Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Fable of Aesop

The Wolf and the Lamb 

A WOLF, meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to find some plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf’s right to eat him. He thus addressed him: “Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me.” “Indeed,” bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of voice, “I was not then born.” Then said the Wolf, “You feed in my pasture.” “No, good sir,” replied the Lamb, “I have not yet tasted grass.” Again said the Wolf, “You drink of my well.” “No,” exclaimed the Lamb, “I never yet drank water, for as yet my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.” Upon which the Wolf seized him and ate him up, saying, “Well! I won’t remain supperless, even though you refute every one of my imputations.”

The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.  (Emphasis added, along with observaton humans will usually find a pretext to do what they want to do.)

Translated by George Fyler Townsend. Aesop's Fables (p. 15). Amazon Digital Services, Inc..

Friday, August 29, 2014

Heineken | Routine Interruptions | The Payphone with Fred Armisen

Hate Heineken but found this funny.  Of course, will drink it if free.  Ein Prosit!

To All the Women Out There.

Count yourself blessed as not yoked to broken down dialysis going functionally paralyzed and in wheelchair confined to nursing home purgatory in Melbourne, FL, flaming liberal knowitall who has too much soul--NWA (extremely NSFW), James Brown, Prince and Bobby "Blue" Bland--to count hisself as Caucasian.

Jus' sayin'.

Beautifulest Bookstores (sic)

The Last Book Store, LA, CA

The Abbey Book Store, Paris, France

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fun for the Whole Family: Restaurant, bar, grill. and a 9 year old accidentally killing a shooting instructor with an Uzi.

Even if supports gun rights, one might question the wisdom of having a bar at a gun range.  Alcohol and guns often mix badly.  Since a bar exists to serve alcohol, we might see it as inappropriate at a gun range.

This particular gun range at the Last Stop in White Hills, AZ, offers a chance to shoot automatic weapons among all the fun stuff such as 6 different ice cold beers on tap, burgers, RV parking, and even a "Bullets and Burgers" special.  Apparently, they even allow little bitty young girls to fire a powerful automatic weapon, an Uzi perhaps capable of firing 30 rounds per second.

Per freaking second!

One such little girl (pictured below), killed her instructor, the recoil proving too much for her to handle.

At least one expert found safety procedures at the Last Stop lacking:
Ronald Scott, a Phoenix-based firearms safety expert, said most shooting ranges have an age limit and strict safety rules when teaching children to shoot. He said instructors usually have their hands on guns when children are firing high-powered weapons.
"You can't give a 9-year-old an Uzi and expect her to control it," Scott said.  killed-by-9-year-old-girl-officials-say-1.9160517

My admiration for those who teach little children about gun rights holds second to no one.  My defense of the Bill of Rights extends to right to owning a firearm, found in the Second Amendment.  Nevertheless, stupid has no defense under the Constitution.  Accordingly, the National Rifle Association machine gun in every hand stance goes too far and leads to countless tragedies.

It just seems civil societies should set some reasonable restrictions on gun ownership, use, and even practice.  The average citizen ought to make do with a revolver or two for self defense and we ought to have some sort of competency test to own semi-automatic weapons such as an AR-15 or even more powerful weapons.

Daily, somewhere in this great country, some stupid head unintentionally kills someone.  People continually kill others because they violate the cardinal rules of responsible gun ownership.

One: do not, under ANY circumstances, point a weapon at someone unless you intend to kill that person. If people would follow that rule, it will save lives.  Who knows, that rule could save my life someday.

Second, always treat every weapon as loaded and able to kill or injure until you verify it as empty.  Always verify the weapon as unloaded and has no round in the chamber.  For an automatic, simply taking out the magazine might mean a round remains in the firing chamber.  Break open the breach to verify it as empty and manually clear the breach if loaded.

Lastly, never leave a round in the firing chamber if either an automatic or revolver weapon.  Guns go off even if they have a safety on,

Picture of little girl just before fatal shooting, the girl who will have
to live evermore with this tragic memory.

