Monday, March 17, 2014

A few words on Malaysia 370

Seems like the issues here date back to earliest efforts at manned flight; it ain't so much going up as landing in one piece and living.  Heck the Chinese in the BCE period could always strap a bunch of rockets to their ass and go up but coming down in 1 piece marked the advancement in technology of flight men had dreamed of for eons.

So the options for the flight remain relatively limited: landing in pieces or landing in one piece.  The former can happen anywhere while the latter requires a runway of at least 5000 feet.  A public rado station calculated--using our old friend the equation rate times time equals distance--that over 600 runways lie within range of that Boeing 777.

Nevertheless, you can't give a plane that big to your girlfriend, can't really drive it on weekends, and really difficult to hide.  If hijacked, however, you'd think some asshat terrorist group would claim responsibility.  That no one has does not bode well for the crew and passengers, unless the pilots really loved the Lost TV show.

Hell, the US government can listen to our every fart so it just doesn't make sense they cannot track the flight of that plane,

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