Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Slash and Post Operative Axl at the Super Bowl

Great to see Slash and post operative Asl at the greatest entertainment event in history of mankind, the Super Bowl.

It gladdened my heart to see the 2 play "Sweet Child of Mine,"  like back in the Citrus Bowl Use Your Illusion day, putting aside their differences and anger and regrets and sexual tension between them, realizing no matter how far apart they go musically or in time and space or gender roles, life for a time inextricably linked their disparate geniuses.

Having just read a list of  "10 bands that shook the world," the performance cemented my faith in G 'N' R' as 1 of top 10 rock bands of all time even though realizing lists are like souls; every human has 1, and the premise of this list basically absurd as music shook the world before the invention of the electric amplifier.

Surely some people saw Beethoven as the musical bad boy of his time.  God himself invented the blues and planted it in the racism and soil of the Mississippi Delta, maybe helped by the Devil at the crossroads like in the book of Job and Robert Johnson lore, with Satan striding through cotton fields instead of down heavenly roads.

Also, don't confine my choice of the word gender above to male/female stereotypes because, as Vonnegut wrote in Slaughter House 5, it takes 7 of 12 human genders for 2 human beings to mate in any way

So let us celebrate Axl's surgery choice and Slash's ridiculous caricature of himself with that tacky toff top hat, for their performance did "take me away to that special place," and made me long for the late 80's.

As for the rest of the performers, maybe my nieces will identify them for me.

Also, the surgery helped Axl's voice, making it sound more masculine.


The things I  do for my blog, watching the halftime circus again so my to friends who failed to see it could get my jokes above, (Slash starts at about 2:31 into clip)

Please, will somebody identify Will I Am allegedly head pea of the Black Eyed variety?  Where  did Sam I AM go?  "Boom, Boom, Pow," yes, that will rank among greatest ballads of all time.

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