Grateful Dead: "Dire Wolf"
"....Please don't murder me..."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

Language NSFW, but funny.  Cable local news channel !3 has same exact Bullshit morning, noon, and night, with same video clips, and microphone holders saying exact same thing.  Bullshit!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kinda Racist? Try Diet Racism!

Official beverage of the Washington Redskins.

"Cicerone:" The Death of Modern Language and Culture

An advert on my Gmail page asked me if I knew beer and offered to teach me to become a cicerone.  You think you knew beer after 50 years of drinking the stuff, especially on a low budget and decisions that necessitates: whether to buy a quart of Colt 45 or a 4 pack of Natural Ice tallboys after an evening telemarketing shift.

As a dedicated beer drinker and hellraiser, however, one also does gain an appreciation for some of the finer crafted malted beverages: a crisp Foster's, a Newcastle, and God's gift, a Guinness Stout.

For some people, however, just drinking a coldy ain't good enough.  No-O-ooo, nefarious scoundrels must turn it into something such as a wine tasting, taking that most democratic of alcoholic beverages and turning it into something akin to wine snobbery, using a few catchphrases, "it has a charming bouquet with floral notes and an oak finish," essentially as a marketing ploy.

What beer goes with what foods, you ask.

Guinness goes with EV-er-y-thing makes a good rule to start with.

Sheesh, check out the darn mission statement:
The Cicerone Certification Program certifies and educ ates beer professionals in order to elevate the beer experience for consumers.
Thanks for complicating the only simple part of my, altering the words formerly set in stone of the late Justin Wilson, the beer you should drink is the beer you like.

To attain the master cicerone status, you must have 2 years in beer service endeavours or substitute 3 references from beer purveyors and--oh yeah-pay $695 to take their certification test.  Nearly $700 to "learn" to drink and serve beer.

Preposterous, I say.  Another triumph of marketing overr common sense I do proclaim.  A quick glance at their list showed 7 certified Master Cicerones in the whole USA, one with a designation of Consultant a la Biere after his name; it makes me laugh, scoffing at the whole notion., casting ridicule and aspersions in that general direction.

$695 to learn to sling beers,  Ludicrous!

Sheesh, I need a beer, dammit!

Friday, August 22, 2014

San Diego Marijuana Fire

Carelessness and Cannabis

"Life Is Good" Apparel

2 brothers, both nicknamed Jake, started selling screen printed t-shirts out of a used van after college graduation.

Quite by accident, they discovered people drawn to t-shirts with positive messages, like "Life Is Good."

Profiled in Fortune magazine, they said:
John: Most of us want to smile, laugh, help other people, and be grateful for what we have. People who face great adversity gain clarity about what’s important in life. Optimism helps us persevere. Life isn’t easy. But life is good. 
Our advice
Blur the line between work and play. 
We spend a lot of waking hours at work, so inject fun, laughter, and energy into the workday. At company meetings our employees play live music, or we might go snow tubing on a mountain. There’s real information shared at the meetings, then afterward we cut loose.
Failures are how you learn, adjust, and stay nimble.  (Emphasis added because have lost this Pollyanna attitude, especially in current circumstance.)

Friday 'Toons

In general, I and perhaps we take this politics stuff way too damn serious.

Don't get me wrong; as in Ferguson, MO, politics can become deadly serious.  That males the reason we need to seek out laughter too.

Juanita Jean herownself runs the Most Dangerous Beauty Salon in the World.and  reliably runs cartoons on Friday, perhaps because she works so hard at turning TX into a progressive paradise.  As for me, I'd give it back to Mexico as I find many Texxans insufferable.  Nevertheless, folks like Juanita Jean and Sean Paul Kelly dig it, so guess we'll let 'em stay in the union.

Y'all enjoy and check out Juanita Jean's: "I am in pain over Ferguson.  We’ve fought this crap for my entire life and we still haven’t won.

