Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gubernatorial candidate with "resume marked by fraud, gross incompetence, wasteful spending and gross disregard for anyone's interests but her own."

Meg Whitman, curse of California, "Whitman left a legacy of bitterness among untold numbers of jilted employees, shareholders and eBay clients, while enriching herself and a handful of fellow executives and investment bankers.
Her worst decision at eBay -- to buy internet phone service Skype for over $4 billion in 2005 -- bled billions in eBay's value. It was a huge waste of money whose consequences were passed on to employees and shareholders. The effects are still being felt by the company today, over five years after Whitman's disastrous decision...
See, as it turned out, Whitman didn't just overpay for Skype--she overpaid, and didn't even own Skype.
That's right, when Whitman signed on the dotted line and plunked down $4.1 billions, she did not buy the technology that made Skype work, but instead leased it from Skype's original creators--who were under no obligation to continue the lease.
But by October 7, 2007, investors were already getting fed up with Whitman's helmsmanship. This was the high-point of the last bull market bubble, and yet eBay's stock on this day was slightly lower than where it was in September 2005, when the Skype deal was first announced. Meanwhile, eBay's biggest competitor,, saw its stock price soar 122 percent over the same two-year period."

Gubernatorial candidate with resume marked by fraud, gross incompetence, wasteful spending and gross disregard for anyone's interests but her own.

Meg Whitman, curse of California, "Whitman left a legacy of bitterness among untold numbers of jilted employees, shareholders and eBay clients, while enriching herself and a handful of fellow executives and investment bankers.
Her worst decision at eBay -- to buy internet phone service Skype for over $4 billion in 2005 -- bled billions in eBay's value. It was a huge waste of money whose consequences were passed on to employees and shareholders. The effects are still being felt by the company today, over five years after Whitman's disastrous decision...
See, as it turned out, Whitman didn't just overpay for Skype--she overpaid, and didn't even own Skype.
That's right, when Whitman signed on the dotted line and plunked down $4.1 billions, she did not buy the technology that made Skype work, but instead leased it from Skype's original creators--who were under no obligation to continue the lease.
But by October 7, 2007, investors were already getting fed up with Whitman's helmsmanship. This was the high-point of the last bull market bubble, and yet eBay's stock on this day was slightly lower than where it was in September 2005, when the Skype deal was first announced. Meanwhile, eBay's biggest competitor,, saw its stock price soar 122 percent over the same two-year period."

What if your sister or daughter had to choose?

"Modern" RepubliKKKans oppose abortion in ALL cases, even to save the VERY LIFE of the prospective mother, like Dan 'Taliban" Webster in FL-08 and Sandy Adams in FL-24.

The hero in this video confronted cretins whao harassed his wife as she sought a legal medical procedure to save her life.


Apollo 11 Moon Landing Film Restored

Friday, October 29, 2010

Unholy Trinity of Evil 96_Defenders of Good and Righteousness for the Whole Universe 70

Miami 96_Orlando 70

OK, both teams stand at 1-1, just 1 game out of 82, NBD.

Of course as unemployed drafter have to see the half full glass as 2x bigger than needed.

Mr. Dwight Howard showed why 1 day he will win a championship in Orlando and collect some MVP's on the way, showing a SUHweet right handed hook and bank shot.

Unfortunately, he has yet to learn referees (read spawns of Satan)--"He [Howard] picked up his third, fourth and fifth personals in the first 5 minutes, 6 seconds of the second half."--hate the Superman schtick. Then again, since a million years have gone by since Shaq got his Superman tattoo while playing with the Magic, Dwight don't recognize. If Shaq got calls in O'Town like he got in LA LA Land, Magic would already have 3 Larry O'Brien trophies in the case.

Still tonight had to suffer through Deja Vu all over again as Magic threw brick after brick in a stone cold 3rd quarter, missing 3 pointers 20 times for the game, TWENTY FREAKIN' bricks, 3PT made: 16.7%!

This calumny brought flashbacks to my Milwaukee Bucks teams of the 80's which at 1 time had 3 7 footers shooting 3 pointers: Fred Roberts, Jack Sikma, and Randy Brewer who stood 7' 4" TALL.

When my team gets the ball down low to Howard and then waits for him to deal while setting up at 3 point line, he can get double teamed or defense can man up on him and AND three point line.

Great Naismith's ghost, maybe run some screens down low for Howard as he swings from side to side on low blocks?

