Friday, September 30, 2011

Dropkick Murphys: "Workers' Song"

"We Are the 99%"

Occupy Wall Street

"Do Not Oppress..."

"Thus says the Lord of hosts: Render true judgments, show kindness and mercy to one another; do not oppress the widow, the orphan, the alien, or the poor; and do not devise evil in your hearts against one another." In my humble empire of dirt, emphasis implied by Matthew 25.

- Zechariah 7:10

[- Zechariah 7:10

"Christianity is being concerned about your fellow [people], not building a million-dollar church while people are starving right around the corner. Christ was a revolutionary person, out there where it was happening. That's what God is all about, and that's where I get my strength."
- Fannie Lou Hamer

{Verse and Voice, a Sojourner's email subscription, from Sojourners, a Christ based ministry for justice.

Billy Bragg Cover of Woody Guthrie's: "All You Fascists Bound to Lose"

Billy Bragg Cover of Seeger's "Which Side Are You On?"

Pete Seeger: "Which Side Are You On?"

The Kinks: "Days"

[Thank you for the days,
Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me.
I'm thinking of the days,
I won't forget a single day, believe me.

I bless the light,
I bless the light that lights on you believe me.
And though you're gone,
You're with me every single day, believe me.

Days I'll remember all my life,
Days when you can't see wrong from right.
You took my life,
But then I knew that very soon you'd leave me,
But it's all right,
Now I'm not frightened of this world, believe me.

I wish today could be tomorrow,
The night is dark,
It just brings sorrow, let it wait.

Thank you for the days,
Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me.
I'm thinking of the days,
I won't forget a single day, believe me.

Days I'll remember all my life,
Days when you can't see wrong from right.
You took my life,
But then I knew that very soon you'd leave me,
But it's all right,
Now I'm not frightened of this world, believe me.

Thank you for the days,
Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me.
I'm thinking of the days,
I won't forget a single day, believe me.

I bless the light,
I bless the light that shines on you believe me.
And though you're gone,
You're with me every single day, believe me.

Lyrics annotated by whomever posted the video.

The Kinks: "Jukebox Music"

Take that WhiteRose with your embedding disabled by request as found another version of this most bestest song with cleanest guitar solo EV--er.

The Kinks: "Sleepwalker"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Compassionate Conservatism: "Let the Puppies Burn"

Saturday Night Live - GOP Debate Cold Opening - Video -

"Let the puppies burn...The puppies should die," starts at 9;15 into clip.

Saturday Night Live - GOP Debate Cold Opening - Video -

More Hispanic Children in Poverty

Let's just first rewrite the last sentence; banks bamboozled lower middle class families to believe in the American Dream of home ownership and swindled them into unsustainable Adjustable Rate Mortgages or other bad loans.

[Hispanics now make up the largest group of children living in poverty, the first time in U.S. history that poor white kids have been outnumbered by poor children of another race or ethnicity, according to a new study.

In a report released Wednesday, the Pew Hispanic Center said that 6.1 million Hispanic children are poor, compared with 5 million non-Hispanic white children and 4.4 million black children. Pew said Hispanic poverty numbers have soared because of the impact of the recession on the growing number of Latinos.

The rise in childhood poverty is another signal of distress for the nation’s 50.5 million Hispanics, who have been hit harder by the bleak economy than any other group. They have one of the highest unemployment rates and saw their household wealth decline more steeply than either blacks or whites, largely because so many lost their houses to foreclosure.] emphasis added

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gays Cause Floods, Fires, and Tornadoes

Oh, Puhleze Pam, the whole dang state of TX faces severe drought and half burns as this gets typed. What sort of providence do those Inconvenient Truths pose for your world view which has the very Creator of Being following your specific prejudices?

What harm can gays do to you or to me?

Would you butch up if you embrace your lesbian side?

For me, Lord knows could use "Queer Eye For Straight Guy," what with my man in black style thing going.

Besides, Pam, have you married? Have you ever blahed a blah?

[Take, for instance, {Rick Parry's FL} new co-chair: Pam Olsen, founder of the Tallahassee House of Prayer (dubbed the "prayer lady" in her home state for reasons that should be self-evident) and a leading anti-abortion activist in the state. As Right Wing Watch notes, though, Olsen also believes that gay marriage, and its increasing acceptance among American Christians, is causing destructive natural disasters across the country. Here's what she said back in July:

"God is shaking. If anybody looks at the news and has just seen what's been happening recently with the floods, the fires, the tornadoes, God is shaking. Yeah I think you have God shaking, sure you have the Enemy shaking, you have both and I don't want to say oh that's the judgment of God or that's the Enemy. But the reality is God is judging us, and I think it's going to get worse."]

Occupy Wall Street Video

Resume Mistakes

[Get those clichés off your résumés!

That's the advice of Rob McGovern, the founder of CareerBuilder and Jobfox and author of Bring Your 'A' Game: The 10 Career Secrets of High Achievers. As CEO of Jobfox, a job search networking site and résumé writing service, McGovern sees the most common—and dumbest—mistakes job seekers make on their résumés. Here, he shares his top seven. How many of them are you making? (I'm guilty of #4.)

1. They use the term responsible for… "One of the worst phrases you can put on a résumé is 'responsible for…'," says McGovern. ..., 'Designed state-of-the-art wide area network that allowed X company to process orders five times faster. Reduced telecom costs by $X by renegotiating contracts with vendors. Consolidated four data centers down to one, saving $X million dollars per year.'

2. They write, "Managed a staff of X number." ...He says managers should cite the number of employees they've hired as well as retention rates in their departments. ...

3. They use jargon specific to current or past employers. "I see this on IBM résumés, and it drives me crazy," says McGovern. "They use vernacular that is unique to IBM: 'Member of the JTAM team who implemented the VSC conversion.' What the hell is that?" Exactly.

4. They write, "References available upon request." McGovern has one word for this: "Duh," he says. There's no need to state the obvious...
5. They include activities they pursue outside of work. "They write, 'Avid golfer. Church member' on their résumés," says McGovern. "That sort of stuff is dumb," he says....

6. They include a paragraph filled with keywords... In fact, adds McGovern, the parsing engines that power résumé scanning software applications have gotten smart. "They recognize it's a block of keywords and they ignore it," he says.

