, and asking out other women, he decided himself some patriarchal god's gift to women, and decided to take his revenge--on her dog.

The asshole broke into her apartment and threw the helpess creature off the third floor balcony.  Apparently, the female, perhaps noting his penchant for irrationality and/or violence, had broken up with him, and then had the gall to reject his sexual advances.

Dude, get over it; get over yourself; use your Pickup Artist Game (PUA) to con some other gullible female into sleeping with you.  Just don't take your failure out on some poor, innocent animal or indulge in other forms of gratuitous cruelty.

We know serial killers usually start out with animal cruelty.  Elliott Roger, UCSB serial killer,  probably started out torturing animals to make up for his lack of self esteem.

William "Trip" Rabourn,
alleged felon.  Women, do not sleep with him.  Hell, don't even talk to him.  If you see him coming, cross to the other side of the street.  Shun him; warn your friends; warn the whole female race.

Can't yet prove it, would would bet my last 1$ Trip sprang from the loins of one William Rabourn Jr., of Springfield, MO, head honcho of a medical consulting group, probably a rich fellow, making young Raybourn the Third a youngster with a new sports car and sense of entitlement; how dare the young lady refuse his obvious charms?

Asshole listed as salesman for, presumably, his daddy's company.  Way to make your own way in the world, Tripp!  Wanna bet he and Daddy voted for Romney and look down on the 47% who don't pay income taxes, forgetting people like me paid 15.3% in Social Security taxes for every dollar we made, to pay for Social Security which now those of that ilk say the country can't afford!  As if riding Daddy's coattails doesn't amount to some form of welfare.

Douche canoe, another blog calls this miscreant mother*****r .  Not sure what that means or if appropriate in post on spoiled little whiny, white manchildren. but the term does have a certain ring.

Honestly, sense this episode probably fueled by acohol and inchoate rage, so will let it serve as reminder to me to treat women with respect, just like my momma taught me.  Hope court mandated counselling works for this kid.  Or his momma whups him.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hate vs Anger vs Righteous Indignation

A dear friend--OK, guy who goes to my church and barely knows my name but who commands great respect w/ his quiet demeanor--commented on my comment on President Cheney, saying anger becomes cancer destroying from w/in.

Having lost functional use of my legs, last walked in August, have lots of anger.

Can't hate my legs; seeing diabetics who literally lost their legs taught me ignore that anger as would miss them if gone. Can still pedal stationary bike for cardio.

Also, Mama & Jesus taught me not to hate anyone. So really try not to, even Osama bin Laden. Wanted to see him caught and tried in court of law. Never met the man so did not like or dislike the man, (the feeling of disliking, not button on Facebook.) Don't even dislike JEB! Bush, just have strong antipathy towards the man's actions, his policies as governor of FL.

A state budget consultant forecast state contribution to Medicaid would increase for decades. This came before JEB! cut taxes by approx $12 billion.

My mama also taught to save for a rainy day. Too bad JEB! never met momma, as the recent recession devastated the budget of Florida.

governor 48.9% cuts taxes on 1 hand and tells me we can't afford to to expand Medicaid roles, apparently not even for me, a man partially paralyzed, learning to live from a wheelchair, on dialysis, and needing mucho dinero for copays for specialists, Goddess knows how much everyone wants for vascular surgery last week.

Yet I refuse to hate Governor Dick Scott no matter how much I abhor his policies.

Nevertheless when it comes to that demon spawn Dick Cheney, the soulless bastard, vampire rising from his blood drenched crypt, maggot infested pustule on the body politc, I hate the motherf****r, hate him super nova intensity.

At the feet of Pres. Cheney lie hundreds of Iraqi civilians, over 4 1/2 thousand American troops, countless amputated linbs, & legions w/ traumatic brain injuries and countless cases of PTSD.

DAMN him, President Cheney, blood thirsty Master of War, blood slurping beast.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Calvin & Hobbes, part fini

Geezum Crow, read & cry, cynical bastards.

(A heart wrenching look at last words of Calvin to Hobbes.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rick Scott, Defrauded Medicare

St Petersburg Times rates this statement True


Having screwd the pooch with an ill advised invasion of Iraq--an invasion to find weapons of mass destruction which the United Nations weapons inspectors told us didn't exisit--now these neopconservative idiots want to place blame on Mr. Obama.  More on this later after I calm down enough to write.  But anyone who took time tto investigate in 2002 warned of just this same Shia-Sunni  war in Iraq.

N, even we did not forsee the depth of this disaster.  Al Qaeda did not exist.  Now, a bunch too radical for AllQaeda properf--too RADICAL FOR AL QAEDA, let that sink in for a minute--have used battle experience learned in revolt in Syria to become champion of Sunni cause in Iraq.

