Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This Story Will Make You Cry

Unless of course you live without a human soul like teabagging cretins cheering for wholesale executions and death of those without medical insurance.

Read the whole story through.

It illustrates kids learn their most important lessons in kindergarten: co-operation, compassion, and basic human decency.

Of course, RepubliKKKans failed kindergarten.

[MELBOURNE, Fla. -- A few weeks ago, a family moved to Florida from North Carolina, where their son Isaac had briefly attended kindergarten. Their memories were still raw: of students, seeing Isaac's burn scars and not understanding; of the name calling and shoving.
This time, Brad and Victoria Maddox hoped things would be different.

Isaac couldn't focus, he was having trouble learning. He even tried to run away during a school fire alarm.

His parents didn't want to take any chances that it could happen again.

On Monday, Isaac's family --along with staffers at Sherwood Elementary School and members of the Melbourne Fire Department -- introduced the 5-year-old to classmates in a way they hoped would promote acceptance and understanding. They wanted to stop any bullying before it started.

Firefighters talked to kindergartners about burn victims before watching a video explaining that they were "just like you."
"Today he's going to be an honorary firefighter," Deputy Fire Marshal Angel Condre said of Isaac. "He's one of us. When you see him, treat him the same way you would treat one of us. With respect."]

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