Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Atrios Said: Libertarians suck

If you follow out reasoning of libertarians, it leads to monstrous conclusions; simply put, a system of ethics may achieve a high degree of internal coherence and also become heinous in indifference and cruelty and ignorance of basic human values, like preventing child abuse and in turn educating children: "A proper respect for personal liberty demands that parents be allowed to neglect their children, even to the point of death....'  (emphasis added to, you know, point out absolute insanity of some of these people.  Thank god for my upbringing in a normal house, well-provided for with food, clothes, criticism, and destruction of self-esteem.  But I weathered the storm, got a good education, failed miserably at everything ever attempted and masked my sorrow with a glib tongue and sarcastic wit.  Oh, wait, I digress.)

Libertarians suck; imagine the nightmare of a head of government who believes it only has power to do ill, "welcome to the Oval Office, Mr. Paul."

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