7. They rely on clichés. Results-oriented. Detail-oriented. Team-player. Visionary leader. Those are some of the most common clichés McGovern finds on job seekers' résumés. They are so common that they have become vacuous. Instead of telling employers you're a visionary leader or a results-driven team player, McGovern says to highlight a specific accomplishment that demonstrates those qualities. An example for a visionary leader might be, according to McGovern, 'I set a course to be ISO 9000 certified and led a team of 15 people on a four month mission to accomplish that.']

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Health Insurance Gap in TX

Gee, silly me thought compassionate conservatism meant trying to help poor people survive. Guess that only worked in 2000 while stealing an election. Now, the naked hate and barbarism of Tea Bagger party has come out in plain view, cheering Governor Goodhair's (TX) sanctioned executions of near 250 human beings and the death of someone without health insurance.

At long last, Teabaggers, have you any shred of human decency left?

Texas miracle my ass!

[...But for the more than 6 million Texans without health insurance, these world-class institutions remain largely out of reach. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured people in the country - 24.6 percent - and the number of uninsured that has grown by 35 percent during Governor Rick Perry’s 11-year tenure. And here in Harris County, which includes Houston, the state’s largest city, the picture is even more troubling: One out of three people lacks insurance.

“This is ground zero in the health care disaster,’’ said Dr. Leonard Zwelling, an oncologist at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. “Houston is such a rich city, with some of the best medical care in the world… . And yet the people without insurance have a heck of a time getting into most of these facilities because they can’t pay...’’

And in a state where 16.8 percent of children are uninsured, more than all but one other state, only half of Texas children have a medical provider who knows them and coordinates their care. More than a third of them have not received recommended medical and preventive care within the year, and immunization rates are low as well. Texas also ranks last in the country in the percent of children who receive needed mental health care.

Doctors recount horror stories of uninsured patients who die of treatable diseases because families delay seeking medical help or must endure long waits for appointments with specialists.

Dr. Katherine Yudeh King, a pediatrician at Ben Taub General Hospital, which serves a large uninsured population, said one of her patients, a 15-month-old boy, died from dehydration due to diarrhea because his family brought him to the hospital too late, assuming they could not afford care.

This is the type of thing that happens in Somalia and other developing nations, not something that should happen in Houston,’’ said King, one of the founding members of Doctors for Change, a group that advocates for universal health care in Harris County.

Other doctors tell of uninsured children dying from vaccine-preventable diseases such as influenza and hepatitis A, and patients being admitted into the emergency room for uncontrolled asthma and diabetes. Doctors here routinely see untreated infections of the ear, sinus, or tooth spreading to the brain, requiring surgery, and bone infections that result in permanent disability.

This is an everyday occurrence,’’ said Dr. Claire Bocchini, another Houston pediatrician who specializes in infectious diseases and is president of Doctors for Change.

As underfunded as the state’s health safety net has been, conditions stand to worsen. In the last legislative session that ended in May, the state cut two thirds of the funding for women’s health clinics and underfunded Medicaid by almost $4 billion, in addition to cutting hospital reimbursements. This follows other health cuts in the Perry years...

The burden of the Texas health care crisis falls largely on the working poor. Most of the state’s uninsured adults have jobs and are US citizens or legal residents, according to the nonpartisan Center for Public Policy Priorities. Working adults account for nearly two out of three uninsured Texans between ages 19 and 64, though most of them make less than $25,000 a year.

An example is Joyce Jones, a 60-year-old yoga instructor earning $20,000 a year who said she cannot afford private health insurance because she has Parkinson’s disease, a preexisting condition that would increase her premiums.

Jones has maxed out three of her credit cards paying for health care and has more than $30,000 in credit card debt. She is in the process of signing up for a high-deductible plan for people with preexisting conditions, made possible through the new federal health overhaul law - “Obamacare,’’ as Perry and other GOP candidates call it.] emphasis added

Occupy Wall Street Receives International Support

[It's Day 5 of the occupation of Wall Street and the activists have settled in for a while.

Their camp in Zuccotti Park, formerly Liberty Plaza Park, shouting distance from Goldman Sachs bankers, is fully stocked with blankets, a kitchen, a medic table, and even a childcare center. A couple hundred people (hard to get a count as people milling in and out also included local folks on their lunch break and some curious construction workers from the World Trade Center site) are hanging out in the park, chatting, napping, chanting, talking to reporters or trying to recruit passersby.

"We've got everything to sustain us for months," Lily, working at the medical table, told me. She's an EMT, and she said that they have a full committee of people with some sort of medical background to be prepared for emergencies, as well as all sorts of medical supplies, some donated and some bought with money that Lily said was being donated from all over the world.

"So far we've given out lots of Band-Aids, because everyone has blisters, lots of cough drops because nobody has a voice," she said...

Monica Lopez was part of a small crew huddled around laptops with portable wifi, keeping in touch with the rest of the world--and I do mean world. Monica is from Spain, having flown in a few days ago to join the occupation after taking part in her own country's occupations of public squares in protest at austerity measures imposed by the government.

"We did this in Spain four months ago," she told me. "I'm the happiest person now--my life changed. It started with a big demonstration--300,000 people were there, and about 1 AM people decided to stay..."

"We were so scared but we were so many they couldn't stop us," she said. "We built a mini city, created assemblies."] emphasis added

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dolphins-Browns Turning Point

Even the professional sports scribe noticed stud pass rusher Cameron Wake could not cover a back out in the flat. The writer failed to report, however, that his borders on pro football malfeasance.

[Turning Point: Cameron Wake gave up a 10-yard completion in the flat to Hardesty on fourth-and-10 from the Dolphins' 37 with 1:16 remaining. Four plays later, the Browns scored the go-ahead touchdown.],0,4891811.story

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Broiled, Grilled, or Blackened: How Do You Like Your Dolphin?

Good thing my Direct TV lets me see every Miami Dolphin "Football" game.

You see in Orlando, FL, the NFL rarely allows me to see the 'Olphins (We have no "D" in Miami.) on broadcast TV, something about broadcast rights of other teams allegedly in FL.

At 53, still have nightmares of creamsicle orange colored jerseys in Tampa doing something vaguely resembling a Jr High school team.

