Friday, July 26, 2013

A Life Cut Short

If you watch Law & Order, you might believe in fantasy of cops arresting suspects, a District Attorney prosecuting alleged perpetrators, & a jury or judge pronouncing guilt.  Sometimes, police assume the roles of judge, jury & executioner.

This happened to alleged car thief Torey Breedlove, killed in a hail of 138 gunshots by Orange County, FL, sheriff's deputies.  Oh, they only hit the man "more than 20 times;" the rest sprayed around an apartment complex in a black neighborhood.  (Orlando Sentinel, p B2, 24 Jul '13 & p A1 25 Jul '13)

After a federal judge, Gregory A. Presnell, called this shooting akin to an execution.

The sheriff's office recently settled w/ the estate of Mr Breedlove for $ 495,000, without admitting responsibility.

Make me feel safer already.

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