Monday, October 18, 2010

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend: Cutting up the old debit card

Sorry, BOA Visa debit card.

Don't blame yourself.

Blame me.

When we first started going together, we knew our relationship had an expiration date: Feb 2012 stamped right on your face.

So, we had great times but both knew it couldn't last.  Yet you stayed with me longer and saved me more $ than my ex wife.  Through the thick and thin crust pizza deliveries--some even with a 6 pack of that exalted malted beverage, beer from Broadway Pizza--we got along so well together that i even memorized your 16 digits whereas only ever figured out three of my wife's personalities, even memorized the secret spot on your back, the three digit security code.

You know I treasured you, refusing to share you with just any web site that came along, not even--especially--porn, just Amazon for books and music.

Remember Kaufrmann's  Critique of Religion and Philosophy we sent to the Publix cashier, a freshman at UCF where my niece just got accepted, both ladies with all the beauty and bravery human race needs to survive and thrive, the Hendrix Band Of Gypsys (Live) mp3 download?

Good times.

Yes, another card came into my life.

An email from 1 of the myriad of email newsletters suscribed to to give some semblance of connection to the rest of the human race rather than just annoying female cashiers had an offer for another BOA card featuring the Chicago Cubs logo.

Yes, a MasterCard but still of our bank.


Whaddya YOU?

A frakkin' Yankees fan?

Go on, then.  Good riddance; gonna go on without you..  Have gone on and learned the new PIN #...

...but will still remember the good times.  If you find any great debauchery, call me.

[So if this marks the only tragedy in my life this month or year, 'tain't too damn bad.



NightOfTheIguana said...

Conducting business with cash is risky: you can lose it easily, by nature cash is usually in a lot of little pieces-bills & coins, not just one neat card. If lost or stolen you can't just call the bank and have it all replaced. Everyone accepts them (well, except Clemmon's Produce) MOST cashiers do not know how to make change. With cash you really have to pay attention or you could be short changed. Oh, also the use of resources and the environmental impact of manufacturing cash is worth consideration.

In 1969 when Stanley Kubrick directed 2001 A Space Odyssey, The scene of the traveler swiping a card to make a video/phone call or purchasing a snack from a vendor at an airport was - SciFi!!!

The idea of having a microchip implanted upon birth, being as common a procedure as cutting the ambilical cord, to contain a a database with a complete profile: your DNA ID, medical history, financial records and accounts, child support or alimony obligations, criminal history, outstanding parking tickets...etc. Isn't so out there.

ps. in defense of Clemmon's Produce, it was a legitimate cost saving measure and IMO a sound business decision.

Hail to the debit card, it's just the beginning . Peace AND Love said...

ROFLMAO, hail to the debit card indeed. Clemmon's ain't been Clemmons for a goodly while. Don't think I've shopped at the new Farm Fresh incarnation.