My nephews tell me a pro football team plays in Jacksonville, FL, however if Jax were really a part of Florida, why would the GA Bulldogs play a home game there every 2 years?

So color me in aqua and feel my blues. Dolphins STILL know not how Reggie Bush to use.

C'mon, any idiot sees Bush can't run through the tackles; child, Puhleeze?!

Put Daniel Thomas at I back spot and put Mr. Bush in motion to create mismatches for the defense, and that will create more room to run.

Although the coaches did not miss 3 field goals in last 2 weeks, it looks like they coach systems rather than fit the talent they have.

On defense, my eyes saw our young stud defensive end, Cameron Wake, peel off the line to try and cover a back out of the backfield on the winning Cleveland drive.

The coverage did not go well.

Why not let the man rush the passer?

Your corners can't cover so howzabout a corner blitz?

Then through the cheaper luxury of Direct TV and NFL Ticket for free, I get to see Buffalo beating the hated New England Patriots, so casual observers might conclude the rebuilding plan in Buffalo has gone better than in Miami.

No Dolphins coaches missed 3 field goals in the last 2 games. Nevertheless, with a carcass this rancid, rotting, reeking, devoid of any playmakers, the new owner needs to burn the house down.


Immediately if not sooner.

Don't tell me of injuries. The Packers lost like a dozen starters and won the LOMBARDI trophy last year. So get new scouts, coaches, gms, vice presidents of personnel.

Start all over again, from bottom to top. Find some players. The 'Awlfins secondary got not just burned like toast but blackened with Chef Paul Blackened [Dolphin] Magic SeasoningHerbs, Spices and Seasonings)

Does Billy Beane know anything about football?

Marine Times Magazine

The Nightwatchman: "Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine"

We--the 99% with no perceived political power, no billions of $ like the Koch brothers, from Tahrir Square in Egypt to Madison, WI, and the state house in OH to Freedom Park in New York City today--We make history.

Go here to link of The Nightwatchman playing in Rolling Stone magazines office.

The Nightwatchman: "World Wide Rebel Songs"

NY Times Finally Covers Occupy Wall Street Protests

Of course, the Times--bastion of the so called liberal media, whose publisher actively worked for and collaborated with the Central Intelligence Agency--waited until protesters got arrested to report on the movement and occupation.

If they would have been teabaggers in Zuccotti Park, you can beat the Times would have screamed out that fact with huge headlines.

[The police made scores of arrests on Saturday as hundreds of people, many of whom had been encamped in the financial district as part of a lengthy protest, marched north to Union Square. As darkness fell, large numbers of officers were deployed on streets near the encampment in Zuccotti Park, at Broadway and Liberty Street, where hundreds more people had gathered...

Protest organizers estimated that about 85 people were arrested and that about five were struck with pepper spray. Among those was Chelsea Elliott, 25, who said that she was sprayed after shouting “Why are you doing that?” as an officer arrested a protester at East 12th Street.

“I was on the ground sobbing and couldn’t breathe,” she said. The continuing protests, against a financial system that participants say favors the rich and powerful over ordinary citizens, started last Saturday and were coordinated by a New York group called the General Assembly.

Many of those taking part have slept in Zuccotti Park, which is private, using it as a base. In the early afternoon hundreds of people left the park and moved north toward Union Square. Witnesses said that for much of the route, protesters spilled from sidewalks onto streets and added that the police used long orange nets at Fifth Avenue and 14th Street in an apparent attempt to block the march from proceeding.] emphasis added

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Newest Hero

You have to look at the video for another example of indomitable human spirit.

[In June, we brought you the story of Matt Stutzman, an Iowa man born without arms who not only learned the sport of archery but mastered it. How? By teaching himself to place an arrow with his left foot and hold a bow with his right.

So how did Matt spend his summer vacation? He took aim at a mark beyond anything even an able-bodied archer has done: hit a target 230 yards away. Never mind strength and focus; how about the challenge of accounting for the wind?

But obstacles are for mere mortals, as it only took a few seconds in front of an eager crowd in Nebraska over the weekend for Stutzman to reach his goal.]

Friday, September 23, 2011

Labour News

"That's why, my friend, the blood tastes good every time I'm hit."

Fight the Power of the 1%; Occupy Wall Street

[Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore criticized the media for ignoring what they saw as an important new political movement currently forming on Wall Street.

The Occupy Wall Street group has been camped out in a plaza a block from the New York Stock Exchange for nearly a week. In a statement posted on its website, the group laid out why it is protesting:

{We are unions, students, teachers, veterans, first responders, families, the unemployed and underemployed. We are all races, sexes and creeds. We are the majority. We are the 99 percent. And we will no longer be silent. As members of the 99 percent, we occupy Wall Street as a symbolic gesture of our discontent with the current economic and political climate and as an example of a better world to come.}

Olbermann sent a producer and a camera to speak to people in the encampment. He played that footage on his Thursday show before speaking to Moore. Olbermann said that, for some reason, the protesters had been "Ignored by those who presumably support them, by those who oppose them, by those who seemingly should just be reporting on them."

He asked Moore, "that's 2,000 or 500 or 50 Tea Partiers's on the evening news, isn't it?"

"Oh, absolutely," Moore responded. "It would be the top story."]

[What if the Tea Party Occupied Wall Street?
Corporate media skip anti-corporate protests


In an action called Occupy Wall Street, thousands of activists took to the streets of Lower Manhattan on September 17.

The protests are continuing, with demonstrators camped out on the Financial District's Liberty Street in support of U.S. democratization and against corporate domination of politics (Adbusters, 9/19/11).

But you wouldn't know much about any of this from the corporate media--outlets that seem much more interested in protests of the Tea Party variety.

The anti-corporate protests have been lightly covered in the hometown New York Times: One piece (9/18/11) largely about how the police blocked access to Wall Street, and one photo (9/22/11) with the caption "Wall Street Protest Whirls On."]

Live stream for Wall Street occupation.

Elizabeth Warren, Common Sense Candidate for US Senator, MA

Damn Youse, Toyota! Just When I Almost Made Kinks Cool Again.

You kill me using one of their songs in a Prius commercial, using "Gotts Be Free," from off Lola versus Powerman and the Money-Go-Round, Part One album deep in the back catalog.

