Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Islam is not a religion"

Holy crap on a stick and sold as a lollipop, where do they find these morons?  Of course Islam is a religion, and the constitution of the United States of Rational America says Muslims shall have the right to freely practice their religion.

Then, the 1 lunatic sez she has been on Iranian TV.  I severely doubt some whack job from Murfreesboro gets on TV in Iran except as warning for kids to stay off drugs.

This gets even more pernicious as activists in my home town in Brevard County, FL, have fought for years over textbooks used local schools saying in part history texts give too much time to teaching about Islam. Welll buddy, save for Islamic libraries and educated class, all traces of Greek philosophers would have disappeared into the hearth fires of feudal masters during the Middle Ages.  We would have lost algebra and the convept of "0" in mathematics.

The FL Confederacy of Dunces known as the Legislature wants to give counties more control of textbooks. So the more conservative counties may choose not to teach evolution and instead try to elevate creationism to the level of science.  Screw science any way.

Hey, kids, let's try multiplication with Roman numerals!

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