I still have some fight left in me.  I do."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

'Puter Tablets < $35?

This esplains my refusal to become a latest technology fan boy; things usually get cheaper in price if not actually "better."

"Better" constitutes a value judgment; people who just read email or chat can use bare bones lower price systems.  Parents already stretching budgets to feed their childen, pay rent, and utilities may value a lower price gadget rather than a $500 Apple I-thingy.

Chinese factory owners can apparently operate on smaller profit margins, calculating making only a dollar on each adds up to a whole pile of $ if they sell a billion, god bless their price warring ways.

Face it, Steve Jobs jobbed people by creating a need and marketing an over priced product, successful partly due to Windows exorbitant price and general crappiness.

[IDG News Service - Generic Android tablets with 7-inch screens and quad-core chips that deliver decent performance could soon sell for under $35.

Tablets with low-resolution screens are already selling for $45 on Amazon, many of which have single- or dual-core processors from a Chinese chip company called Allwinner.

But the prices could fall under $35 when Allwinner ships its "fully formed" quad-core A33 chip for only $4, said analyst firm Linley Group in a newsletter this week.

The chip's quad-core processors will deliver better performance than older chips, and be capable of supporting 1280 x 800 displays, the analyst group said. The chip is based on ARM's Cortex-A7 design and has a Mali-400MP2 GPU, which is capable of rendering high-definition video.

The cheap tablets will likely come from no-name vendors in China, and won't offer the bells and whistles of Samsung or Apple tablets, but they could increase price pressure on brand names like HP and Acer, which have entry-level tablets priced around $100.

They'll be most suited to first-time buyers or users who aren't picky about hardware or software but certainly not power users, said Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research. That's because they'll likely have limited memory, storage and fewer ports than more expensive devices.]  emphasis added 'cause some days love me some capitalism!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Orlando police officer mistakenly shot and killed an innocent woman

Sure, an armed citizenry would have helped make folks safer.
(An Orlando police officer mistakenly shot and killed an innocent woman during a confrontation with a gunman at a downtown bar early Tuesday, according to a preliminary investigation by the Police Department.
The victim, identified as club patron Maria Fernanda Godinez, 22, was shot just before 1 a.m. at the Vixen Bar on South Orange Avenue, Orlando police Chief John Mina said.
Police were called after a complaint about a man with a gun outside the club who was banging on the door. The suspect was identified as 23-year-old Kody Roach, described in a 911 call by a bar employee as "a gun-wielding maniac."
"There was a guy who was kicked out of a bar because he was too drunk and now he's waving his handgun," the employee told a police dispatcher. "I had to run inside and lock my door before he did something stupid."

Know Her?

(William Castellanos snapped the black and white photo in August 1994 when he was an art student in Havana, capturing the moment when 35,000 Cubans took to the sea in makeshift rafts.

Twenty years after President Fidel Castro encouraged a mass exodus from the island, the images still trouble him.

Did the rafters make it, or did their flimsy vessels break apart in the turbulent, 90-mile Florida Straits?

Do they have busy lives and jobs and families now? Or are his photographs the last testament of their existence?

"For me, this is a very difficult photographic record," Castellanos said. "Maybe I have the only, or maybe the last, picture of that person."

Especially, he wondered about the girl.)

My Orlando Church Home: Trinity Lutheran Downtown

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Critics: Police equipped like armies going too far

Critics: Police equipped like armies going too far

"...Rep Hank Johnson, D-Ga, expressed concern, {militarization trend has moved beyond local police departments and sheriff's offices, saying Ohio State University recently acquired a mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle, or MRAP.

"Apparently, college kids are getting too rowdy," Johnson said.}  emphasis added for satire, all the more sadder because of truth

Slavery and the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Plent of stuff still to protest like slaver in the Middle East.

Woodstock-Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (with Lyrics)

We are stardust, billion years old carbon, and we got to get ourselves back to the Garden.

