Sunday, March 30, 2014

Redneck Road Rage / Instant Karma

Redneck Road Rage / Instant Karma

"Islam is not a religion"

Holy crap on a stick and sold as a lollipop, where do they find these morons?  Of course Islam is a religion, and the constitution of the United States of Rational America says Muslims shall have the right to freely practice their religion.

Then, the 1 lunatic sez she has been on Iranian TV.  I severely doubt some whack job from Murfreesboro gets on TV in Iran except as warning for kids to stay off drugs.

This gets even more pernicious as activists in my home town in Brevard County, FL, have fought for years over textbooks used local schools saying in part history texts give too much time to teaching about Islam. Welll buddy, save for Islamic libraries and educated class, all traces of Greek philosophers would have disappeared into the hearth fires of feudal masters during the Middle Ages.  We would have lost algebra and the convept of "0" in mathematics.

The FL Confederacy of Dunces known as the Legislature wants to give counties more control of textbooks. So the more conservative counties may choose not to teach evolution and instead try to elevate creationism to the level of science.  Screw science any way.

Hey, kids, let's try multiplication with Roman numerals!

Jim Cornette Shoots on Republicans NSFW

And I mean shoots, blasts, devastates, detonates and sweeps the shards into a dustbin and throws them out with the rest of the right wing garbage.

True confession: I am an absolute mark for old school wrestling of the 60's and 70's, when Lou Thesz ruled and real wrestlers went into wrestling and it just wasn't this gqgarbage foisted upon the fans who have nothing better to spend their $ on.

Jim Cornette, as a manager of the Midnight Express and brilliant booker, occupied a special place in the pantheon of bad guys.  So with him from Nashville, TN. never would have believed he sounded more like me than me.

You rock, Jim!

[Despite the alleged requirement for separation of church and state, the gerrymandering of districts that has led to the election of the Tea Party whackjobs to the House of Representatives has also led to the placement of a number of really, REALLY religious people in position to make public policy. These people want to hold you down, slice the warts off your soul, suck the fat out of your heart and replace it, whether you want them to or not, with the word of God. These people are dangerous, and we need to recognize that fact sooner than later, or we're in for more trouble than a shutdown of the government or even an economic catastrophe. 

The story behind every religion on Earth is so ridiculous that, in my mind, no rational human could believe it, but many people I like and even respect do, and that's their right, even if I don't get it. I've learned to just overlook it because examing it too closely would drive me insane. But like a mirror image, the religious politicians can't fathom why someone like me CAN'T believe in this stuff, and they're determined to make sure I have no choice, because unlike me, THEY are invested with the power to dictate laws and make public policy.

They exhibit that arrogant, TV evangelist-like pomposity that indicates they know something you don't know, and talk to you like you're someone who just wandered off from a state home as they explain to you how there can't possibly be any other belief, despite all evidence to the contrary. They attempt to make laws that force their right to believe into your right to DISbelieve like an intentional sideswipe on the interstate, to force you off the highway to Hell and into the comforting ditch of the Lord. They campaign to make laws based on the word of God instead of the realities of life and Man, and the fact that they are sometimes successful scares the shit out of me.

Just one example out of way too many? Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia's 10th district, a medical doctor who spent 10 years doing "house calls" because he's licensed to practice medicine in exactly ZERO hospitals in Georgia. An NRA member and 2nd amendment fanboy who genuinely believes Barack Obama is a socialist, he believes in God and family values--he should, he's been married four times--and he has some interesting beliefs about science as well. He thinks global warming is a "hoax"--that the Earth was created in "six days as we know them" and is "about 9,000 years old"--and that the theory of evolution and the Big Bang are "lies straight from the pit of Hell". Compounding these troubling statements is the fact that somehow, Paul Broun has been appointed Chairman of the Investigations and Oversight Committee of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee!! His ludicrous public statements led to over 4,000 write-in votes for Charles Darwin in his last election. And he wants to run for the Senate in 2014! Despite the calls and cries of many in the educational and scientific communities, even Bill Nye the Science Guy, that Broun has "no business making any decisions related to science or technology", he's still there, folks. And he's just one of them.