Sure, everyone has heard "Lola" but few have heard the whole album, which plainly indicates Lola a female.

No one heard this song, save for me and one moneygrubbing ad exec somewheres.  Thanks for killing my cred with kids.

Plus at the end, the ad shows some car silhouettes in rainbow colors, a not so subtle promotion of the gay menace.

C'mon, Westboro, when you gonna protest against Toyota Priuses?

In interest of full disclosure, I hate Toyota after my momma's 06 Camry caught fire.  Man, I really miss that cd/cassette player.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Her ambitions are modest"

[Her ambitions are modest: just a regular job with regular hours making enough money that she can buy her own Christmas presents for her three children instead of relying on the Salvation Army.

"All I want is to get a lot of hours and be able to take care of my family without having to struggle," she said.],0,7534439.story?page=2&obref=obnetwork

No Red Heads Need Apply

Except in Ireland, of course, but you will have to apply in person rather than through the bank.

Another example of rampant ginger bias.

[Another Irish banking system has collapsed - the world’s largest sperm bank will no longer accept red-headed donors.

Despite demand from Ireland, bosses at the Cryos sperm bank have confirmed that they now turn down all red-haired donors.

The Irish market is the only one interested in red heads but even that demand isn’t enough to persuade the Cryos agency to do any business.]
Read more:

Albert Einstein on Life

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

Slave Labor Makes Your Consumer Products. Is It Worth It?

Find your slavery footprint at

Then ask yourself if you ought to use or boycott these products.

(Link seems a little buggy but site just launched.)

[NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Was your smartphone made in a sweatshop? Were those diapers made by slaves? Were children in another country forced to put that stitching in your designer jeans?

Consumers will be able to find out after the debut Thursday of a new app and website that measure the forced labor in everyday products.

Created by the U.S. State Department and a watchdog group, the free app and website will make consumers aware of their "slavery footprint."

"This is a new way to create awareness about the issue of modern slavery and empower consumers," said Ambassador Luis CdeBaca, director of the State Department's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. "If we can do carbon footprints, why not slavery footprints?"]

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Foo Fighters Counter Protest Against Westboro "Baptist" Idiots

Dang, have just started to like Foo Fighters.  They ain't no Kinks but found this funny satire.

This Story Will Make You Cry

Unless of course you live without a human soul like teabagging cretins cheering for wholesale executions and death of those without medical insurance.

Read the whole story through.

It illustrates kids learn their most important lessons in kindergarten: co-operation, compassion, and basic human decency.

Of course, RepubliKKKans failed kindergarten.

[MELBOURNE, Fla. -- A few weeks ago, a family moved to Florida from North Carolina, where their son Isaac had briefly attended kindergarten. Their memories were still raw: of students, seeing Isaac's burn scars and not understanding; of the name calling and shoving.
This time, Brad and Victoria Maddox hoped things would be different.

Isaac couldn't focus, he was having trouble learning. He even tried to run away during a school fire alarm.

His parents didn't want to take any chances that it could happen again.

On Monday, Isaac's family --along with staffers at Sherwood Elementary School and members of the Melbourne Fire Department -- introduced the 5-year-old to classmates in a way they hoped would promote acceptance and understanding. They wanted to stop any bullying before it started.

Firefighters talked to kindergartners about burn victims before watching a video explaining that they were "just like you."
"Today he's going to be an honorary firefighter," Deputy Fire Marshal Angel Condre said of Isaac. "He's one of us. When you see him, treat him the same way you would treat one of us. With respect."]

The Nightwatchman: "Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine"

Had to kill this script because it annoyingly plays every time the page loads whether listening to something else or not. You can find it at this link.


Billionaire Mark Cuban Says Patriots Pay Taxes

Guess speaker of the House of Tea Party Fools Boehner only listens to the nefarious Koch brother billionaires and their evil minions, not ones like Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, and Bill Gates, people with at least a clue about economics, basic decency, and sense of humanity.

[So be Patriotic. Go out there and get rich. Get so obnoxiously rich that when that tax bill comes , your first thought will be to choke on how big a check you have to write. Your 2nd thought will be “what a great problem to have”, and your 3rd should be a recognition that in paying your taxes you are helping to support millions of Americans that are not as fortunate as you.

In these times of “The Great Recession” we shouldn’t be trying to shift the benefits of wealth behind some curtain. We should be celebrating and encouraging people to make as much money as they can. Profits equal tax money. While some people might find it distasteful to pay taxes. I don’t. I find it Patriotic.

I’m not saying that the government’s use of tax money is the most efficient use of our hard-earned capital. It obviously is not. In a perfect world, there would be a better option. We don’t live in a perfect world. We don’t live in a perfect time. We live in a time where the government plays a big role in an effort to help lead us out this Great Recession. That’s reality.

So I will repeat my point. Get out there and make a boatload of money. Enjoy the shit out your money. Pay your taxes.

It’s the most Patriotic thing you can do.] emphasis in original

Robber Barons

Monday, September 19, 2011

My High School Friend Called Me Sincere

My friend, Jeff--Satellite High School class of '76--returned from China, the land of chairman Mao, and visited my humble little empire of dirt in Orlando, FL and had the unmitigated gall to say he kept in touch because he found me sincere.

Damn youse, all along thought myself faking sincerity.

Has my fraud led me through the looking glass into actual sincerity?

Damn, I hate when that happens.

RepubliKKKan War on the Middle Class

Let me quote penultimate paragraph first: "Because with help from the GOP Americas rich want your pension funds, your collective bargaining rights, your unions, your health insurance, your Medicare and your home." emphasis added

I make no jokes here.

This does not amount to satire nor hyperbole.

THEY--Koch brothers and AlEC, Governors Scot Walker in WI, Kasich in OH, and 48.9% in FL--want to create a society of billionaires and for billionaires.

Got problems with Obama?

So do I; I voted for Hillary in the primary. We have a knife fight to save our Constitution and commonweal.

Get the Hell over yourselves unless you want to see theocracy led by Bachmann or Parry.

Be afraid; be very afraid.

Because you whining, puling progressive pukes fail to realize the RepubliKKKans want to subjugate the entire world to their Ayn Rand philosophy

[If the GOP wants to talk about class war this week, then they should seek the opinion of the 99% of Americans they forgot to ask.

