Saturday, February 19, 2011

"These Clowns Aren't Funny"

What Field wrote. Don't know where he found the picture.

As for me, used construction of "RepublicKKKan" in the past as satire meant to point out similarities from the radical conservatives of today with philosophies of Nathan Bedford Forrest and the John Birch Society.

Now with Governor 48.9 % and his ilk, they seek to re-order the entire social fabric of the United States to suit the lunatic billionaire fringe like the Koch brothers

Thus for me this has gone beyond satire, for writing snark about those who show themselves as public fools.

The time has come to organize, to find a union and contribute time and money.

Instead of sending email chain letters and in opposition to vast right wing email propaganda, write and call your elected representatives.

A progressives, we use facts and reason to form our policy, not anger and lies.

Truth and reason, we progressives shall ever only have such.

We all have become cheeseheads.

As the wingnuts in Washington keep calling for more cuts, the states are now preparing to pass on those cuts to their citizens. In "cheese country" the natives are restless, and hard working union workers stormed Madison today demanding justice. The republi-clown governor is threatening to end 50 years of collective bargaining which protects Wisconsin workers, and as I write this post there are some dumbocratic state legislatures from Wisconsin on the run. (As long as they don't go to Pittsburgh they should be fine.)

At some point during this debate folks are going to have to start looking at the "haves" and their sacrifices. The only folks making a sacrifice right now are "have- nots" and the hard working folks in the middle. Americans seem to know it, but you would never hear about it in the press.

The new demons for wingnuts are public sector employees, such as school teachers, police officers, health- care workers, and firefighters. According to wingnuts, it is their pension plans and onerous salaries that are holding us down. They are the reason America can't rise out of this recession.------Not a war that was never paid for, tax breaks and shelters to major corporations, and tax cuts for the very wealthy among us who do nothing towards reinvesting in the economy. Not "hyper-speculation" on Wall Street which...well, we all know that story by now.]

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