We're poisoning the Earth and changing the climate, but Broun and others like him don't believe it, because in one Christian conservative's words, the planet will survive forever because "God promised Noah after the flood he would never destroy the Earth again". In 50 years, when Boston and Miami are under water, these geniuses will say it was "God's will" and someone will blame it on gay marriage.

They talk about the American people's rights and freedoms, but don't want anyone outside their group to have any--the right to marry who you love, the right of a woman to use birth control or choose whether she has children, the right to health care or any progressive policy put forth by the Democrats--but for some reason almost all of them believe you should have the right to own as many guns as you have the money to buy and the room to store. That's probably because lots of them are also preparing for an armed citizenry to take over the country from the evil Muslim President and return us all to God.] emphasis added

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Others have noted Scott's incompetent campaign

[The governor's prospects for another term are somewhat problematic, given that he has the people skills of the Miami Dolphins' Richie Incognito.

But now Scott has managed to offend not only the state's Hispanic voters but one of his most important connections to the Hispanic community, Republican billionaire health care executive Mike Fernandez.]

Dick Scott's campaign manager to "spend more time with family"

Governor 48.9 % has apparently forgotten my state of Florida has alarge population of Hispanic residents, from Cubans in Miami to Hondurans in Orlando, and 1 rule of thumb of election remains don't piss off the spics.

Su Governor Dick Scott's Anglo campaign workers joking around in an over the top Mexican accent like Speedy Gonzaleze accent in front of Scott's top fundraiser showed at least lack of tact and perhaps overwhelming prejudice.

Not cool, Governor.  Not cool.

[Florida Republicans had a well-scripted plan to showcase their Latino outreach last week, as an immigrant-friendly tuition bill passed the state House and national Republicans unveiled their Florida Hispanic Advisory Council.

Then came the Mexican-accent controversy.

On Friday, the Miami Herald reported that Gov. Rick Scott’s top campaign-finance co-chairman, Mike Fernandez, raised a concern in an email last month about campaign associates joking around in over-the-top Mexican accents.

Insiders whispered about the email for weeks, but some of the contents became public only after Fernandez suddenly quit his campaign post, citing the need to spend more time with his family...]

And the fallout continues with a Miami transportation board member resigning and also giving up on the Republican party of FL

[Gonzalo Sanabria, a longtime Miami-Dade Expressway Authority board member, resigned Thursday from his post to protest the “disparaging and disrespectful” treatment of Mike Fernandez, the former co-finance chairman of Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign.

“Since he has been treated in such a disparaging and disrespectful manner by your [campaign] staff and ignored in his advice, it is obvious that there is a great deal of dysfunction and disconnection of which I want to have no part nor can I render my support any longer as you are governing from a weak and flawed platform,” Sanabria wrote in an email he sent to Scott’s staff and shared with the Miami Herald.

Sanabria, who also quit his leadership post with the Republican Party of Miami-Dade, said his resignation was “mostly due to your perceived insensitivity to loyal supporters and our Hispanic community in Florida.”] emphasis added 'cause that's a hella Hispnic outreach.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Updating privacy settings, and what does a penny taste like?

Took brief looks at a fellow's updating privacy controls for paranoid's survival guide and frankly blew them ogg as my online persona reflects my real self, which I like to think of as loveable yet outspoken curmudgeon, guardian of liberty and defender of the English language.  Others probably me as arrogant ass speaking on things he has no clue about.

Neveertheless, I do listen and try to re-evaluate my positions, rhetorical and otherwise.

Then ran acrosss story of Brooklyn lesbain knocking on front door of homophobic "church" and asking when they could submit her to ritual of death by stoning.  Ever since, the google adds showing up on my blog have included ads for "muscular male model catalogs" and apparently a clip from a radio show talking about "what does a penny taste like."  Have a few ideas why they asked this rhetorical question, none of them palatable except perhaps in the throes of passion, but we usually don't discuss them in polite society.