Fun and gun great when 3 pointers fall but at times in crunch time--PLAYOFFS--actually dawing up an offensive play can help slow the other team's momentum and stave off getting BLOWN OUT in the third quarter.

Would somebody please give Pietrus a compass and road map so he can cut to the lane when Dwight has ball down low?

When did moving without the ball become 4 hacks loitering at 3 point line, checking their Twitter accounts while watching Dwight deal down low?

Only major injury for the game came when Lebron James pulled up for a jumper and Chris Bosh broke his nose

[This blog will soon return to regularly scheduled FL politics; Rick Scott still sucks.]

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The World Better Recognize Orlando Magic as World Champeens!

OK, a might bit of hubris but Magic won 1 and Heat 0 and 1.

They--the unholy Heat would be trinity--got beat by the hated Celtics--hello William Barksdale--because Heat lack heft down low.

Magic have a deeper bench; Mr. Howard has developed a running right hand hook shot as well as a sweet short range jumper and Brandon Bass WILL becom the  most improved player in the Association.

Don't bother me with reality as am also a Cubs fan waiting for a pennant.


Update previous post

Don't consider myself unduly delusional but added to my colloquy factor in my current residence in Orlando hard by the happiest place on earth.

Orlando, self titled the City Beautiful, has also earned the brickbat of City Mean  for criminalizing many mundane acts of shelter challenged humans: THE homeless as some use as a perjorative but prefer positive phrase homeless PEOPLE.

Consider the sad case of Roosevelt Robinson with the distinction of more arrests in Orange County, FL than any other human being, 120 times over 10 years, roughly once a month for a FREAKIN' DECADE!!!

Had EMT's taken fallen fellow to hospital as ought happen in my utopian dreams, I would applaud.

Subjcting a stranger to incarceration factored into my calculus.

As one blessed by birth to a middle class couple and coincidentally caucasian to boot living in Orlando, the prostrate person last night with dark pigmentation stands better chance of incarceration than my crippled old  self.

"Nuff said."  Links later but Orlando Magic home opener now and World Series, Go Cubbies, so can't even bother searching my own blog.

True confession, sometimes google myself and even yahooed my blog.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tell Me, Lord, What Ought I Do?

Waiting for my taxi to carry me to home from the grocery, saw an older man laying on the sidewalk in front of Winn Dixie.

Having gotten hauled, at least twice, to Emergency Rooms when chronic anemia, urinary tract infections, and alcoholism prompted militant Samaritans near my apartment to call authorities, did not want to disturb his repose.

Jesus, the Winn Dixie guy kind of agreed with me, that as long as reclining fellow didn't bother anyone, we probably shouldn't bother him.

But what if the gent had actually fallen ill and fell, Jesus?  The paramedics should check him out?  Right? 


At this juncture, let me confess my conceit, my constant conversation with Jesus, like those Father Don Camillo had ( The Little World of Don Camillo), myself hearing His voice as a small, still whisper in the silence of the night, maybe the last vesitige of my conscience that have so far failed to completely excise.

So honest to God, asked Jesus what I ought to do last night but His Son does not often answer me direct but makes me think things through and raises a gentle eyebrow or sad, sweet, understanding smile when hearing my justifications for actions as well failures to act.

Then, the fellow began groaning, a low sound starting in the abyss of human suffering, a moan of pain.

"OK, Lord, I get it, that Samaritan thing You parabled 'bout," and rolled the electric scooter around stored carts to approach him.

"Sir, are you OK?  Can I call someone for you?"

"I'm fine," came back the ragged, rheumy rasp, followed by that low sound, now heard as deep, guttural, chuckle, not a sound of pain but maybe still a sound from the abyss of the human soul where tragedy dances with comedy because the pain and loss and love of each human springs from there.

The taxi came and took me and my groceries and butter pecan half price half gallon of ice cream to my hacienda where I pray today the gentleman lived and wished to have called the emt's and Jesus still ain't let me know if I did right last night.

"Let justice roll down like waters"

"Even though you offer me your burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them; and the offerings of well-being of your fatted animals I will not look upon. Take away from me the noise of your songs; I will not listen to the melody of your harps. But let justice roll down like waters; and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream."

