Thursday, February 17, 2011

Governor 48.9%; Rick Scott

While some have described FL Governor Rick Scott as Governor Gollum or Voldemort--myself included--such metaphors, although excellent satire, do conceal the truth:

the SOB got elected with 48.9% of the freakin' vote and now claims a ferblushinger mandate.


Mandate my ass.

Since when does a not majority of people who bothered to vote constitute a mandate, especially in a mid-term election with lower voter turnout?

Insert inchoate howls of rage here.

On 7 Feb 2011, it seemed like hyperbole to even me to equate the coming NFL lockout with the eternal struggle of labor, continuing in the early 20th century with bloodshed to win collective bargaining rights.

Great Mother Jones' ghost, now the Republican Governors Association has their orcs killing public unions in WI, NJ, OH, FL, and while puling progressive pukes opine on how Obama has failed.

Have you failed to realize the effort to repeal the New Deal, Square Deal, the tides of history, as the last gasp of American capitalist empires seek to mutilate collective bargaining agreements in effect for decades?

Obama sucks except for the RepubliKKKan alternatives.

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