Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Sign of Decline of Western Civilization: Doggie Gyms

Lord, please for give me for this, but how in Your Holy Name can humans ignore those starving in the streets, homeless children eating meals at schools in summer so they don't go hungry, the 500 children in Brevard County, FL, who live in "transitional" housing arrangements--maybe on relatives' couches--and the great privation in A-Merry-Ca and spend $ on spas for their freakin' dogs?

If y'all can do that, y'all need to pay more in taxes.

Armomatheraphy for DOGS!

Fuck you!

Send money to humans in Haiti, for Christ's sake.

In the beginning, there was the Word and Capitalists considered it Profit.

[In the beginning, there was doggy day care, and it was profitable.

Then came doggyyoga and doggy fashion and even doggy plastic surgery. And as our nation'sdogs increasingly came to reflect our people, the former developed an obesity epidemic much like the latter's.

And so now, perhaps inevitably, we have a doggy health and fitness center.

Rocky's Retreat, which opened in Orlando this week, is a place where you can send your Shih Tzu to swim camp, treat your mastiff to a massage or arrange aromatherapy for your Airedale. Though there are other businesses that offercanine exercise, aquatic therapy or massage, the proprietors at Rocky's claim there is nothing else with quite the same mix of services in Central Florida.],0,5237146.story

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