Let's start with you.

If you're like most other working Americans now you probably can't get a raise, or you can't get health insurance, or you can't get a pension, or you can't get a 401k, or you can't bargain collectively, or you can't get a mortgage, or you can't get social security, or you can't get Medicare, or you can't get a student loan, or you can't a credit card, or you can't get a vacation - and you sure as hell can't get a financial bailout.

It's like there's no way out.

But the tycoons of Wall Street, the sacred heads of our banking and corporations who can walk between the rain drops on their way home to their gated communities, can get every item on that list - and then to thank us for bailing them out they can award themselves record breaking bonuses.

America has slipped so far to the right these days that we can't tax billionaires at the same rate as the middle class, without the GOP screaming that we're becoming the Soviet Union.

And in one sense of course, we truly are. Last week, the US Census Bureau released new figures showing that nearly one in six Americans now lives in poverty — that's a record 46.2 million people.

The American poverty rate is the highest of any major industrialized nation, and many experts believe it could get worse.

But the GOP playbook this week will tell you that taxing the rich to address truly insane social inequalities equals class warfare. And bleeding the middle class of their last cent equals freedom, apparently.

The only real agenda in the Republican playbook is to reduce taxes still further for the "job creating rich." Never mind that for over a decade the job creators have not created any worthwhile jobs. The other pressing thing the GOP want to do is to prevent payroll taxes for the American worker.

What's that if not class warfare?

Not every person in the country knows that Americas rich are playing the least amount of taxes now in the history of the Republic. They need to learn this.

Because with help from the GOP Americas rich want your pension funds, your collective bargaining rights, your unions, your health insurance, your Medicare and your home.

And with help from the GOP they are going to get it.] emphasis added

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Free Mercedes Haefer

[A lawyer for one of the defendants charged in the feds' big 'Anonymous' case compared distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to civil rights era sit-ins and that time President Barack Obama told supporters to call their member of Congress, overwhelming switchboards.

Stanley Cohen, representing 20-year-old Mercedes Haefer on a pro-bono basis, told TPM that he got involved in the case because he didn't like the way the feds were dealing with Anonymous.

"I think this is a political persecution, end of story," Cohen said. "This administration wants to send a message to those who would register their opposition: 'you come after us, we're going to come after you.' That's what has happened in the Eric Holder Department of Justice."

"When Obama orders supporters to inundate the switchboards of Congress, that's good politics, when a bunch of kids decide to send a political message with roots going back to the civil rights movement and the revolution, it's something else," Cohen told TPM, stipulating that he was not indicating that his client was even involved. "Barack Obama urged people to shutdown the switchboard, he's not indicted."

"It's not identity theft, not money or property, pure and simple case of an electronic sit in, at best," Cohen continued.] emphasis added

The Kinks: "The Last of the Steam Powered Trains"

"I'm the last of the blood and sweat brigade."

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Capital Gains Tax Rates Fuel American Inequality

When Warren Buffet pays less in taxes than anyone in his office, then the US needs to raise taxes on the rich.

Mayhaps this explains how rich idiots can afford dog spas.


Dogs don't need aromatherapy.


[For the very richest Americans, low tax rates on capital gains are better than any Christmas gift. As a result of a pair of rate cuts, first under President Bill Clinton and then under Bush, most of the richest Americans pay lower overall tax rates than middle-class Americans do. And this is one reason the gap between the wealthy and the rest of the country is widening dramatically.

The rates on capital gains — which include profits from the sale of stocks, bonds and real estate — should be a key point in negotiations over how to shrink the budget deficit, some lawmakers say.

“This is something that should be on the table,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), one of 12 members on the congressional “supercommittee” tasked with reducing the deficit. “There’s no strong economic rationale for the huge gap that exists now between the rate for wages and the rate for capital gains.”] emphasis added

Another Sign of Decline of Western Civilization: Doggie Gyms

Lord, please for give me for this, but how in Your Holy Name can humans ignore those starving in the streets, homeless children eating meals at schools in summer so they don't go hungry, the 500 children in Brevard County, FL, who live in "transitional" housing arrangements--maybe on relatives' couches--and the great privation in A-Merry-Ca and spend $ on spas for their freakin' dogs?

If y'all can do that, y'all need to pay more in taxes.

Armomatheraphy for DOGS!

Fuck you!

Send money to humans in Haiti, for Christ's sake.

In the beginning, there was the Word and Capitalists considered it Profit.

[In the beginning, there was doggy day care, and it was profitable.

Then came doggyyoga and doggy fashion and even doggy plastic surgery. And as our nation'sdogs increasingly came to reflect our people, the former developed an obesity epidemic much like the latter's.

And so now, perhaps inevitably, we have a doggy health and fitness center.

Rocky's Retreat, which opened in Orlando this week, is a place where you can send your Shih Tzu to swim camp, treat your mastiff to a massage or arrange aromatherapy for your Airedale. Though there are other businesses that offercanine exercise, aquatic therapy or massage, the proprietors at Rocky's claim there is nothing else with quite the same mix of services in Central Florida.],0,5237146.story

Bruce Springsteen: "The Rising"

Hitler's first Springsteen show.

Jedi Kittens

Found at Americablog.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Kinks: "Moneygoround"

The Kinks: "Last of the Steam-Powered Trains"

Kinks: "Celluloid Heroes"

Kinks: "Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues"

The Kinks: "20th Century Man"

Well, I'm a damn 20th century man too, and somehow it became the 21st damn century.

The Kinks:(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman

The Kinks: "Rats"

For Dave Farrell from the local, "Rats" from the album Lola vs Powerman and the Moneygoround.  Dave Davies shreds

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Nightwatchmen: "World Wide Rebel Songs"

God bless you, Nightwatchman, for restoring my progressive faith that 'though the bastards usually win, humans of good faith can unify for public good, the commonweal.

When will you come to Orlando and help Florida brothers and sisters resisting governor 48.9%?

My humble empire of dirt lies close by the Happiest Place on Earth so you can bring the family.


