Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dick Scott's campaign manager to "spend more time with family"

Governor 48.9 % has apparently forgotten my state of Florida has alarge population of Hispanic residents, from Cubans in Miami to Hondurans in Orlando, and 1 rule of thumb of election remains don't piss off the spics.

Su Governor Dick Scott's Anglo campaign workers joking around in an over the top Mexican accent like Speedy Gonzaleze accent in front of Scott's top fundraiser showed at least lack of tact and perhaps overwhelming prejudice.

Not cool, Governor.  Not cool.

[Florida Republicans had a well-scripted plan to showcase their Latino outreach last week, as an immigrant-friendly tuition bill passed the state House and national Republicans unveiled their Florida Hispanic Advisory Council.

Then came the Mexican-accent controversy.

On Friday, the Miami Herald reported that Gov. Rick Scott’s top campaign-finance co-chairman, Mike Fernandez, raised a concern in an email last month about campaign associates joking around in over-the-top Mexican accents.

Insiders whispered about the email for weeks, but some of the contents became public only after Fernandez suddenly quit his campaign post, citing the need to spend more time with his family...]

And the fallout continues with a Miami transportation board member resigning and also giving up on the Republican party of FL

[Gonzalo Sanabria, a longtime Miami-Dade Expressway Authority board member, resigned Thursday from his post to protest the “disparaging and disrespectful” treatment of Mike Fernandez, the former co-finance chairman of Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign.

“Since he has been treated in such a disparaging and disrespectful manner by your [campaign] staff and ignored in his advice, it is obvious that there is a great deal of dysfunction and disconnection of which I want to have no part nor can I render my support any longer as you are governing from a weak and flawed platform,” Sanabria wrote in an email he sent to Scott’s staff and shared with the Miami Herald.

Sanabria, who also quit his leadership post with the Republican Party of Miami-Dade, said his resignation was “mostly due to your perceived insensitivity to loyal supporters and our Hispanic community in Florida.”] emphasis added 'cause that's a hella Hispnic outreach.

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