So maybe changing privacy settings or ways to use the web would help stop hijacking of my web browsing. First, and this made a lot of sense, could set up email account to use for any web shopping and even use that address from which to web surf, which would not pollute my main email account nor my crappy blog.

Just for the record, seek a lunch date with only a genetic female; no substitutes accepted.

Grow your own solar panels

Stuff like this explains why Dr Who loves and hangs out with humans; we as a species have an extraordinary ability to adapt to new conditions and invent stuff just for the heck of it, the antithesis to top down design process which seeks to solve cetain problems.

Humans invent cool stuff and then see if wecan use it for anything.

This also means humanity as individuals also have boundless ability to do stupid stuff, like in, "Go get that other gas can and more bottle rockets, Zed."

[Computerworld - MIT engineers have succeeded in creating "biofilms," which combine bacterial cells with nonliving materials, such as gold nanoparticles, that can conduct electricity or emit light.

The hope is that biofilm, that slippery, slimy material made of bacteria that forms substances like dental plaque, may someday create functioning circuits that could be used to manufacture photovoltaic solar panels or act as "biosensors" that could sense toxins....

"It's an interesting way of thinking about materials synthesis, which is very different from what people do now, which is usually a top-down approach," Lu {Timothy, assistant professor of electrical engineering and biological engineering at MIT} said.]

"I don't make mistakes."

"I create challenges for problem solving and opportunities for service."
Picklles comic strip, 23 March '14

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oh Holy shit!

I can'y believe thhe world makes me keep writing about this gay, lesbian, transgender, and whatever falls under that acronym of the day.  Does the abbreviation du jour read LBGAT or does that mean the latest Ford coupe?  Really, this blog kind of evolves from whatever gets read that interests me or makes me laugh or say, "Holy Shit!"

This picture, found at HuffPost, did the latter:


Incarcerated as I am at the hell on earth known as Carnegie Gardens without access to any of my Bibles, this made me have to look up the new testament citation.  So while the elements of the old law did not pass away, the whole point of my Jesus' life came in showing love towards all human beings as even all of us have sinned.

Since all we humans live as sinners--an inescapable and intrinsic part of human nature--we best not judge others unless that angry old white bearded dude in the sky craps on us and makes us burn in hellfire--or something llike that.

So these current versions of the Inquistion or Calvinists spreading out to burn Catholic churches or Crusaders pledging to purify Baghdad or Jerusalem just tickle me to no end.  Maybe I should turn myself in for stoning as have committed adultery a time or two and kind of want to again.

The Atlah church could stone me and my lesbian rhetorical sister at the same event, you know, kill 2 sinners with the same stones.

Of course if they really want to follow my Jesus, they'd have to find those without sin to cast the first stones.

Good luck with that.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

God may forgive Fred Phelps

My Sojourners email newsletter brought unbidden by me a prayer for Fred Phelps founder of noted purveyors of hate Westboro Baptist "Church," and it puzzled me.  Guess he has come to face his end as all mortals except myself will.  I probably will try not to laugh, but this still makes me smile.

And this:

So die, motherfucker, Fred, die!  Oops, did I write that out loud?

Nevertheless, we do not have to let hate stand as Fred's only legacy:
"But look at what else happened:

Along the way, people have rallied to the side of gay people and military men and women.

Americans have formed lines of protection at certain events, as they did just recently at the University of Missouri when the church was rumored to be ready to protest the gay Mizzou Tiger player Michael Sam."
Read more here:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jesus, You want me to pray for Fred Phelps?

(This esplains that.)

Surely You jest.  Fred Phelps and his family have some of the most hideous ideas and perpetrate some of the most heinous acts on the planet by protesting at soldier's funerals, thoroughly despicable human beings.

But he's human, as human as myself?  But surely You count his sins as greater than mine?

Oh, I shouldn't judge unless You judge me.  Nevertheless, it sure feels hard to forgive someone who I despise so thoroughly.

Oh, You try to get me to realize that.  Damn, oh I meant darn, You understand, don't You?  Thank God.  Oh, you're meeting Him for lunch.  Cool.