Woodstock Anniversary--CBS '69 news report

While laing up in the hospital, completely let 45th anniversary of Woodstock pass without comment.  Although time flows w/ every moment important to someone, we also mark certain shared experiences as seminal in history, such as Woodstock the First.

As Pete said during a Who show at Ft Lauderdale amphitheater, there's power when we congregate for a common purpose, like say to protest an immoral and illegal war--seems like every generation has one.

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Grace Slick, Woodstock, aug 17 1969)

Feed your head, preferrably with non-diction.  Sure, we confront a tough world, but we can change it.

Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart [live Woodstock]

Janis Joplin - Ball And Chain (Amazing Performance at Monterey)

Woodstock CBS coverage 8-18-1969

Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry - Dueling CornDogs

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Martin Luther Hill (1867 - 1916) - Find A Grave Photos

(My paternal great greats in their empire of dirt in Pilot Mtn, NC.
Paying digital respect.)

Introduction of Troops

Sez Secretary of state John Kerry: "What we urge the people of Iraq to do is to be calm,” Kerry said. “There should be no use force, no introduction of troops or militias into this moment of democracy for Iraq.”

Of course, the US will introduce hella lotsa military into Ferguson, MO.

Officer Friendly

Sojourners: "When terror wears a badge."

[More Americans have lost their lives at the hands of police since 9/11 than in acts officially classified as terrorism. A recent study showed that one black man was killed every 28 hours by police, security guards, or self-appointed vigilantes in 2012. The militarization of police departments nationwide and the over-policing of urban neighborhoods have had terrorizing effects on the black population. There are also programs like stop-and-frisk that make racial profiling and over-policing legal. At its peak in 2011, 685,724 people were stopped. Of those stopped 53 percent were black, 34 percent were Latino, and 9 percent were white. Eighty-eight percent of all people stopped were innocent. Gang injunctions are another method of enforcement that lead to racial profiling and the over-criminalization of youth.]

Following the links so you don't have to (but you should.); from link the first:
The numbers are eye opening. The Justice Department, which keeps all kinds of statistics on violent crime, does not tally up individuals killed annually by police. But by combing public news reports and other sources, the Justice Policy Institute has estimated that police officers in the U.S. killed 587 people in 2012 alone. Over the course of a decade, they’ve tallied more than 5,000 people in the U.S. during that period—far more than the number of people who lost their lives in acts officially classified as terrorism in roughly the same span.

What Atrios Said: Libertarians suck

If you follow out reasoning of libertarians, it leads to monstrous conclusions; simply put, a system of ethics may achieve a high degree of internal coherence and also become heinous in indifference and cruelty and ignorance of basic human values, like preventing child abuse and in turn educating children: "A proper respect for personal liberty demands that parents be allowed to neglect their children, even to the point of death....'  (emphasis added to, you know, point out absolute insanity of some of these people.  Thank god for my upbringing in a normal house, well-provided for with food, clothes, criticism, and destruction of self-esteem.  But I weathered the storm, got a good education, failed miserably at everything ever attempted and masked my sorrow with a glib tongue and sarcastic wit.  Oh, wait, I digress.)

Libertarians suck; imagine the nightmare of a head of government who believes it only has power to do ill, "welcome to the Oval Office, Mr. Paul."

Public Service Announcement

People tell tales of my drunken exploits, but don't you believe them; the parrot and I never got arrested.

If you drink; don't drive, just crawl in the back seat to sleep it off.  You ain't as cool as you thunk you is when you drunk.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Update: in memory of Eric Garner

Update to below: Whiter than thou CNN has token note of plethora of young black men getting shot by the police, running a video of black parents talking about "The Talk."

You might get to mouth off to a cop if you have white skin and your pants don't sag but wouldn't try it as a kid of colour.  Don't mouth off; speak respectfully; always dress well, no cap turned sideways; don't run away from the cops.  You'll note some of these rules apply to young pigment challenged male youth.  Yet they apply doubly so for black kids.

