Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Community Policing vs. Military Occupation

Those in law enforcement circles used to use the phrase community policing.  This meant officers would work in neighborhoods & get to know the residents. Nowadays in the Orlando area however, it seems police only show up after someone gets shot.

Or 2 dozen cops with automatic weapons show up at my apartment complex with children playing to serve a warrant on people who'd moved.  Police now use military tactics of using overwhelming force in all situations.  Thus, the Orlando polics have an armored humvee that I've seen rolling on the street  with officers toting AR-15 semi-automatic weapons.

Military tactics exist to conquer territory and thus totally unsuited for use in American communities.

Nevertheless, the Orange County Sheriff's recruiting manager, Mary Ann Salazer said, "We are paramilitary organization."  (Orlando Sentinel, 14 August, '13)

This  leads to a shoot first mentality, leaving ap man shot dead by deputy sheriffs whern he answered xhis door with milk in his hand; it led to an alleged car thief ,  Tory Breedlove, gettig shot over 20 times inn a hail of 130+  bullets.

Paramilitary policing indeed.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gun Safety Tip

Never keep a round in the chamber; unless you plan to fire your weapon.

Otherwise you have mishaps like an instructer in a gun safety class accidentally shooting a student.

The student at a class required for a concealed carry permit in Ohio, Michael Piemonte, sat in the front row next to his wife, Alison.

After realizing he'd gotten shot, he felt relief his wife suffered no harm.

"It was the first time I've been shot," Mr. Piemonte said.  "And hopefully the last."

Mr. Piemonte still plans on buying a gun.
Click2 Houston, 13 Aug '13

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"All this time I thought I was just being paranoid"

(Qoute from North Dallas Forty)

Some defenders of NSA spying on  US citizens say it won't affect us at all, that information not uused in ordinary criminal trials.

Neverthess, a secret Drug Enforcement Agency unit sifts through the data and unconstitutionally passes info to local law enforcement officials.  ( Reuters, Exclusive: US directs agents to cover up..., 5 August 2013)

Because of the ultra secret nature, no one knows to what level this program goes.  Then, the info illegaly conceaed as anonymous tips & converted to a traffic stop.

If you want to smoke weed, don't talk about it on th phone.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Draught Beer Soçiety Rules

Never done; never quit.

Attitude isn't everything; it's the only thing.

A sharp word beats a sharp tongue.

Aiin't nuthin but a thang.

2 in the chest, 1in the head-Comrade Misfit

Pinch 'o paranoia pays