The Nightwatchman: "Union Town"

Rage Against the Machine: "Testify"

Rage Against the Machine: "Guerrilla Radio"

Tom Morello: "Guerrilla Radio" (Acoustic)

The Night Watchman (Tom Morello): "One Man Revolution"

Audioslave Cover: "Seven Nation Army"

White Stripes: "Seven Nation Army"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oldest Pub in the World

[6. The "Oldest Pub in Ireland" is reputed to be located in Dublin. The pub is called the Brazen Head. There has been a pub on this site since 1198.]

US Poverty Rate Rises

[NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Amid a still struggling economy, more people in America fell below the poverty line last year, according to new census data released Tuesday.

The nation's poverty rate rose to 15.1% in 2010, its highest level since 1993. In 2009, 14.3% of people in America were living in poverty.

"The results are not surprising given the economy," said Paul Osterman, a labor economist at MIT. "You would expect with so many people unemployed, the poverty rate would go up. It's just another sign of what a difficult time this is for so many people."

About 46.2 million people are now considered in poverty, 2.6 million more than last year.
The government defines the poverty line as income of $22,314 a year for a family of four and $11,139 for an individual. The Office of Management and Budget updates the poverty line each year to account for inflation.]

[(Reuters) - The number of Americans living below the poverty line rose to a record 46 million last year, the government said on Tuesday, underscoring the challenges facing President Barack Obama and Congress as they try to tackle high unemployment and a moribund economy.

The Census Bureau's annual report on income, poverty and health insurance coverage said the national poverty rate climbed for a third consecutive year to 15.1 percent in 2010 as the economy struggled to recover from the recession that began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009.] emphasis added

Drunken Moose Stuck in Tree

[(CNN) -- It was a dark, windy and rainy night when Per Johansson returned from work to his home in Saro just south of Gothenburg, Sweden.

"It was raining really bad. In the wind I heard something screaming with a very dark voice," Johansson told CNN. "At first I wondered if it was the crazy neighbors, but then I heard it again and went and checked. I saw something really big up in a tree in my neighbors' yard and it was a moose. It must have been drunk after eating fermented apples and as it was reaching out for more fruit it must have slipped and fallen into the tree."

Johansson called the local fire and rescue department, which responded with a fire engine and a jeep with a winch.

"We got the alarm at 9.59 p.m. on September 6 that a moose was stuck in a tree," said Anders Gardhagen, spokesman at the Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Services.

"When we arrived we used the winch to bend down the apple tree so the moose could get himself out of the tree. Once free, the moose collapsed on the ground and fell asleep. So we let him sleep it off and went back home" Gardhagen told CNN.] emphasis added

Budget Cuts Close County Pharmacy

[At age 53, George Telleria has survived a major heart attack and colon cancer. But he says the stress over trying to get the prescription medicine he needs to keep his blood flowing smoothly sent him back to the emergency room.

Telleria can get the drug, Plavix, for free through the manufacturer's prescription-assistance program. The problem for him and as many as 200 other Osceola County residents — as well as an unknown number of patients in other counties throughout the state — is that the county pharmacy that once served as a necessary intermediary has been forced to close for budget reasons.

"It's ridiculous," said Telleria, a former locksmith who has struggled to work steadily since his health problems began in 2009. "The people at the health department don't even have to do anything. All the company requires is one signature from a doctor to receive the medicine."

But after three years of budget cuts from the state, Osceola closed its pharmacy in mid-June, even after laying off nearly 40 workers in April. According to spokeswoman Camille Bissainthe, the prolonged economic slump has meant more patients who are uninsured, underinsured or on Medicaid just as government money to help them is drying up.] emphasis added,0,4177230.story

Tea Party Vultures Cheer Letting Uninsured Die

You know most of these people go to church on Sundays or watch televangelists. Too bad they don't believe in my Jesus.

Meanwhile back in objective reality, the number of Americans without health insurance grew to 49.9%, 16.3% of the population: [NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The number of Americans who lacked health insurance last year climbed to 49.9 million, up from 49 million in 2009, the Census Bureau said Tuesday.

Some 16.3% of Americans were uninsured in 2010, according to the bureau's report on Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States, statistically unchanged from 2009.
Much of the decline can be attributed to the loss of employer-provided coverage, which fell dramatically amid sustained unemployment and as employers continued to cut back on benefits.]

Found at Talking Points Memo.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Philosophy

Nevertheless let me again state my newly found or rediscovered philosophy, of all the theoretical gazillions of universes and billions of galaxies in our particular 'verse, a solar system formed on inconsequential edge of our Milky Way and a mathematically impossible collection of atoms and energy resulted in me: Daniel Allen Hill, son of Marilyn Louise and Richard No Middle Name Hill, getting born and living for so far 53 freakin' years.


Maybe I finally understand existential philosophy.

Kierkegaard Rocks!

[Much of his philosophical work deals with the issues of how one lives as a "single individual", giving priority to concrete human reality over abstract thinking, and highlighting the importance of personal choice and commitment.] emphasis added

The Kinks: "Waterloo Sunset"

"But I don't feel afraid as long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset."

Ray Davies Predicts Reality TV: "Starmaker"

The Kinks: "Young and Innocent Days"

"Young And Innocent Days"

I look back at the way I used to look at life
Soft, white dreams with sugar coated outside
It was great, so great
Young and innocent days

I wish my eyes could only see
Everything, exactly as it used to be
It's too late, so late
Young and innocent days

I see the lines across your face
Time has gone and nothing ever can replace
Those great, so great
Young and innocent days

The Kinks: "Brainwashed"

You look like a real human being
But you don't have a mind of your own
Yeah, you can talk, you can breathe
You can work, you can stitch, you can sew
But you're brainwashed
Yes you are, yes you are
Get down on your knees
You've got a job and a house
And a wife, and your kids and a car
Yeah, you're conditioned to be
What they want you to be
And be happy to be where you are
Yes you are
Get down on your knees
Get down on your knees

The aristocrats and bureaucrats
Are dirty rats
For making you what you are
They're up there and you re down here
You're on the ground and they're up with the stars
All your life they've kicked you around and pushed you around
Till you can't take any more
To them you're just a speck of dirt
But you don't want to get up off the floor
Mister you're just brainwashed
They give you social security
Tax saving benefits that grow at maturity
Yeah, you're conditioned to be
What they want you to be
And to do what they want you to
Yes you are, yes you are
Get down on your knees]

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Kinks: "Days"

Give Life

Please use one of the social action buttons to the right: UNICEF, Oxfam, or Mercy Corps, or any others focusing on ending famine in Africa

Again if a million people give $10, it amounts to ten million dollars.