"How many more?"    Ezell Ford:

The media has already forgotten about the death of Eric Garner, what with the furor over the death of Michael Brown, a Ferguson, MO teenager shot in the back fleeing from police.

Eric Garner, put in police chokehold and killed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

If I went to W's museum....

....and could write with more abandon and more "F" bombs, I could have written this about the library of dumbass "W", totally, for sure.

Except I choose to save my hate for President Dick (and I do mean dick) Cheney.  That he even dared to open his mouth over the current mess in Iraq caused by his policies, as recounted by Robert Fisk at The London Independent,  just makes me puke because don't think you'll find any mention of oil at Jr's museum.

This ragtag Islamic army conquering Iraq rose form those failed policies plus funding by the Saudis, and when you write "the Saudis" we really mean the autocratic-murdering-ass-backwards royal damn family which fund the virulently strict Wahhabi sect of Muslims, kind of reminds of Pat Robertson and his hate speech the .morning after an ether and crack bender with male prostitutes.

In another column, Fisk writes about the damnable Saudis:
For the Saudis lie behind this vast new force of the Caliphate, whose Islamist rulers have brought some of their Iraqi military assets – courtesy of George W again – to Syria and are now giving the Syrian army a tougher fight. Before the Caliphate spread to Mosul, the Syrian army was winning, or at least not losing. Now their soldiers are being executed, just like the Iraqi Shia army units captured near Mosul. And, of course, we continue to buttress this savagery in Syria while we loudly condemn the very same groups which are now ruling Mosul and threatening “democratic” Iraq. Saudi Arabia continues to fund the Wahabis among the Sunni forces while we continue to protect the Saudis, to shield them from all criticism, just as we did when 15 of the 9/11 hijackers turned out to be Saudis, just as we did when they funded the Taliban

Nevertheless, Bush family consigliere, James Baker, finds Saudi petrol $ just dandy; Saudis--including some of dearly departed family members--comprise major investors in the Carlyle Group
On September 11, like most Americans, Baker watched television coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Unlike most, he watched from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington DC, where Baker and representatives of Osama bin Laden's family were among those attending the annual conference for the Carlyle Group. Baker is Senior Counselor for the Carlyle Group, and the bin Ladens are among its major investors. 
Baker's law firm, Baker Botts, was founded by Baker's grandfather, James A. Baker, and has offices in Houston, Washington DC, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Baker Botts is the legal council defending the Saudi Arabian government in a lawsuit filed by families of those killed and injured in the 9/11 attacks. Affidavits and of cancelled checks suggest that Saudi Arabian Defense Minister Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have funneled millions of dollars to assorted Islamic charities that U.S. officials and others suspect have covertly financed the operations of al Qaeda and other international terrorist groups.
These Wahhabi's have neither respect nor tolerance for the main Sunni branch of Islam, destroying even their shrines and mosques.  Also, let's not forget that Al Qaeda has proclaimed the Wahhabi inspired ISIS as too extreme for Al Qaeda.  Let's let that phrase role around in our brains and rest upon our lips, TOO extreme for al Qaeda.  

Kind of boggles the brain, don't it?  Nevertheless, Jr's museum will display his shitty paintings but no inkling he feels responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and countless wounds.

Makes me want to puke.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Talk:"Broken Windows" and "41 Shots"

Think we have no more racism in America?

Then put on blackface and walk into an upscale department store and see what happens.  Watch the security guard and store personnel follow you.  Tell me how it feels when they ask if you can afford to shop there. Wear a damn Armani suit and watch them follow you still.

No racism in America, right?

A black friend, William Barksdale (who ironically bore the name of a Confederate general), first told me of this phenomena.  He also told me about The Talk, the talk black parents have with their sons about how to behave in interactions with the police, rules for staying alive.

