Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Back in the Saddle Again"

Well not exsctly, but did return homw from hospital healthy as usual--3 squares a day I didn't have to cook or clean after, which minor miracle occurred with me with no medical insurance, must have had to do with me passing out in apartment parking lot with impossibly high blood pressure-- to find door locked with deadbolt but 'puter and peripherals gone.

Stupid thieves, had taken out hard drive prior to sending to HP so they got door stop and printer and flat screen.

At my church using SMALL monitor and really miss my flat screen but Galveston got hammered while I have rest of my stuff.

Blessings abound for all.

Drug Treatment or 31 Car Police Chase?

Local tv news reports featured the father of the suspect and his tearful reports of trying to get his junky son invluntarily committed or into drug treatment.

Looking for video.

Check out the vid; OJ got nuthin' on JM.

Which makes more sense or costs less $, treatment or pursuit and incarceration?

"[Jason] Morse was arrested in April in connection with two thefts of OxyContin in Seminole County.",0,1678850.story

Monday, September 1, 2008

I blog therefore I am

Going cold turkey hurts.

Without a 'puter, could not read newslinks and fave FL newspapers or int'l ones., a project of American Journalism Reveiew, has links to newspapers from all over the world, save for the London Independent with the esteemed Robert Fisk reporting on Mideast affairs.

Sheesh, hard to start my day with coffee but no Orlando Sentinel, Miami Herald, or St Petersburg Times (the one in FL). It did renew my appreciction of the printed paper, however, so nice to hold it in your hands and jot notes down rather than bookmarking articles that disappear into the ether in a week.

Missed those bloggers I've come to know as friends, 1 sided admiration surely as titans of blogs barely notice my humble little empire of dirt, but reading people daily lets me know something of the individual bloggers: Atrios, Field Negro, Suburban Guerilla, and America Blog. Even have had a few emails from the last 3, honoring me greatly.

Yet, I started this blog for me, not as narcissism but to publish thoughts in my head before it exploded from the crushing craziness of the Cheney administration.

Pres. Skippy even had the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to say on camera after Russia invaded Georgia that violence and intimidation has no place in international affairs in the 21st century.

By the goddess, how could he dare say that? Give me some of the drugs he gets, Prozac probably.

You see, that happens when US invades a country for no reason save oil and hubris; any fleabag country with a flag and a few tanks feels it can invade when it wants to.

If it weren't so absolutely absurd, I'd cry.

Peace out, y'all.

Pop Goes the Compaq Presario Power Supply

Honestly, while sitting on my couch 18 August with the computer turned off, heard a pop from area where it sat. No lightning, computer off, and thing blew.

Still under warranty so it lies in hands of tevh gods to get it back to me.

Spoke with customer service, and nice lady told me their ofc located in Argentina: nice weather, no hutticanes, hopefully that fascist stuff has gone the way of the dinosaurs.