- Amos 5:22-24

Monday, October 25, 2010

Alex Sink for FL Gov-16-0 over Scott in newspaper endorsements

"Alex Sink has received endorsements from all sixteen of the major daily newspapers that have endorsed in the Florida gubernatorial race:"

Image from email to me from my new BFF, Alex Sink..

FL-Governor: Rick "Scott is either incompetent or a lying crook."

Carl Hiaasen from the Miami Herald:
[Even by Florida’s (sic) shaky standards, Rick Scott stands out as one of the most outlandish characters ever to pop out of the woodwork.
His presence makes this year’s governor’s race a momentous I.Q. test for voters. A man who couldn’t run an honest company now wants to run state government. Duh.
It’s one of those you-can’t-be-serious stories that just might come true.
Scott is brimming with oversized promises but, by his own admission, he struggles with the concept of commitment.
"I don’t know what the def – your definition or anybody’s definition of an ‘agreement’ is, or an ‘offer’ is, or ‘promise’ is," he testified in an evasive 1997 deposition.
Scott has spent long hours among attorneys because the healthcare firm that he headed, Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp., falsified patients’ bills and gave kick-backs to doctors, among other scams.
While the FBI was hauling away company records, Scott got the boot. Columbia/HCA later paid a $1.7 billion fine for perpetrating the largest Medicare fraud in the history of Medicare, no small feat.
Scott was never charged with a crime, which is currently the high point of his résumé. He left Colum-bia/HCA with a $300-million-plus severance package that is helping to bankroll his gubernatorial campaign.
The Republican leadership, which attacked Scott relentlessly before the primary, has now lined up behind him to throw mud at Democrat Alex Sink. It’s the only feasible strategy, when your own candidate has such a messy history.
Of his years as chief of Columbia/HCA, Scott says he takes responsibility for what occurred, but insists he didn’t know anything illegal was going on.

The fraud was so massive and institutionalized that his statement can’t be taken seriously. If he truly didn’t know what was happening all around him, he’s an incompetent fool.
And if he did know, he’s a lying crook.
Either way, Floridians need a governor with a different sense of mission.
On the campaign trail, Scott prefers not to revisit the old days. However, glimpses of his management style are evident in some of his depositions.
"I sign letters all the time that I have not read," he testified in one Texas case.
When asked to look at a letter bearing his own signature, Scott said, rather unhelpfully, ‘‘I would characterize it as a letter with these words."
Time and again he was stricken with situational amnesia regarding his own orders and actions.
"Promise’’ wasn’t the only word that confused him under questioning. A lawyer by training, he appeared muddled by the definitions of simple terms such as "profit," ‘‘market’’ and even "Central Florida."
(To see this performance for yourself, check out the video segment that’s been posted on the Herald’s website)...]

How can any sentient being, even RepubliKKKans, vote for this fraudulent fool?

Sheesh, where did you hide my blogging knife, honey?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Consumers of today "have no knowledge of yesterday."

[Pacific Tomato Growers, one of the nation's largest producers of tomatoes, recently made peace with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

During a news conference on Oct. 13, Pacific's operating partner, Jon Esformes, pledged to upgrade the company's working conditions and pay its pickers a penny more per pound for tomatoes. One penny will do wonders for many workers, raising their yearly wages from about $10,000 to roughly $17,000. The increase took effect the next day.

Other benefits are part of the agreement: worker education and health and safety programs, a process for handling complaints and shade in the fields. The CIW had been fighting for these and other amenities for more than a decade. ..

Many of today's (sic) consumers have no knowledge of yesterday and, therefore, have no historical perspective as to why our produce always has been some of the freshest and least expensive in the world.

The harsh truth is that America's (sic) bounty always has been planted, tended and harvested by abused minorities who have remained, and still remain, mostly invisible and powerless. As I watch the CIW's efforts, I recall my childhood, when I often worked alongside my father in these same Collier County fields. In those days and before, Florida farmworkers were predominantly black. Hardly any Mexican or other Hispanic workers could be found east of the Mississippi.

My father and I lived with about 80 other pickers in a camp about 6 miles south of Immokalee. Conditions in the camp, like those in others from Belle Glade to Long Island, N.Y., were filthy and violent. Our living quarters were a tin-roofed, wooden, windowless bull pen where 10 to 15 men and boys slept on pallets. Families with children and single women slept in shacks across the compound from the men.

Everyone used the same fly-infested, two-holed outhouses. Real toilet paper was scarce. Most of us used newspaper and brown grocery bags. Privacy and quiet were next to impossible...