You say He gets short arms when comes time to pick up the check?  You'd think He'd reach right out, a God who has everything.

[Good and gracious God,
We lift up a prayer
for the misguided –
for those who hate
and belittle
and abuse
in your name.
For those
who wish to see
the hate go on,
the anger be fed,
the world continue
on its unsustainable path
of division and judgement.
In short,
we pray for ourselves —
for that moment of relief
we felt
when we first heard the news
that Fred Phelps
was dying.
For the way
we tried to justify
the feeling –
to justify allowing his hate
to grow into a reflection
in us.
Guide us toward lives
that more fully reflect
May we learn to replicate
the embrace you offer
to all –
the very embrace
Fred Phelps will soon know.
Create in us a spirit
that is more willing
to risk
the radical practice
of loving our enemy.
Remind us that that is the path
to healing a broken world –
that it is your desire
for us,
for our nation,
for the world.
Remind us to be
repairers of the breach
rather than those
who broaden the divide.
Teach us
that you do not call us
to love
what Fred Phelps has done.
You only call us
to love the man.
With that in mind,
we pray for him
and for forgiveness
for his hateful
and hurtful ways.
We pray for his family,
who must also
repair a breach
as they come to terms
with the passing of
their father,
former leader,
loved one.
Death seldom
comes easy,
even to the most
tortured of souls.
We pray for reconciliation.
Between us.
Between him.
Between them.
May his hateful actions
inspire us toward
a more loving response.
May our instinct to lash out b
e subdued
by our will to create a better world.
may our anger and resentment
unravel and be released
as we expand our ability
to share love
more abundantly.

Insomnia Edition

Monday, March 17, 2014

A few words on Malaysia 370

Seems like the issues here date back to earliest efforts at manned flight; it ain't so much going up as landing in one piece and living.  Heck the Chinese in the BCE period could always strap a bunch of rockets to their ass and go up but coming down in 1 piece marked the advancement in technology of flight men had dreamed of for eons.

So the options for the flight remain relatively limited: landing in pieces or landing in one piece.  The former can happen anywhere while the latter requires a runway of at least 5000 feet.  A public rado station calculated--using our old friend the equation rate times time equals distance--that over 600 runways lie within range of that Boeing 777.

Nevertheless, you can't give a plane that big to your girlfriend, can't really drive it on weekends, and really difficult to hide.  If hijacked, however, you'd think some asshat terrorist group would claim responsibility.  That no one has does not bode well for the crew and passengers, unless the pilots really loved the Lost TV show.

Hell, the US government can listen to our every fart so it just doesn't make sense they cannot track the flight of that plane,

Whitewashing history, the Orlando Sentinel and collective amnesia on race

At a remove of nearly 50 years, we tend to forget just how backwards, morally bankrupt, and racist some areas of Florida proudly lived, so much that doing the right thing of suspending a notorious hater and murderer of a sheriff took more courage than letting him continue his reign of terror.

The Orlando Sentinel recently noted in an item on former FL governor Reuben Askew that he suspended Sheriff Willis McCall who, "had a reputation as a racist.",0,4965788.story

"Reputation," hell this racist son of a bitch gained worldwide infamy as a racist, power drunk fascist bastard who managed to carve out a 300 acre homestead overlooking a lake while on a relatively modest paycheck as a public servant, as profiled in a 1972 Life magazine profile on Sheriff Willis McCall, which noted his reputation as a "...heavy handed lawman sympathetic to the citrus industries for cheap labor."  Soon, workers claimed the Sheriff jailed, or fined, or beat them if they failed to show up for work in the citrus groves.

Lucky for the workers, however, that they did not get shot at the whim of the sheriff as did Walter Lee Irvin and Samuel Sheperd, 2 black men whose convictions for rape got overturned and then transported by McCall from the state prison back to Lake County for retrial.  Unlucky for them, they decided to try and rush the Sheriff who had stopped to check for tire trouble, or so the Sheriff testified in front of an all white jury empaneled to judge his actions.