The professor Juan Cole explains:
The fall of Mosul to the radical, extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a set of historical indictments. Mosul is Iraq’s second largest city, population roughly 2 million (think Houston) until today, when much of the population was fleeing. While this would-be al-Qaeda affiliate took part of Falluja and Ramadi last winter, those are smaller, less consequential places and in Falluja tribal elders persuaded the prime minister not to commit the national army to reducing the city.
It is an indictment of the George W. Bush administration, which falsely said it was going into Iraq because of a connection between al-Qaeda and Baghdad. There was none. Ironically, by invading, occupying, weakening and looting Iraq, Bush and Cheney brought al-Qaeda into the country and so weakened it as to allow it actually to take and hold territory in our own time. They put nothing in place of the system they tore down. They destroyed the socialist economy without succeeding in building private firms or commerce. They put in place an electoral system that emphasizes religious and ethnic divisions. They helped provoke a civil war in 2006-2007, and took credit for its subsiding in 2007-2008, attributing it to a troop escalation of 30,000 men (not very plausible). In fact, the Shiite militias won the civil war on the ground, turning Baghdad into a largely Shiite city and expelling many Sunnis to places like Mosul. There are resentments.

Those who will say that the US should have left troops in Iraq do not say how that could have happened. The Iraqi parliament voted against it. There was never any prospect in 2011 of the vote going any other way. Because the US occupation of Iraq was horrible for Iraqis and they resented it. Should the Obama administration have reinvaded and treated the Iraqi parliament the way Gen. Bonaparte treated the French one?]


USA holds on, beats nemesis Ghana 2-1 with late goal.

[NATAL, Brazil — It began with the magical. It ended with the miraculous.

John Brooks, a 21-year-old German-American making his competitive debut for the United States, who was on the field only because a starting fullback was hurt, powered a fierce header into the net in the 86th minute Monday to give the United States a 2-1 victory over Ghana in its first match of the World Cup.

Spurs Win! Spurs Win! Spurs Win!

The Spurs haad the better team, plain and simple.  The more horses you have under the hood, the more likey you are to win the race.

Spurs win game five 104-87, win series 4-1.

[Bosh, who guaranteed victory, finished with just 13 points. He missed all five of his 3-point attempts. Wade's performance will once again raise questions of has his ability declined with age. He scored 11 points on 4-of-12 shooting, at times resembling a player on the downside of his career.]

[They didn't just claim this championship; they tore it from Miami's lifeless fingers with three consecutive annihilations to punctuate the loudest, most heartfelt note of this dynasty. It's a dynasty that might not be over, one that may very well have more life left than the one in Miami that the Spurs just demolished.]

Monday, June 16, 2014

Connie Hawkins - The Hawk

One of Greatest of All Time (GOAT).  Best years robbed from him, but still showed skills matched but never surpassed, the Hawk, Connie Hawkins.

Suck on that King James!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Men by nature love

Found words below on article at Irish Central on orphanages in Ireland. Could not let the double negative stand as title of the post, however.  Thought to let them stand as a Father;s Day post and as comment on human condition.

It also stands as lens to view our current American society, all too often based on judgment and condemnation.  We ought sweep all that aside and base ourselves and thus our society on love modeled in the four Gospels, on forgiveness and love.

[But it is not natural for a man not to love. It is not natural for a child to be told that he or she has no father. 
What Ireland did with the help and instruction of the religious orders in the twentieth century was to remove love and responsibility from each man's actions, by replacing them with judgment and condemnation. 
The society they created together is what we’re looking at now.]   (emphasis added in case you missed the point)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

CSNY, "Night Song"

Still--after all these years-the voices of these men harmonizing like a bejeweled, exquisite time piece sends chills up my spine.

Individually,, each had enormous creative power and also great voices who early on learned how to fit their vocals together, if not theeir vocals, to form a whole so much greater than the sum of their parts,

My interest swings, sometimes playing Neil's songs until literally wearing out the vinyl and others focusing on Stephen Stills, an under appreciated guitarist and genius in his own right.  As idiotic as it seems to me, Rolling Stone ranks the Ramones guitarist better than Stephen.  Seriously?  Seriously!  Give me a frigging break.

Do think of them by first name, as if sit down with them and jam as they seem approachable as artists and humans.  Wonder if nos sober David would mind iif i belt a beer with him out back around the fire pit?

Personally, these 4 guys rival the bloody Beetles as best of all time,  And CSNY still jams and tours together.  Pray they or any of 'em come to Orlando.

2 of Stephen's best:

Oh hell, let's make it 3 (this one featuring a Mr. Jow Walsh on slide guitar):

Republicans: "It's now how well you can limbo, it's how low can you go."

Just when you thought any knuckle dragging, brain dead, bigoted teabaggers couldn't show more  hatred and/or intolerance, another maggot wiggles out of the woodwork to bestow more mosels of idiocy upon us, the much vexed American public (especially moi, really damn vexed), like this ass clown from, where else, Oklahoma, Scott Esk, from OK, a place so wretched the US Government sent Native Americans exiled from TN, and Gatlinburg, even then a tourist trap, to the bleak, windswept hell we now know as that state just north of Dallas.

