Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stephen A.Smith, STFU

Back in days of  yore when dinosaurs roamed the earth and had my youth, journalists worked as ink stained wretches chained to typewriters., puumping out copy for newspapers, what my nieces call dead tree editions printed on actual paper.

Never in a million years would an actual journalist dream in my day of crossing the line between journalism & advertising.

But then came computers, cable tv, ESPN, and former columnist at  Philadephia Inquirerer (sp?), Stephen A, Smith, formerly a fine writer, crossed to the dark side of  the evil ESPN empire to become talking head.

To further profane the ideals of journalism, he did a McDonald's tv ad mentioning LeBron James duríng NBA playoffs.

The worst food on the planet and most overrated player, Mr Smith?

Puhlease, the big O, Oscar Robertson would still steal
LBJ's lunch money now.

The irony gods rule however, as Stephen A already damned w/ "Skip" as fellow talking head.

Stephen, prefer an albatrosson your head instead and LBJ, Orlando?

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