Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update previous post

Don't consider myself unduly delusional but added to my colloquy factor in my current residence in Orlando hard by the happiest place on earth.

Orlando, self titled the City Beautiful, has also earned the brickbat of City Mean  for criminalizing many mundane acts of shelter challenged humans: THE homeless as some use as a perjorative but prefer positive phrase homeless PEOPLE.

Consider the sad case of Roosevelt Robinson with the distinction of more arrests in Orange County, FL than any other human being, 120 times over 10 years, roughly once a month for a FREAKIN' DECADE!!!

Had EMT's taken fallen fellow to hospital as ought happen in my utopian dreams, I would applaud.

Subjcting a stranger to incarceration factored into my calculus.

As one blessed by birth to a middle class couple and coincidentally caucasian to boot living in Orlando, the prostrate person last night with dark pigmentation stands better chance of incarceration than my crippled old  self.

"Nuff said."  Links later but Orlando Magic home opener now and World Series, Go Cubbies, so can't even bother searching my own blog.

True confession, sometimes google myself and even yahooed my blog.


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