The 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act  guaranteed, among other protections, minimum wage for each hour worked, overtime and accurate record-keeping, did not apply to farmworkers, especially migrants. Working conditions, housing and the right to know about environmental hazards such pesticides did not apply to field hands, either. Agriculture, small farms in particular, is still exempt from many FLSA rules.

In light of history, Pacific Tomato Growers' pact with the CIW is a giant step toward bringing justice to the fields...]  From the inestimable Bill Maxwell in the St Petersburg Times. (FL), emphasis and links added.

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Organization Equals Oligarchy"

St. Augustine, the saint, not the city

“Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.”
Saint Augustine

Federal Stimulus Created Jobs: Scott and Webster lie

Voters, just use your common freakin' sense when you look at tv campaign ads.

Every reputable media web site and the Congressional Budget Office--an organization that uses actual numbers rather than ideological lies--reports the stimulus created jobs and helped keep world economy from cratering into another Great Depression.

So lyin' Rick Scott, professional fraud, has campaign ads with scurrilous bald faced lies, as do his Tea party compatriots: Marco Rubio and Daniel "No Abortions Under Any Circumstances Not Even to Save the Life of the Mother" FL US District 08 candidate Webster.

Please support Alan Grayson for Congress, US-08, and Kendrick Meek for US Senator, FL. $5 can go a long way when combined at Act Blue.

And for those of you who do not vote:

"Christians and Bullying: Standing with Gays and Lesbians"

[My mother used to give us kids two instructions: 

1. If there is a kid on the playground that nobody else is playing with -- you play with them.

2. If there is a bully picking on other kids -- you be the one to stand up to him or her.

Those two principles have served me well. And I can almost hear my mother's voice sometimes … like now.

On Wednesday, I wore purple. I was speaking at North Park University, an evangelical Christian college, with Tim King, my colleague and a former student there. I was pleased to see them passing out purple ribbons and announcing why just before chapel.

So I joined thousands of others across the country who believe that bullying should never be tolerated at any time, at any place, or for any reason. I wore purple to commemorate "Spirit Day," in memory of the many young people who have taken their own lives as a result of harassment and bullying inflicted on them because they are gay. I wore purple because I am a follower of Christ.

A bully is a person who habitually intimidates, harasses, or commits violence against those who are smaller, weaker, or more vulnerable because of their "outsider" status. A bully stands in opposition to all of what Christ taught and lived. There is broad opposition within the Christian community to bullying, especially the sort that leads to the deaths we have seen as of late. This sort of harassment is indefensible. And the stories of young kids being so bullied that they take their own lives has been heartbreaking to hear.

But, to paraphrase Christ, if you oppose bullying, what reward will you get? Isn't everybody against it? If all you do is say that you shouldn't harass someone until they kill themselves, are you really doing more than others?

The fact that bullies target gay and lesbian people should mean that Christians give extra attention to protecting and standing up for them. The fact that any community or group of people is regularly the target of harassment and hate means Christians should be on the front line of defense against any who would attack.

But, most bullies don't know that they are bullies. A bully might think that his or her words don't matter that much or affect others that greatly. A bully might think that he or she is being funny or just kidding around. A bully might think that he or she is just saying what everyone is thinking or speaking out about what everyone thinks.

There is disagreement within the Christian community when it comes to issues of human sexuality. But, there should be a united front against all who would disrespect, disparage, or denigrate anyone created in the image of God.

I hope you will join me in prayer for the family and friends of every young person who has taken their own lives. I hope you will join me in a message of hope for any person who has been teased, harassed, or bullied by another because of his or her sexual orientation. More than that, no matter what your views of homosexuality are, I hope you will join with me in standing in the way between bullies and their victims.]  emphasis added
Jim Wallis with Sojourners 


Obama: "It Gets Better"

Found at Maddowblog:
Wonder when this will become an outrage to the mouth breathin', tea partyin', droolin', John Birchin' bitches?

Don't worry, cynicism to follow. Nevertheless, this cynic can't stay cynical all the damn time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Kicked, Set on fire, Beaten to Death;" Murdering homeless people in America

[2009 was the deadliest year for hate crimes committed against homeless people.

