Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers Win!!! Let the Lockout Begin!

To even type that when NFL has gotten more profitable than ever, during Super Bowl week, with the owners causing it by tearing up the CBA amounts to absolute insanity.

Lest any stray reader think this just a sports matter, consider it as perfect example of union busting, perfect because this leads to early deaths of union members in a "game" they collectively bargained to play professionally.

Yes, blessed by birth in Milwaukee circa 1958, I revel in victory of the Green Bay Packers in the greatest marketing event in the world, a small market team owned by community members.

Insert inchoate howl of rage here.

Links to follow when my fury subsides, but leave aside professional football players and consider the roll call of college kids murdered by competetiveness, macho egos institutionalized in so called institutions of higher learning: Eric Plancher at THE University of Central Florida, casualties at FSU and UF in pre seson workouts, 13 University of Iowa fgootball players ending up in the emergency room this year facing possible organ failure after sadistic workouts designed to make boys into men and "win the fourth quarter.".

So the impending lockout by billionaire owners of NFL teams of their employees provides a perfect pitch for we fans to tell the morally deficient we do not want our heroes sacrificed for our bread and circuses.

Roger Goodell, hold an open vote for the owners on the 18 game season. Let those who favor it wash the metaphorical blood off their hands in public, damn youse!!!

Check the links in dailyKos piece:

Let me quote from a quoted passage: [According to Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes SportsMoney, "The NFL has never been more profitable by our count with the average team earning $33 million in 2009 in operating profit (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) thanks to huge incomes for teams like the Cowboys, Patriots and Redskins."]

Note depreciation above because that involves depreciating monies paid as salary on players' contracts just like capital depreciation of a factory built by a company.

Owners get their cake, eat it too, get public $ for venues, and still want bigger damn slices of the cake.


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