Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stephen A.Smith, STFU

Back in days of  yore when dinosaurs roamed the earth and had my youth, journalists worked as ink stained wretches chained to typewriters., puumping out copy for newspapers, what my nieces call dead tree editions printed on actual paper.

Never in a million years would an actual journalist dream in my day of crossing the line between journalism & advertising.

But then came computers, cable tv, ESPN, and former columnist at  Philadephia Inquirerer (sp?), Stephen A, Smith, formerly a fine writer, crossed to the dark side of  the evil ESPN empire to become talking head.

To further profane the ideals of journalism, he did a McDonald's tv ad mentioning LeBron James duríng NBA playoffs.

The worst food on the planet and most overrated player, Mr Smith?

Puhlease, the big O, Oscar Robertson would still steal
LBJ's lunch money now.

The irony gods rule however, as Stephen A already damned w/ "Skip" as fellow talking head.

Stephen, prefer an albatrosson your head instead and LBJ, Orlando?

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Lifè Well Lived

Given a diagnosis of death by cancer, neuroblastoma, few can say how they will respond.

Only the heroes can respond with grace, charm, and humour and also work to make the world a better place,  

So lived and died, Talia Joy Castellano, 13 when taken from this world.  Orlando Sentinel, p B1, 24 Jul  '13.

In her last days, the child wise beryond her years brought in $125000 for a camp for pediatric cancer patients.  Prior to that, she appeared on Ellen's show & her Youtube channel gained 1 million followers.

Let us all pray we live as well.

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Life Cut Short

If you watch Law & Order, you might believe in fantasy of cops arresting suspects, a District Attorney prosecuting alleged perpetrators, & a jury or judge pronouncing guilt.  Sometimes, police assume the roles of judge, jury & executioner.

This happened to alleged car thief Torey Breedlove, killed in a hail of 138 gunshots by Orange County, FL, sheriff's deputies.  Oh, they only hit the man "more than 20 times;" the rest sprayed around an apartment complex in a black neighborhood.  (Orlando Sentinel, p B2, 24 Jul '13 & p A1 25 Jul '13)

After a federal judge, Gregory A. Presnell, called this shooting akin to an execution.

The sheriff's office recently settled w/ the estate of Mr Breedlove for $ 495,000, without admitting responsibility.

Make me feel safer already.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Post b4 the last

Last word= "experience."

Come to think of it, sometimes mayb 1 in the hand is bettr than 1 in the bush.

"Talkin' 'bout my, my, my, g-g-generation"

Chillin' old school w/ the Who & Crosby, Stills, Nash AND YOUNG.  The latter still ranks among the greatest bands, with harmonies to rival/better than the Beatles.

Youngsters,look 'em up as haven't learned to cut& paste with this tablet, $40 from  Who needs Jobs' high priced stuff?

Listen to csn tune "Southern Cross, my fellow ants

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Cervical Fracture Facts

First of all if you abhor Shakespear, consider yourself uncultured and read no further.

Next if you have a modest mode and never noted the Bard's rude jests and blue lanrage, proceed w/ caution.

One such bit roughly reads as: "It is better to be well hung than hung well for 1 can be hung well only once but well hung all one's life."

To translate, in less enlightèned times with public hangings the hapless chap's pants got pulled down to see whether the deceased had an erection.

A display of an erection meant hung well; the prisoner died quick.

So when a freak accident broke my neck, King Priapus had nothing on me w/ my erection lasting a week.

It got rather annoying, much to my dismay.

Luckily, a certain nurse paid a lot attention to that condition, known as priapism.

Nevertheless, she did not seem happy to see 6 months
later when met her at her work place with e new crutches.s

Funny fact: a friend brokhis neck afew years after me and later reported he had the same exp

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Sitting here @ Davita dialysis centre trying not to watch my blood flow; still not comfortable w/ concept of running my blood through external filter.

Damn youse, kidneys!

A nice nurse, Isis, hooked up my chest catheters, and I only have to chill for four hours.  Too  bad tablet batteries only last for 2 hours.  Whadaya want for $40 from

Not too bad for a day.

Check back Fri. for fun cèrvîcàl fracture façts.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy July 5

Let us now forget feelgood patrîotism fostered by fireworks of the fourth-bolstered by CNN video clips of soldiers returning to their familes, soldiers standing straight and tall in camoflage uniforms-clips which implicitly glorîfy war and let us who never served to hear celebratory explosions as glorious cannon fire.
Why didn't CNN show men in wheelchairs paralyzed & never to rîse & walk again?

Why not show those who lost limbs & now live w/  courage and prostheses?

Why not show the graves of those who chose not to
live w/ depression & burdens war brings?

Let's now reserve July 5 to say a prayer for those broken for our wars, for those never to see their families again.