Saturday, February 19, 2011

Florida Follies: Accidental shootings continue

Gun owners, remember to never leave a round in the chamber as the life you save may include your own.

[When his girlfriend grabbed an antique gun during an argument, police say Rodney Lee Gilbert told her to go ahead and fire.

According to police, that's exactly what Kimberly Gustafson did. Now, Gilbert is dead, and Gustafson is behind bars...

Officers arriving said they found that Gilbert, 57, had been shot in the face.

He was taken to an area hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Police said they spoke to witnesses, who said Gilbert had been fighting with Gustafson over her drinking. During the argument, witnesses said Gustafson, 50, went into a bedroom, returning with an antique firearm....

But just as the confrontation was cooling, police say Gilbert stood up and told his girlfriend to "go ahead and shoot me." Witnesses told police Gilbert followed Gustafson into the hallway, telling her repeatedly to fire.],0,7984024.story

[BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. -- A 13-year-old girl was fatally shot in an accidental shooting in Brevard County Saturday night, according to deputies...

Family members told WFTV she wasn't even in the same room as the man who was handling the gun.
"It's just horrible, it's a horrible accident. I just don't know what to say besides it's horrible," said family member, Michelle Bass.

Investigators said the homeowner, Dusty Adkins, had been handling the gun when it went off.
"My brother was showing him the gun and it went off and went through the wall and hit the little girl in the back," said Adkins' brother, Daniel Adkins.]

[A friend, who was arrested, was showing off a rifle when the two students were shot.

A Florida State University student was killed and another, from Tampa, wounded early this morning in an accidental shooting off campus.

Ashley Cowie, 20, of Orange Park, died from a rifle shot to the chest. The bullet passed through her and hit Keith Savino, 20, in the wrist, university spokeswoman Browning Brooks said in a news release.]

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