Friday, October 29, 2010

Unholy Trinity of Evil 96_Defenders of Good and Righteousness for the Whole Universe 70

Miami 96_Orlando 70

OK, both teams stand at 1-1, just 1 game out of 82, NBD.

Of course as unemployed drafter have to see the half full glass as 2x bigger than needed.

Mr. Dwight Howard showed why 1 day he will win a championship in Orlando and collect some MVP's on the way, showing a SUHweet right handed hook and bank shot.

Unfortunately, he has yet to learn referees (read spawns of Satan)--"He [Howard] picked up his third, fourth and fifth personals in the first 5 minutes, 6 seconds of the second half."--hate the Superman schtick. Then again, since a million years have gone by since Shaq got his Superman tattoo while playing with the Magic, Dwight don't recognize. If Shaq got calls in O'Town like he got in LA LA Land, Magic would already have 3 Larry O'Brien trophies in the case.

Still tonight had to suffer through Deja Vu all over again as Magic threw brick after brick in a stone cold 3rd quarter, missing 3 pointers 20 times for the game, TWENTY FREAKIN' bricks, 3PT made: 16.7%!

This calumny brought flashbacks to my Milwaukee Bucks teams of the 80's which at 1 time had 3 7 footers shooting 3 pointers: Fred Roberts, Jack Sikma, and Randy Brewer who stood 7' 4" TALL.

When my team gets the ball down low to Howard and then waits for him to deal while setting up at 3 point line, he can get double teamed or defense can man up on him and AND three point line.

Great Naismith's ghost, maybe run some screens down low for Howard as he swings from side to side on low blocks?

Fun and gun great when 3 pointers fall but at times in crunch time--PLAYOFFS--actually dawing up an offensive play can help slow the other team's momentum and stave off getting BLOWN OUT in the third quarter.

Would somebody please give Pietrus a compass and road map so he can cut to the lane when Dwight has ball down low?

When did moving without the ball become 4 hacks loitering at 3 point line, checking their Twitter accounts while watching Dwight deal down low?

Only major injury for the game came when Lebron James pulled up for a jumper and Chris Bosh broke his nose

[This blog will soon return to regularly scheduled FL politics; Rick Scott still sucks.]

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