We humans can do more together than we can alone.

Be good and be kind to each other.


[As many as 750,000 people could die as Somalia's drought worsens in the coming months, the UN has warned, declaring a famine in a new area.

The UN says tens of thousands of people have died after what is said to be East Africa's worst drought for 60 years.

Bay becomes the sixth area to be officially declared a famine zone - mostly in parts of southern Somalia controlled by the Islamist al-Shabab.

Some 12 million people across the region need food aid, the UN says.

The situation in the Bay region was worse than anything previously recorded, said senior UN's technical adviser Grainne Moloney.]

U2 Live 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dunning the Dead

Open note to anyone that knows me; don't pay any damn bills any company duns you for.

They amount to medical bills from people compensated by Medicaid any way or stem from the fact the US of A Merry Ca has for profit medical system that refuses or limits care to the uninsured and indigent.

So boil down my carcass for soap or bury with buttocks up so creditors can kiss my gluteous maximus, unless of course I hit the lottery.

[NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Nobody wants to remember a deceased family member by the debt they left behind, but many creditors certainly make it difficult to forget.

Denise Townley was appalled when she received a letter from her mother's credit card issuer less than two weeks after her mother passed away.

"We have recently learned that [your mother], a valued Discover Card customer, has passed away. Please accept our sincere apologies," stated the letter from Discover, which Townley sent to CNNMoney.

It then offered her or another family member the "opportunity" to assume the balance on her mother's credit card and offered a special introductory APR of 0% for the first six months (the APR would increase to 13.24% after that). If Townley wasn't interested in taking over the account, then the bank wished to discuss how the estate planned to pay off her mother's credit card balance. Confessions of former debt collectors "I find this not only ethically abhorrent, but also irresponsible and insensitive on both parties' parts," said Townley.

But while it may be "ethically abhorrent," it's not illegal. Banks are within their rights to seek payment for debts owed by a deceased borrower, and the estate is liable for the debt if it has enough money.] (Do I need to add any emphasis?)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Death Row Poet

Here I thought blogging from my hovel arduous, but this dude blogs from death-freakin'-row, from FL State Prison at Raiford.

When the biggest recent problem in my life came with accidentally buying vegetarian sushi rather than sushi sushi, my life ain't all that damn bad.

Peace, y'all

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CSNY: "Love the One You're With"

Crosby, Stills, Nash AND Young: "Down By the River"

My Bad, No AND Young last post

Crosby, Stills, Nash AND Young: "Suite Judy Blue Eyes:

For the Random Neil Fan at the Other Side Tonight

"Rock and Roll will never die"

WTF Happened to RepubliKKKans?

[Why for example do conservatives loudly claim to revere the Constitution, yet spend so much time discussing how they'd like to dismantle every aspect of the federal government that is the very expression of the principles embodied in that document?

Another thing that surprises me: instead of targeting the predatory bankers who almost destroyed our economy, why do conservative politicians instead target government programs that actually help people like Medicaid and Social Security?

Why do they fight tooth and nail to protect elite billionaires like the Koch brothers from paying a one tenth of one percent increase on their tax rates?

...And why has religious fundamentalism taken over the Republican party as obviously as it now has? Perry and Bachman openly admit they do not believe in evolution (making creationism mainstream for the first time) but they do believe in angels and demons, they say. They would have felt right at home in the 15 century.]

Sometimes, It Ain't Great to Be the King; Ritual sacrifice of Irish kings

Sometimes crops fail. Perhaps droughts strike the land, or the tribe loses resources in battle. The king ultimately, fatally, bore responsibility for the weather.

Thank God mankind has become slightly more civilized in the last 2,000 years.

Now, ex-president Cheny can write a selfish, self serving pile of false crap hoods, self pity disguised a self justification.

Freakin' soul-less bastard better thank his dark Lord, Satan, to have escaped ritual torture for hundreds of thousands of innocent lives sacrificed during his administrion.

[An expert has stated that the latest bog body found in Ireland has proven that belief that the Celts ritually sacrificed their kings to the Gods.

The body also proves they underwent horrible deaths, if the times turned bad under their reign.

The latest Iron Age bog body dating back to at least 2,000 BC was discovered near Portlaoise in the Irish midlands by an alert bog worker and it bears the same hallmarks of ritual torture that two other famous bodies have.]

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Congress Man: Worst Super Hero Ever"

Youth Football Coach, Players Attack Referee - News Story - WFTV Orlando

Youth Football Coach, Players Attack Referee - News Story - WFTV Orlando

Don't Leave a Round in the Chamber

[LANTANA, Fla. -- Authorities say a woman was accidentally shot by her boss at a South Florida convenience store.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office reports that the boss was apparently showing the woman the gun Saturday afternoon when it went off. The ricocheted and hit the woman.

The Palm Beach Post reports that the boss drove the woman to a nearby medical center. Officials say her injuries don't appear to be life-threatening.]

Party Like a Bank Star

[The senior executive of the Anglo Irish Bank - which single-handedly almost brought down the Irish economy - embarked on a series of wild parties and giveaways to clients as the Irish economy tanked.

They spent heavily on American clients. The bank spent $120,000 on one party for staff at the Mansion House in Dublin as the crisis kicked in.

An e-mail from the bank’s then Chief Executive, David Drumm, announced the party stated: “Dear colleague, the stock markets are down. They say the economy is in recession. It rained most of the ‘summer’. The holidays are over. This is Anglo so there is only one thing to do – party!...”

In December 2008, as the economy began its free-fall Anglo spent $250,000 on a Christmas party for staff and $100,000 on wine and Christmas gifts that month alone.]

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"{H}e cried because he knew he couldn't afford the health costs he'd be charged for his hospitalization."

For the cognitively impaired, read and weep if you have a shred of humanity in your soul.

Curb stomp my ass.

[Last Friday night a slightly built 20-year old Salt Lake City resident named Dane Hall was leaving a gay themed nightclub in Utah when he was followed by four men. They began to shout gay slurs at him.

Moments later one of them attacked the young man from behind, punching him on the back of the head and knocking him to the ground.

