Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WTF Happened to RepubliKKKans?

[Why for example do conservatives loudly claim to revere the Constitution, yet spend so much time discussing how they'd like to dismantle every aspect of the federal government that is the very expression of the principles embodied in that document?

Another thing that surprises me: instead of targeting the predatory bankers who almost destroyed our economy, why do conservative politicians instead target government programs that actually help people like Medicaid and Social Security?

Why do they fight tooth and nail to protect elite billionaires like the Koch brothers from paying a one tenth of one percent increase on their tax rates?

...And why has religious fundamentalism taken over the Republican party as obviously as it now has? Perry and Bachman openly admit they do not believe in evolution (making creationism mainstream for the first time) but they do believe in angels and demons, they say. They would have felt right at home in the 15 century.]

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