Over the past eleven years, advocates and homeless shelter workers from around the country have received news reports of men, women and even children being harassed, kicked, set on fire, beaten to death, and even decapitated. Since 1999, the National Coalition for the Homeless has issued an annual report on hate crimes against the homeless. During this time, our network of advocates has tracked and 1,074 acts of violence committed by housed individuals, resulting in 291 deaths of homeless people and 783 victims of non-lethal violence in 47 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC.

With forty-three deaths, 2009 was the deadliest year for bias related crimes against the homeless population since 2000. The deaths are alarming when compared to the number of deaths determined to be hate crimes for all of the current protected classes.  Over the past eleven years, there are more than double the amount of homeless hate crime deaths than there are for all current protected classes.]

These first 2 paragraphs followed by heart wrenching, rending, agonizing facts of homicides all over these United States of A-Merry-ca.,_set_on_fire,_beaten_to_death%22:_shocking_rise_of_violence_against_america's_homeless

Evils of Coca-Cola: Branding children, killing union organizers

[The pushing of soft drinks in schools was part of a deliberate strategy on the part of Coke and also Pepsi and other soft drink companies in the 1990s when they were facing an increasingly saturated market and schools became an attractive place for them to not only sell more soft drinks but to brand kids early. That's why Coca-Cola's former marketing director admitted to me that it was really part of their marketing strategy to get kids to choose one brand or the other early on in life and they did that through these exclusive pouring rights contracts where they would give the schools a bit of money up front and the schools would promise to serve Coke and only Coke or Pepsi and only Pepsi in the hallways and cafeterias.] emphasis added

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally, a Protest Movement I Can Get Behind, Literally

"The cheek of it... Berliners strip in protest at city's sky-high rents." London Independent article

"Could You Live a Year Without Money?"

[By choice, Mark Boyle basically doesn't have a cent—or, more accurately, a pence—to his name. Boyle lives in rural England in a trailer he spotted on He feeds himself by growing everything from barley to potatoes, foraging wild edibles like berries and nettles, and occasionally dumpster-diving for luxuries like margarine and bread. He cooks with a wood stove fashioned from large restaurant olive cans; brushes his teeth with his own mixture of cuttlefish bones and fennel seed; and makes paper and ink from mushrooms. He barters labor for rent, Internet service, and whatever else he can't find, grow, or make...

...There's a really good quote from Epicurus; he {Boyle} says, "If you want to make Pythocles rich, do not add to his wants but subtract from his desires." When you reduce what you need in life to the bare minimum, then that's when you achieve true freedom. It's kind of like an alcoholic: You have to keep drinking more and more alcohol to sustain a certain level of drunkenness. In a way, I think we're like that. We've never got enough. So the more we consume, the more we want. And the more we want, the more we have to work to pay for all these things and insure them and then get stressed about them and protect them and get bigger houses. I think true freedom comes with letting go of them.]

Does living without $ mean no debit card to use?

"...President Can't Swim:" LBJ quote.

[If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read "President Can't Swim".]

"I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat."

Will Rogers

Now imagine my glee, surprise, consternation, and terror, that right wing nut jobs running for highest elected office of These Disunited States spout nonsense I first heard in the 80's in college at THE U of Central FL from 2 pasty faced twin brothers spouting John Bircher nonsense.

Thank La Follette that RepubliKKKan extremists beat sane people in primary elections because only a few will win.

Great Gandhi's ghost, how on Earth can Billionaires run populist campaigns claiming to stand with common folk?

Like Ben Grimm's Aunt Petunia always sez, "Some people will steal anything that ain't nailed down."

"'Nuff Said."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend: Cutting up the old debit card

Sorry, BOA Visa debit card.

Don't blame yourself.

Blame me.

When we first started going together, we knew our relationship had an expiration date: Feb 2012 stamped right on your face.

So, we had great times but both knew it couldn't last.  Yet you stayed with me longer and saved me more $ than my ex wife.  Through the thick and thin crust pizza deliveries--some even with a 6 pack of that exalted malted beverage, beer from Broadway Pizza--we got along so well together that i even memorized your 16 digits whereas only ever figured out three of my wife's personalities, even memorized the secret spot on your back, the three digit security code.

You know I treasured you, refusing to share you with just any web site that came along, not even--especially--porn, just Amazon for books and music.

Remember Kaufrmann's  Critique of Religion and Philosophy we sent to the Publix cashier, a freshman at UCF where my niece just got accepted, both ladies with all the beauty and bravery human race needs to survive and thrive, the Hendrix Band Of Gypsys (Live) mp3 download?