Another assailants then grabbed his shirt and began punching him repeatedly in the face. When Hall fell to the ground the attacker placed his open mouth over the street curb and stomped on the back of his head, knocking out six of Hall's teeth in a move commonly referred to as 'curb checking.'

It's an action which can result in death in many cases.

A piece of bone from Hall's jaw jammed into his brain. His mouth has been wired shut now. In the ambulance he cried because he knew he couldn't afford the health costs he'd be charged for his hospitalization. The young man who weighs 150 pounds won't be able to eat solid food for ten weeks.

It's the second serious hate crime attack outside the same club since April. So far no arrests have been made in either attack. Why isn't this all over the news? Have a guess.

Utah, by the way, is the home of former Republican Senator Chris Buttars who became famous for telling a documentary filmmaker in 2009 that gay people don't have any morals and for comparing gay activists to radical Muslims, saying they're one of America's greatest threats.]

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lenny Bruce: "Blah, Blah, Blah"

"Have you ever blahed a blah?"

Lest you think this a dead issue, Florida law stills forbids cohabitation by heterosexual couples.

[TALLAHASSEE – Unmarried couples who want to take the plunge and move in together, take heart. A Florida legislator is seeking to make you legal.

"Cohabitation" of unmarried people is currently a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by $500 or up to 60 days in jail. The same penalty applies to cheating husbands and wives — though only to opposite-sex couples.

The laws have been on the books since the late 1800s, but are rarely enforced. In 2006, though, a Jacksonville woman did take advantage of the law and have her husband arrested for cheating, according to a news report. (It's not clear how the case came out.)]

You think this a dead issue in 2011 in FL?


Consider the words of a serving sitting FL legislator: "Consider the response of State Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, who previously headed the Florida chapter of the Christian Coalition: "I'm not ready to give up on monogamy and a cultural statement that marriage still matters," he said.",0,5790289.story


you can find that at Florida Criminal Statutes, (5) ““Deviate sexual intercourse” means sexual conduct between persons not married to each other consisting of contact between the penis and the anus, the mouth and the penis, or the mouth and the vulva.” (emphasis added)

Sodomy my well washed ass, latent homosexual KKKristians like Mr. Baxley quoted above notwithstanding.

If you search enough old testament translations, you can find a reference for sodomy in Song of Solomon, with the male characacter saing to the female:
"The curve of your thighs
is like the work of an artist.
2 A bowl is there,
that never runs out of spiced wine."

Seriously men, do I need to make it clearer?


Alleged FL state representative Dennis Baxley?

Have you, Representative Baxley, ever blahed your wife's blah?

Lenny Bruce: "All Alone"

The Kinks: "Till the End of the Day"

"It can cost a lot of money to eat rght"

[n six area counties — Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake, Brevard and Volusia — from 25 percent to 31 percent of kids are what the government calls "food insecure." That means more than 190,000 children live in families that sometimes go hungry, don't know where their next meal is coming from or have to rely on cheap, nutritionally sparse food to fill their stomachs — something that, ironically, can lead to childhood obesity.

"It can cost a lot of money to eat healthy," said Dave Krepcho, president and CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. "Put yourself in the place of a single mom, working full time at a minimum-wage job, and you get to the third or fourth week of the month and maybe you have 20 or 30 bucks left. Are you going to buy fresh strawberries at $4.99 a basket or three boxes of mac and cheese mix? You want to keep your children's bellies from rumbling."],0,2519164.story

Robin Trower: "A Little Bit of Sympathy"

If you have nightmares about zombies...

dream yourself a 12 gauge pistol grip pump shotgun.

Seriously, yours truly used to have terrible nightmares in childhood: monsters, falling, flying and then getting scared of going too high into the sky, with panic in all.

Until, somehow, something taught me to regulate my breathing to regulate altitude.

Later when chased by zombies and other existential fears, my self told my dreaming self that this getting too scary and panic inducing, and so acquired myself a 12 gauge and began blasting pursuing creatures.

Many have scoffed at this notion over the decades, that the "conscious" mind can influence the dreaming mind;  "That is impossible!" mocks Rusty, a current neighbor.

Nevertheless if Freud explored the sub-conscious through exploring dreams related to him to analyze the conscious mind, humans can sometimes affect their dreams consciously.

Put another way, when the brain turns any situation over and over in the head--say the SAT exams, a job interview, a relationship--these things can show up in dreams.

Needless to say, this remains an unproven theory.

Imagine my surprise as an adult when reading Herman Hesse's Demian to find the same description of controlling dream flight by breathing, a discovery which allowed me much sleep n childhood, adolescence, and my so-called adulthood, now preserving whichever wisps of slumbered dreams remain with my insomnia.

So now after never watching scary movies as a child--once had to hide behind the black and white telly in Milwaukee during a terrifying episode of the Twilight Zone with fearsome aliens--movies like Zombieland don't terrify me any more nor haunt my dreams.

If zombies do show up during the small hours of darker mornings, I just get me a shotgun.

What a great way to work out frustrations for surely God forgives blasting zombies--and vampires.

Rage Against the Machine: "Pistol Grip Pump," possibly greatest bass riff of all time, "Bowm wa wa BWOMP!"

Kudos for Cops: "Cops used taser on naked man..."

[LAKE COUNTY, Fla. -- Clermont police used a Taser on a man who they say followed a 10-year-old girl from her bus stop while he was naked.

Eyewitnesses told police 21-year-old Marcus Perkins was wandering through the Sierra Vista subdivision in Clermont on Thursday when he started following the young girl.

Authorities said Perkins fought off officers as they tried to detain him.

They had to use a stun gun to subdue him.] emphasis added

Cracker: "Low"

Dang, they got me, brainwashed me, made me dig the commercials. Gosh where does this lead, using phrases like freedom, god and whatnot, images of kids, some happy some with angst and brooding. Oh, should have known, a Levis commercials.

Cracker: "I Hate My Generation"

Cracker: "Teen Angst"

Angst, not just for teenagers anymore.

The Kinks: "Jukebox Music"

Album version:

Live version.
Embedding disabled by request, what gives with that? Golly, peop', if you let me embed like did blog before, more peop' might see vid.

The Kinks: "I'm Not Like Everybody Else"