Then government then opened up this shit hole for homesteading by poor white trash so desperate they rushed to take land not even fit for Indians.

From such ilk issued Scott Esk whose comments include:
[As the The Moore Daily discovered, Esk last summer responded to another person's Facebook post about the Pope with scripture passages seemingly condoning the harsh punishment of gays. When someone asked him if he meant "we should execute homosexuals (presumably by stoning)," Esk responded in the affirmative.

"I think we would be totally in the right to do it," he wrote. "That goes against some parts of libertarianism, I realize, and I'm largely libertarian, but ignoring as a nation things that are worthy of death is very remiss."

Esk clarified to The Moore Daily that God did indeed condone death by stoning in the Bible, but added, "I have no plans to reinstitute that in Oklahoma law."]  emphasis added to ridicule.

This assclown probably thinks Jesus a libertarian.

Dang, feel tempted to stone Herr Esk myowndamnself, but that would be wrong, as my friend the Greatest Rabbi reminds me I better not judge people or I would ger judged.

For Christ's sake, figuratively and literally, Jesus addressed the very issue of stoning a woman caught in adultery--also probably a capital offense for those of  Esk's sharia ilk, but that would definitely take out many incumbents in Congress--telling the self righteous Pharisees of his day to cast the first stone if any of them had no sins.

Going to reread that passage from Gospel of John now and try not to try Isk, just ignore him like another pustule on the body politic, probably on in the anal region.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Miami Heat Choke

In fact, they might prove the chokingest chokers of all time; I choking mean it, losing game four 107-86.

OK, in basketball, any decent team can get blown out at times, but twice in a row--especially when the second could have determined the outcome of the series--really sucks.

Winning the series would have cemented the place of the Heat in the pantheon of great teams, and losing the fourh means the Heat have to win the next three--with two games in San Antonio.

Maybe, they'll even leave the air conditioning on this time for those two.

No NBA team has ever come back from down 3 to 1 in the Finals.

Yes, the Heat have the best player in the universe this side of God His Ownself and 2 All Stars beside for the triumvarite of smugness, but up and down the bench the Spurs have more players, pieces you can plug in for plays and points.

The Spur have Tiago Splitter and Matt Bonner, big men w ith consumate ball skills The Heat have the shell of Greg Oden's career, no better than lint at his stage.  You can't use his name in a sentence without also using the phrase "oft-injured."  The do have Chris "Birdman" Anderson and Udonis Haslem, both rugged rebounders who would definitely slap yo' momma for the ball and who also show flashes of offensive flair but they ain't enough, unless you could clone them.

Please don't let Heat coach Eric Spoelstra know that, however, as he's kept Udonis buried on the bench.  As a jealous Orlando Magic fan, I hope they keep running Chris Bosh on the court; open the dictionary and you see his picture under softer (you'll see Roy Hibbert under softest).  And jeez, Rashard Lewis might shoot the three balll, but he ain't gonna provide you tough rebounds over a three game span.

Hell, you might need the actual damn dictionary to teach him what the word "defense" means.  Screw him.  He hurt me bad playing for the Magic in the playoffs against the Celtics, or rather playing the part of a statue while Kevin Garnett rebounde over him at will.  I lost my rent money betting that series.  If he gets a ring, I'll kill myself.  SOB!

Yet, I digress.

The Heat play trapping defense, and as long as teams pass the ball, keep it moving, and not over dribble nor try to win 1 on1, the Heat become vulnerable to a better team with more athletes.

Until last night, no one thought that possible.

[So here the Heat were in the midst of getting run off their court for a second time in three nights Thursday, losing Game 4 of the Finals 107-86 to the San Antonio Spurs. Pushed to the brink of elimination, something unprecedented and profound surfaced for the Heat.

It wasn't just that they'd lost back-to-back games for the first time in the past eight playoff series. Or that they'd fallen behind two games or lost two consecutive home playoff games.  These were just factoids.

As the Spurs whipped the ball through Miami's defense and executed a beautiful strategy with a mix of expertise and grace, the Heat seemed to have a collective and halting revelation: They were playing a better team.   (Emphasis added)

AP Photo/Lynne SladkyLeBron James scored a team-high 28 points, but his teammates couldn't provide enough support to challenge the Spurs in a Game 4 rout.]

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hollywood, Alabama

The Alabama town of Hollywood will start allowing alcohol sales, except on Sundays. The town will not permit bars.

That's 1 town I won't want to live in.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stolen Joke

From Woody Paige: The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar.

Things got tense,

Last Living Cub from World Series

Lennie Merullo, who played for the Cubs in the 1945 World Series, used a walker and help from his son to reach the mound Sunday and throw out the first pitch.

Rumour has it he saw some major babes, asked for a bottle of aged single malt scotch, a young woman--age no object--and a stay for the night in a hotel suite and dinner at Morton's Steak House.

He probably didn't say, "All the original equipment works, and I can still fire that fastball."