Saturday, June 14, 2014

CSNY, "Night Song"

Still--after all these years-the voices of these men harmonizing like a bejeweled, exquisite time piece sends chills up my spine.

Individually,, each had enormous creative power and also great voices who early on learned how to fit their vocals together, if not theeir vocals, to form a whole so much greater than the sum of their parts,

My interest swings, sometimes playing Neil's songs until literally wearing out the vinyl and others focusing on Stephen Stills, an under appreciated guitarist and genius in his own right.  As idiotic as it seems to me, Rolling Stone ranks the Ramones guitarist better than Stephen.  Seriously?  Seriously!  Give me a frigging break.

Do think of them by first name, as if sit down with them and jam as they seem approachable as artists and humans.  Wonder if nos sober David would mind iif i belt a beer with him out back around the fire pit?

Personally, these 4 guys rival the bloody Beetles as best of all time,  And CSNY still jams and tours together.  Pray they or any of 'em come to Orlando.

2 of Stephen's best:

Oh hell, let's make it 3 (this one featuring a Mr. Jow Walsh on slide guitar):

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