Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Update: in memory of Eric Garner

Update to below: Whiter than thou CNN has token note of plethora of young black men getting shot by the police, running a video of black parents talking about "The Talk."

You might get to mouth off to a cop if you have white skin and your pants don't sag but wouldn't try it as a kid of colour.  Don't mouth off; speak respectfully; always dress well, no cap turned sideways; don't run away from the cops.  You'll note some of these rules apply to young pigment challenged male youth.  Yet they apply doubly so for black kids.

"How many more?"    Ezell Ford:

The media has already forgotten about the death of Eric Garner, what with the furor over the death of Michael Brown, a Ferguson, MO teenager shot in the back fleeing from police.

Eric Garner, put in police chokehold and killed.

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