Bruce Springsteen wrote a version included on his song "American Skin," a tune he's had for a while and finally put on  a recent album, High Hopes, and which sparked police protests when performed at Madison Square Garden.  Bruce imagined the talk thus:
[Lena gets her son ready for school
She says, "On these streets, Charles
You've got to understand the rules
If an officer stops you, promise me you'll always be polite
And that you'll never ever run away
Promise Mama you'll keep your hands in sight"]

This song came as response to the killing of Amadou Diallu, shot at 41 times by 4 by New York Police Department officers in the Bronx, New York city with their semi automatic weapons, 2 officers firing off their whole clip of 16 shots, one officer 5, and the last showing some restraint and only shooting 4 times.

Diallo died at the scene.

The officers worked for the street crimes unit tasked with taking illegal guns off the street.  The used stop and frisk as one of their tactics .  A federal judge found these tactics unconstitutional since blacks endured the most encounters with police.

One might see this as the logical extension of the broken windows policing strategy, the idea that getting things fixed on neighborhoods as well as making arrests for minor offenses like consumption of alcohol.  Police apply this more rigorously in ethnic neighborhoods and mostly to people of color.

For black folks, it comes as no surprise to have an unarmed black man shot by police

So more generations of black men will die; black mothers will keep having The Talk.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vito Marzano: Wake me up next century, I'm confused

One thing leads to another, especially in that vast vortex of idiocy known the intertubes--what idiot conceived of the idea of giving every fool on earth a platform to publish every misogynist, racist, demeaning, homophobic thing to spout from their pieholes?--but then again, in a blissful display of self-immolation and karmic retribution, some idjut publishes a picture like the below, both proclaiming and celebrating their ignorance for eternity.

Note to self: use spelling tool before publishing.

In defense of the poor fool who published this pic, "libity" kind of goes along with howz we-uns down South talk.  (Kneel facing Birmingham and genuflect three times before continuing.)  We often omit an "r" sound and/or create our own dialect on the spot, witness President Cheney's running mate saying, "Terra, terra, terra."

Then, however, the sign maker serendipitously spelled the word tranny, again a blessed, blissful spelling of bad spelling or, more likely, a deep Freudian display of unrequited desire to present one's male self as a woman to the world,  like senator Rand Paul refusing to reveal Tuesday as his tranny dress up day, few things as fun as putting on lace underthings and frolicing 'round on the leather couches of one's Senatorial office.

Vito Marzano stands as one man unafraid to flaunt, and he will gender present just as he damn well pleases; so it darn near broke his poor little heart when Wranglers, a Denver gay bear bar denied him entry because of his wearing a dress and female wig.  The bar justified refusal on policy, saying prospective customers likeness' must match a drivers license photo rather than on the more obvious fact Vito made a really ugly, ugly, ugly woman.

Poor, discriminated against Vito has just won a decision in his favor from the Civil Rights agency of the Colorado Dept of Regulating Agencies, in the capacity of trying to keep society regular, so to speak.

A big fan of stayng regular myself, this proves CO overrun, as oft said myself, by gay boyz, dykes, and trannies, and may give impetus to my effort to bring "gayer than John Elway" into the English lexicon.

Young Master or Miss Vito released a statement--because people do that now, a release a statement, no suffering in blessed silence for people today--saying: "This decision helps to protect everyone in the State of Colorado who is gender non-conforming in any capacity from discrimination in places of public accommodation. It also reaffirms the State's commitment to its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, and intersex constituents by saying loudly and proudly that discrimination against anyone for any reason is never acceptable. The Boycott will continue its fight against the Wrangler until all of our trans*, gender nonconforming, and effeminate family members are no longer mistreated, excluded, or abused by the Wrangler staff."  (Emphasis added to emphasize my confusion.  What does he mean by "trans*" ?  The mind gobbles.)

"Trans*," amounts to a new category of gender unknown to me.

And as for Wranglers, who knew a gay club existed which did not want those deemed too gay?  Always thought my gay brothers and sisters, victims of discrimination themselves, would embrace more tolerance.