Shot in the head, chest, and neck, Irvin survuved to testify the Sheriff tried to execute them both.  Why bother with a new trial for these convicted rapists; better to have he Sheriff serve as judge, jury and executioner.  For this, the Sheriff gained worldwide infamy.

Of course, the Sheriff held onto his office for years more until courageously suspended by Governor Reuben Askew in 1972 for stomping a prisoner to death.

So the so called "Sentinel" manages to whitewash recent history, refusing to call an obvious racist a racist sumbitch.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Innocent man has Second Amendment rights trampled on

Of course this man has to go out armd to the teeth, ready to Stand His Ground against all threats, real and imagined.  Don't you carry maximum firepower just in case some of these mud people get out of place or line?  The man could have become a hero preventing a robbery .  'Twas the others who struck first when my man just exercised his right to go out in public locked and loaded.

A man was arrested Saturday night after deputies said he walked into a bar dressed as Rambo, armed with an Uzi-style assault rifle and two hunting knives.

A deputy said Daniel Noble, 37, was drinking at the Europa Lounge in Palm Coast and left the bar earlier in the evening.

They said when he returned to the bar around 11:30 p.m. he was armed and very combative.

Two customers, Vassili Mironov and Roman Dubinsechi, sprang into action, and grabbed the barrel of the rifle and pointed it downward, but not before one or two shots were fired into the ground.

No one was hurt and the two men continued to try to disarm Noble, who grabbed his hunting knife and lashed at the two men.]

[Callers reported a man, armed with an Uzi-style submachine gun, walked into the lounge and challenged several patrons. Deputies investigating the incident learned that Noble had been drinking at the bar earlier in the evening. The release states Noble was “having a good time and was not causing any problems with either employees or patrons.” ]

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Homeless Jesus


A North Carolina congregation has permanently installed the controversial "Homeless Jesus" sculpture that had been previous rejected by other churches in the United States and Canada.
St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Davidson received the sculpture as a donation and installed "Homeless Jesus" on their property last week

Please, just beat me to death with a hammer.

Rapists, do NOT screw with this woman.  Ouch, indeed. 

A poropise with a purpose

That makes it a porpoise with a purpose?  (Had to milk it.)

<iframe width="500" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>)
Hi fidelity digital music, once an oxymoron, has no come to fruition.  All Hail Neil Young, the creative genius behind conceiving and buliding this reality.  Hell, mp3 files probably invented by a few engineers, guys in white socks and black shoes who'd never gotten high.

Man, I gotta go buy some speakers, biggest I can find, a receiver.  Watch out neighbors, Dan the awesome shall return!

Man fires gun accidentally, twice

Full disclosure, my only time firing a weapon in ROTC in college with an M-16.  Managed to firemy whole clip in 1 go but supposed to fire 2 times, half the magazine on each.  So I do not judge.  But dammit, dude, if gun accidentaly once shouldn't you take your finger off  the triiger?  Seriously?

Anyone out there know anything about the Sig Sauer model used?


Orlando police will not file charges against a man they said accidentally fired his gun twice, hitting a 12-year-old girl in the arm and then shooting himself.

According to police, Ventura Mateo Santos was in the garage at his Le Mesa Street home showing a friend how to clean a gun, when he accidentally fired the Sig Sauer P223 handgun. The bullet hit a passing car and went into the arm of the young girl, who was a passenger in the car.

Police said that just after firing the first shot, Santos accidentally fired the gun again, hitting himself in the leg and shattering his left thigh bone.]

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Goveernment good for small business, high speed brodband access edition.

Among the least considered implications of the vaunted transition to the "Information Economy," poor families may lack the ability to pay for expensive internet access, much less access bundled with expensive cable tv music packages.

[The ARRA broadband programs weren't aimed specifically at small businesses, but they have benefitted, the GAO report said. Agency investigators interviewed 27 small-business representatives in communities with government-funded broadband projects, and 20 of them reported higher speeds, the report said.

