Monday, February 14, 2011

"God is not a member of the North Lake Tea Party"

Don't worry loyal minions, yours truly has already castigated the unbeliever, pointed out not only does THE Lord God Almighty lead the lake County, FL, tea party, he also pilots, co-pilots, navigates and wields the bomb sights to rain down his Holy Hellfire upon such apostate agnostics, and atheists of the press.

[So perhaps it is those long years of being marginalized and ignored that produced the glassy-eyed rah-rah attitude that fit snugly with the jingoistic program drawn up by organizers. They pushed every emotional button within reach — recognize veterans, sing "God Bless America," get a pastor to assure them that God not only approves their mission, but is probably behind it.

Now, that last is a particularly slippery slope. When folks start believing that their political mission is ordained by God, bad things tend to happen. After all, the Bible's well-known advice on government was to give Caesar what he wanted and move on. In other words, earthly government is not the concern of the righteous person.

So let's be clear: God is not a member of the North Lake Tea Party. And infusing a political event with the notion that a divine being is pushing a particular political ideal is a special kind of evil manipulation which hopefully will merit a special punishment sometime later during eternity.

There were plenty of good, decent folks in the First Baptist Church on Monday, but there wasn't two thimbles full of independent thought, and that was precisely the way Rick Scott wanted it.

Which brings us to the single most-distressing slice of the rally: how far the governor of a big, influential state will go to set up a captivated audience of adoring fans. Scott is a wily one. He must know that he couldn't have unveiled a budget so poisoned with untruths to anyone actually familiar with state finance.] emphasis added,0,2128195.column

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