Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Cervical Fracture Facts

First of all if you abhor Shakespear, consider yourself uncultured and read no further.

Next if you have a modest mode and never noted the Bard's rude jests and blue lanrage, proceed w/ caution.

One such bit roughly reads as: "It is better to be well hung than hung well for 1 can be hung well only once but well hung all one's life."

To translate, in less enlightèned times with public hangings the hapless chap's pants got pulled down to see whether the deceased had an erection.

A display of an erection meant hung well; the prisoner died quick.

So when a freak accident broke my neck, King Priapus had nothing on me w/ my erection lasting a week.

It got rather annoying, much to my dismay.

Luckily, a certain nurse paid a lot attention to that condition, known as priapism.

Nevertheless, she did not seem happy to see 6 months
later when met her at her work place with e new crutches.s

Funny fact: a friend brokhis neck afew years after me and later reported he had the same exp

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