Eighteen of the 27 small businesses reported more reliable broadband service since the government funded networks were deployed, with many government-funded projects using fiber optic infrastructure. "These small businesses said they experience less network downtime and no significant slowdowns in speed at points in the day when usage increased," the report said.]   emphasis added

So in this aspect decidedly un-Reaganesque trickle down theory has benefits for the commonweal.

Mr Toad's wild Melbourne ride

Dialysis day today so got picked up by Executive Transportation, a eight proper bunch of Limbaugh listening, uncaring towards patients, speed limit breaking, slamming into turns so almost throwing me off the stretcher, making me late dormy appointment, wankers.

From my spot at Carnegie Gardens, Palm Bay Kidney Centre lies to the south.  Instead of heading that way, these asshats head north, by the Melbourne International Airport, Northrup Grumman plant, and then into the bowels of suburban purgatory, oddly with every other street with mattresses and other stuff taken out to the curb, refuse from renters unable to pay their bills.

From there, the dipwads picked up a nice gentleman in a wheelchair and placed him behind me where we could not see each other but he, unfortunately for me, could tell me all the detailsof how Brevard Holmes Regional Hospital misplaced a feeding tube, gave him peritonitus, and then had to take out his intestines and wash them.


The old man evidently lived in that subset of humans eager to share every excrusiatingly gross detail of his medical treatment, one class to which I so not belong.

(Then the infection spreade to my left testicle and multicoloured pus came oozing from my penis--NOT.)

Then the jerk driver proceeded at break neck speed--slamming the brakes and pounding the gas pedal--to the Melbourne dialysis center for the treatment of the other man.

All this helter skelter rambling made me late for my own appointment, which distressed me to no end.

Thus went my day for the soporific of NCIS made me sleep all evening, until up at 4am to finish my post and watch Smallville.  Exciting life, hmm?

I need a road trip like Sean Paul.  Road trip will mayhaps cleanse my stained soul.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Set your clocks

Requiem for a satirist

Last Word from Bartcop (via
This is the end of an era. Bartcop, one of the original liberal bloggers, died this morning of flu, pneumonia and leukemia. He inspired many of us, and left a legacy of hard hitting yet humorous funny as hell attacks on Republicans. I'm still stunned…

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oh Fuck that! A blind skier at the Paralympics

The New York Times reports in the 9 March sports section that a blind skier, Mac Marcoux, skis in competitions by following a partner and the colours of the leader's suit as well as radioed instructions.  Rather than a cloying sweet and "inspirational" story of the "brave" cripple overcoming nearly insurmountable odds, the piece explored the relationships between the skiers. Relationship stories better than those kinds of overcoming stories that make me puke.

Oh, give all respect in the world to people who train for a race, competitions, and athletic goals.  Give tremendous accolades to others who seek and work to deal with disabilities better themselves and then work further for a purpose to better the world.  Not even the most bitter curmudgeon begrudges bettering the world.   Nevertheless, most of those stories feature a plucky hero or heroine struggling with a smile to surmount obstacles and everyone lives happily ever after.

Since possibly the last time I walked came last August, I am not a happy camper, yet everyone on earth wants to fit me in the happy phase of coping, judging me, letting me know what I ought to do, and pushing me around with the ponderous weight of their expectations and these happy lives.

Why are you angry?  At least you still have all your faculties.

That amounts to a small comfort while rolling my wheelchair through the small halls of Carnegie Gardens--a what, a rest home, a rehab centre, a place in which to stack the refuse of society: the vegetative, the elderly and confused. the elderly and obese, the alzheimer patients who slip in and out of contact with what most of us know as reality, the charming old lady driving her electric scooter and with one of her hands frozen by a stroke with middle finger extended, a place to warehouse those of us who just can't take care of ourselves--with me bereft of friends and with family owning mini vans so they can't get my fat ass out of here for even a few hours.

So my goals rank a little lower than sking and other sports: conquering those primal needs one must master to live independently like bathing, dressing, and wiping my own ass.

So yes, since the rules of Medicare, my Medicare advantage plan, the "pending" Medicaid application, all work together against me learning to regain my independence, this engenders much anger, rage, and righteous indignation and no one has a right to tell me not to feel that way, not even God Hisownself, dammit.