Silly me.

Forgot where I found Vito's story.

Politicians at Their Best

OK, forgot where copied that first video from, but basically it comprised a video montage of politicians running from questions, hysterically funny. Used the share button on the video so can't fathom why they now deny use.

Nevertheless, this article has links to much of the same.  Ironic  that politicians run for our votes but then run away from our questions.

Or you can watch Toronto Mayor Rob Ford flee reporters, one flinging the question, "What do you have to say to the kids about smoking crack?"

Damn, that's always funny.

So damn youse, youse people who proffered their video but don't want to share, damn youse!

(Note to self: video first posted came from Huffpost, a news site that apparently needs no free advertising.  Lwt' tr this again.)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes

People unfairly slag on this albumn as random collection of cuts, but the title track gives a unifying principle, a string theory of Springsteen's catalog, of showing shreds of hope among the wreckage of despair.

This sting theory, of course, comes from the later, darker period of Bruce's work. Ironic this comes as he got richer and richer. Perhaps parenthood increased his existential angst, because you hope for the best for your kids while readingr in daily newspapers of the worst that can happen.

One of the worst that can happen would have your offsprig die in a useless war in Indochina, or worse still, have the flesh of your flesh still missing in Mekong Delta, as happened to mid 60's New Jersey guitar god, Walter Chicon, whom Bruce idolized, as recounted on the song "The Wall."

There Bruce fictionalized feelings from a visit himself to the Viet Nam war memorial, telling the story from a war widow's point of view, after he visited wisting wiyh wife Patti Scialfa.

He contrasts the widow's life with those of the war criminal architects of the Second Indochines War. Bruce did not name names so I will: guys like Henry Damn Kissinger, who can't leave the USA because he'd get hauled to the Haig for his crimes against humanity, including genocide in Indonesia, a monster in almost human form eating off fine china with sterling utensils while she carries her grief alone.

So although Bruce had this song for a while, it fits here, pierces the heart, and reminds us all we just count for another name on or brick in the wall.

Plus, Tom Morello shreds on guitar, doing things to it heretofore thought impossible, like on "Ghost of Tom Joad," an old song with new pyrotechnics.

"Arm the Homeless," indeed!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Fox News Viewers

Mr Field Negro described Fox News viewers as "melanin challenged octogenarians."

Gotta steal that. He he indeed.

Confess that find Fox folks fairly funny, what with their ignorance of facts and using partial stories to buttress their buffoonery.

Don't debate them; just drop knowledge bombs onto Facebook rants.

Midfield Play in USA

[Germany's strength is in the midfield. They pack that area w/ 5 quality players who control the game and hunt in packs.,.]

One sees the tecnichal German team control match and hopes USA Coach Klinsmann moves that way. Watching the US actual play shows how much the side lacks: crisp passing, and players who cold cleanly receive a pass.

That old dude still playing showed me only a quick opening goal 'gainst Ghana.

Klinsmann's Kraut calvacade s'posed to bring all that technical play. You can't win just with defense and a stellar goalie like Tim Howard.

Of course in USA, NBA just rich people's soccer.

Koala Bear Porn

Reduced to watching PBS because of minimal cable pkg here at "rehab" centre, the Easter FL State College channel--another unfortunate result of JEB'S,abolishing the board of regents, which threw all state colleges into steel cage match of fundraising and politicians playing my local college is bigger than yours game, Brevard Community College has turned itself into a univerisity, or at least a state college--and saw researchers holding poor creature with limbs splayed and genitals open for a thorough inspection and camera shot.

With a parhetic look on its mug, the researxhers then raped the poor creature with a glass rod fashioned into a replica of a male koala bear penis. All this because a female koala bear only releases an egg during copulation.

All this begs the question--WHY?

Who wrote the grant application for this application of science, Stephen A. Smith?

Couldn't they have used a male koala bear and let nature take its course, maybe with a little courtship?

Just beause scientists can doesn't mean they ought to.