Good times.

Yes, another card came into my life.

An email from 1 of the myriad of email newsletters suscribed to to give some semblance of connection to the rest of the human race rather than just annoying female cashiers had an offer for another BOA card featuring the Chicago Cubs logo.

Yes, a MasterCard but still of our bank.


Whaddya YOU?

A frakkin' Yankees fan?

Go on, then.  Good riddance; gonna go on without you..  Have gone on and learned the new PIN #...

...but will still remember the good times.  If you find any great debauchery, call me.

[So if this marks the only tragedy in my life this month or year, 'tain't too damn bad.


Friday, October 15, 2010

"A Penny More:" from Coalition for Immokalee Workers

Confession of a Child Bully: Me and "Elephant Boy Roy"

Gosh with nieces--one just eighteen and another fast on the way to that age--my thought process changed over the years, still protective to 'bout kill anyone that hurts them but still knowing cannot protect them from future broken hearts because those become basis of over coming.

Lord only knows what bullying from others they've endured or how they internalizd views of dominant A-Merry-Can culture to form their own self image and how human damage ensues.

As a Boy Scout in Indian Harbour By God White Bread Beach, I joined in mocking a perfectly nice young man, entirely unremarkable in my memory, certainly not offensive in the least, possibly with surname "Roy," son of a local dentist, calling him "Elephant Boy Roy," and this happened before the movie because somehow rhymes in teasing give us more cruel pleasures.


To go along with the pack, glad for once not to suffer as persecuted but to persecute someone else instead?

Why do I, have  I, will I ever do anything besides take the path of least resistance? 

Don't ask me.  Ask my family instead.

Nevertheless, this all comes to a head with hearing of suicides of youngsters unmercifully teased.

Had I known of the slur "gay," in the 60's and early 70's, would have hurled it with glee.

Honestly, perhaps my Lutheran Church Missourri Synod never gots 'round to thems anti-homosexual Old Testament passages, but did not learn that hate 'til later but had it latent within me.

So although 1 nephew hates me and 1 only speaks to me out of earshot of his mother--both spent a few weekends with me in Orlando as youths and those cute memories contain and sustain me--my Lord knows I love them still as they survived into their 20's and will prayerfully spawn progeny that will also probably not speak to me as I have through the vagaries of chance survived long enough to become the drunken and satirical uncle.

Nevertheless, the idea that getting teased can cause kids can to kill themselves leaves me aghast, terrified for the future of my human race and especially my nieces and nephews and the generation after them.

Dammit, chilluns, life gets better if you try to live it well.


Just Try.

Every day.

Day after soul killing day in the life we all live.

If you wake up, pray thanks to Whomever, or whatever, or even nothing as all goodly atheists do, for having another day.

Then pray on the best way you can make YOUR own corner of the world better.

Inasmuch as you have done to My human family, you have done it to me.

More embedded links to follow but gotta post this before fear rules.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spin Docters: "Pocket Full of Kryptonite"

Pocket Full of Kryptonite

This song helps my hope.  Well, some fermented hops helps, but at least stopped trying to pour vodka into the whole in my soul.

Bob Dylan: "Tangled Up in Blue"

Tangled Up In Blue

Yes I'm stumbling and know I write bad satire.

Forgive me, Glimmer Twins, for paraphrasing your sublime lines in "Loving Cup."

Folks, now with another widget found, just buy the damn song from Amazon with link above iffen you dig it.

Iffen you ain't got Exile on Main Street or the vinyl copy has a few scratches, just clink link.  $69.77 more for Amazon referrals and I'll get $10, serious bank.for me and only $7.99 for y'all.

C'mon you know you want a clean copy.  BUY IT!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Steven: "Camouflage of Righteousness"

("Camouflage..." starts around 4:44.)

"The old men make excuses
while the young men bring the noise
and nuthin' ever changes
'cause boys keep being boys

and the women just surrender
while Cinderella slept
now they know they've waited too long
there's nuthin' worth stealin' left


We give you politicians
and you call it choice
we let you do the voting
and you think you have a voice"

Songs Like This Help My Hope

Buckwheat Zydeco Rulz!

Orlando POlice 'Rroid Rage, Not Racism

29K   View   Download  

Bruce Springsteen et al: "I Don't Wanna Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes"

et al      

Monday, October 11, 2010

Marc Cohn: "Walking in Memphis"

"Tell me are you a Christian, child?
Ma'am, I am tonight"

Marc Cohn: "Silver Thunderbird"

"Right Wing Radio Duck:" Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck

"[W]e cannot stay silent in the face of hate and division."