But that burning rage can consume the soul so one must manage it.  Manage, not repress for repression foments a whole new sea of mental troubles.

Expressing this seething anger comes better with a cool voice, sarcasm, vitriol and wit, especially when dealing with doctors who have developed a remarkable capacity to endure my pain and insurance lackeys there to explain but not help, especially not to help me learn to walk again.

No one in the damn world cares whether my spinal cord will atrophy further still, robbing me of all ability to move except for feebly at the shoulders and to wag my sharp tongue.  Paralysis for the second time in my life.  Paralysis and dialysis.

Some life, huh?

So don't expect me to smile.


"I asked a man in prison once how he happened to be there, and he said he had happened to steal a pair of shoes.  I told him if he had stolen a railroad he would be a Senator."
Mary Harris ?Mother: Jones

"The usual masculine disillusionment is discovering that a woman has a brain."
Margaret Mitchell

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gators Win! Gators Win! Gators Win!

Not only do the mighty Florida Gators men's basketball team beat the reviled Kentucky Wildcats 84-65, but the win carried the team to a perfect 18-0 regular season SEC record.

Of course, the second half featured a 4 minute scoreless interlude for FL, a time when the rims got smaller for the Gators, with their coach, Billy Donovan, once again showing an inexplicable predelection for failing to call a timeout while his team got pulverized, murgatroyed, left laying bleeding on the court like roadkill, reminiscent of the loss last year in the tournament to Michigan, with Donovan sitting on his hands.

Billy, Call a TIMEOUT!, damn youse!

General Boykin: "The Jews are the problem."

Before we accept this as the general's joke or dismiss this as words of a fool, we have to see them in context of an element among the right wing that seers Jews as threats to the commonweal of the United States: along with labor organizers, Negro advocates for civil rights, and the policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Intent on overturning every aspect of FDR's New Deal, they probably want to overthrow Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal too.  Such uber right wingers as Boykin cannot brook any restrictions placed by governments on the power of capital or corporations.  These dinosaurs serve shibboleths by berating "activist judges" without even analyzing their current meaning.  "Activist" actually refers to judges who overturn laws such as the current Roberts court of the US Supremes who overturned acts limiting money spent in election races.  These political dinosaurs generally mean panels like the Warren Court which ruled against segregated schools.

{....[General] "Boykin’s remarks were captured after an online broadcast of a panel at the National Security Action Summit. The SPLC reported that the event is held as a counter to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and features speakers who, like Boykin, have not been allowed to participate there.....

According to the SPLC, Boykin was then approached by someone about doing an interview with Henry Schwartz, a reporter for Israel National News, described as a “right-wing” publication.

“The Jews are the problem,” Boykin can be heard saying. “The Jews are the cause of all the problems in the world.” An unidentified person responds, “I know, I know, that’s why we’re trying to fix everything.”

The event’s organizer, Frank Gaffney, has accused CPAC’s organizers, the American Conservative Union, of having ties to the Brotherhood.} emphasis added to show dark underbelly of conservative movements

Friday, March 7, 2014

A charger! A charger! My kingdom for a charger!

That rang out as my battle cry last week when could not ind charger for new pre-paid cell my sister got me 'cause room o' mine has none.  Had asked staff for a phon e, begged, pleaded, sacrificed smalll rodents caught in courtyard, and no phone came.

Not that wanted 1 but 1 helps for business like paying power bill at apartment I do not inhabit.

So used this phone for 1 day, left it laying for a week, and then had a $30 paper weight when picked it up only to learn it had no 'lectric juice.

But my bro' 'n law fixed my laptop after accidentally gave it a bath.

Then tp on lap started screwing with me asking for security certificates; can't even googlr.  If you can't google, you can't surf the intertubes.  Amother pain in my ass.

So the phone, tablet, and laptop all have different chargers, cords, plugged in different places, a veritable plethora of chargers.

Damn, I hate technology.

Stand your ground stands up again