Sunday, September 25, 2011

Broiled, Grilled, or Blackened: How Do You Like Your Dolphin?

Good thing my Direct TV lets me see every Miami Dolphin "Football" game.

You see in Orlando, FL, the NFL rarely allows me to see the 'Olphins (We have no "D" in Miami.) on broadcast TV, something about broadcast rights of other teams allegedly in FL.

At 53, still have nightmares of creamsicle orange colored jerseys in Tampa doing something vaguely resembling a Jr High school team.

My nephews tell me a pro football team plays in Jacksonville, FL, however if Jax were really a part of Florida, why would the GA Bulldogs play a home game there every 2 years?

So color me in aqua and feel my blues. Dolphins STILL know not how Reggie Bush to use.

C'mon, any idiot sees Bush can't run through the tackles; child, Puhleeze?!

Put Daniel Thomas at I back spot and put Mr. Bush in motion to create mismatches for the defense, and that will create more room to run.

Although the coaches did not miss 3 field goals in last 2 weeks, it looks like they coach systems rather than fit the talent they have.

On defense, my eyes saw our young stud defensive end, Cameron Wake, peel off the line to try and cover a back out of the backfield on the winning Cleveland drive.

The coverage did not go well.

Why not let the man rush the passer?

Your corners can't cover so howzabout a corner blitz?

Then through the cheaper luxury of Direct TV and NFL Ticket for free, I get to see Buffalo beating the hated New England Patriots, so casual observers might conclude the rebuilding plan in Buffalo has gone better than in Miami.

No Dolphins coaches missed 3 field goals in the last 2 games. Nevertheless, with a carcass this rancid, rotting, reeking, devoid of any playmakers, the new owner needs to burn the house down.


Immediately if not sooner.

Don't tell me of injuries. The Packers lost like a dozen starters and won the LOMBARDI trophy last year. So get new scouts, coaches, gms, vice presidents of personnel.

Start all over again, from bottom to top. Find some players. The 'Awlfins secondary got not just burned like toast but blackened with Chef Paul Blackened [Dolphin] Magic SeasoningHerbs, Spices and Seasonings)

Does Billy Beane know anything about football?

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