Monday, October 11, 2010

"[W]e cannot stay silent in the face of hate and division."

[Hello, my name is Tarek Baydoun and I am a Muslim American from Dearborn, MI. I am proud of who I am as an American and a Muslim. I regret the fact that Senate candidate Sharron Angle has raised the specter of Muslims taking over Dearborn, MI or any part of our great country. My religion teaches me to respect the law of the land and to seek improvement through peaceful dialogue and understanding. Muslims don't want to take over America, they want to improve America, like all Americans. Since when is it a threat to America for Muslims to practice their religion freely under the protection of our constitution. It is a shame, in this day and age that any candidate, like Sharon Angle would use my religion to stigmatize my city and score cheap political points.]
Found at the Rachel Maddow Blog,

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