[Hello, my name is Tarek Baydoun and I am a Muslim American from Dearborn, MI. I am proud of who I am as an American and a Muslim. I regret the fact that Senate candidate Sharron Angle has raised the specter of Muslims taking over Dearborn, MI or any part of our great country. My religion teaches me to respect the law of the land and to seek improvement through peaceful dialogue and understanding. Muslims don't want to take over America, they want to improve America, like all Americans. Since when is it a threat to America for Muslims to practice their religion freely under the protection of our constitution. It is a shame, in this day and age that any candidate, like Sharon Angle would use my religion to stigmatize my city and score cheap political points.]
Found at the Rachel Maddow Blog,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

FL: Jeff Atwater Channels His Inner Glenn Beck

Holy forgetful of history, Atman, the US had tax cuts for the last decade under Pres. Cheney and his demon spawned minions.  How'd that work for job creation, you fool?

"I Would Never Vote for Me:" ROFLMAO

"Have discipline, a work ethic, hygiene."  Unlike moi.

Senator Al Franken for Act Blue

Please support: Grayson, FL-08; Meek, FL Senate; Sink, FL Governor.

Barry Obama; My BFF Too


Barack Obama

 to me
show details 11:46 AM (2 hours ago)
Dan --

I come into this election with clear eyes.

I am proud of all we have achieved together, but I am mindful of all that remains to be done.

I know some out there are frustrated by the pace of our progress. I want you to know I'm frustrated, too.

But with so much riding on the outcome of this election, I need everyone to get in this game.

Neither one of us is here because we thought it would be easy. Making change is hard. It's what we've said from the beginning. And we've got the lumps to show for it.]  emphasis added

Funny how all my BFF's found $5 a good amount for me to give, my pauper's mite as it were.

Inside Job: The Movie

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The End of 60's Ethos

"I Need a Sanctified Girl With a Sanctified Mind:" Rolling Stones

"yeah. (All down the line.) Well, you can't say yes and you can't say no,
Just be right there when the whistle blows.
I need a sanctified girl with a sanctified mind to help me now.
Yeah, all the people singing all down the line. Mmmm,"

Allman Brothers: "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed"

True story from my youth; somehow in Jr. High School started stint with Junior Achievement with adviser who sold ad time for a local radio station. 

A girl there brought up the "Almond Brothers"--at least my ears heard that--as suggestion for a play list and yours truly had no freakin' clue.

Took many decades and a few failed relationships and 1 epic failed marriage to find feigning interest in female words could gain time until google guidance

Heck, didn't Dylan--Bob not Thomas--until arrived at college in 1976 so don't blame me for radio of youth, Radio Nowhere even  then.

We have hope; my youngest niece found Ramones all on her own.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rick Scott and 5th Amendment

See, I'm Mrs. Obama's BFF

Michelle Obama

 to me

[Dan --

I've always said that 2008 was an amazing journey. But nothing from that election struck me more than seeing so many giving their time and lending their voices because they were ready for change...

Now, with the stakes so high in this fall's elections, we're asking you to help grow this movement again.

If you make a donation today, it will be matched by someone donating for the first time to Organizing for America. You'll double your impact by encouraging someone else to own a piece of this effort.

Will you promise to match the donation of someone who hasn't yet taken this leap? Giving $5 will make a critical difference.]

Chilean Miners Rescue Soon, 15 Oct

[Chile's president said Monday that his government is "very close" to pulling 33 trapped miners to safety and he hopes to be there in person to see the rescue before leaving on a trip to Europe.
It was Sebastian Pinera who told the miners after they were found alive Aug. 22 that they would be saved by Christmas, and his government has assembled a team of hundreds to support them while three simultaneous drilling operations pound escape shafts through a half-mile of rock.
The drilling has gone well enough to move up the date since then, but rescue leaders have been cautious: Only last week, they estimated a late-October pullout.
Now the president has changed the expected date again, to before his Oct. 15-22 trip.
"We are very close to rescuing them, and I hope to be able to rescue them before leaving for Europe," he told a group of Chilean radio broadcasters Monday. "We are trying to adjust the two schedules."]
Yay, good news at last!!!