Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vito Marzano: Wake me up next century, I'm confused

One thing leads to another, especially in that vast vortex of idiocy known the intertubes--what idiot conceived of the idea of giving every fool on earth a platform to publish every misogynist, racist, demeaning, homophobic thing to spout from their pieholes?--but then again, in a blissful display of self-immolation and karmic retribution, some idjut publishes a picture like the below, both proclaiming and celebrating their ignorance for eternity.

Note to self: use spelling tool before publishing.

In defense of the poor fool who published this pic, "libity" kind of goes along with howz we-uns down South talk.  (Kneel facing Birmingham and genuflect three times before continuing.)  We often omit an "r" sound and/or create our own dialect on the spot, witness President Cheney's running mate saying, "Terra, terra, terra."

Then, however, the sign maker serendipitously spelled the word tranny, again a blessed, blissful spelling of bad spelling or, more likely, a deep Freudian display of unrequited desire to present one's male self as a woman to the world,  like senator Rand Paul refusing to reveal Tuesday as his tranny dress up day, few things as fun as putting on lace underthings and frolicing 'round on the leather couches of one's Senatorial office.

Vito Marzano stands as one man unafraid to flaunt, and he will gender present just as he damn well pleases; so it darn near broke his poor little heart when Wranglers, a Denver gay bear bar denied him entry because of his wearing a dress and female wig.  The bar justified refusal on policy, saying prospective customers likeness' must match a drivers license photo rather than on the more obvious fact Vito made a really ugly, ugly, ugly woman.

Poor, discriminated against Vito has just won a decision in his favor from the Civil Rights agency of the Colorado Dept of Regulating Agencies, in the capacity of trying to keep society regular, so to speak.

A big fan of stayng regular myself, this proves CO overrun, as oft said myself, by gay boyz, dykes, and trannies, and may give impetus to my effort to bring "gayer than John Elway" into the English lexicon.

Young Master or Miss Vito released a statement--because people do that now, a release a statement, no suffering in blessed silence for people today--saying: "This decision helps to protect everyone in the State of Colorado who is gender non-conforming in any capacity from discrimination in places of public accommodation. It also reaffirms the State's commitment to its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, and intersex constituents by saying loudly and proudly that discrimination against anyone for any reason is never acceptable. The Boycott will continue its fight against the Wrangler until all of our trans*, gender nonconforming, and effeminate family members are no longer mistreated, excluded, or abused by the Wrangler staff."  (Emphasis added to emphasize my confusion.  What does he mean by "trans*" ?  The mind gobbles.)

"Trans*," amounts to a new category of gender unknown to me.

And as for Wranglers, who knew a gay club existed which did not want those deemed too gay?  Always thought my gay brothers and sisters, victims of discrimination themselves, would embrace more tolerance.

Silly me.

Forgot where I found Vito's story.

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