Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oh Holy shit!

I can'y believe thhe world makes me keep writing about this gay, lesbian, transgender, and whatever falls under that acronym of the day.  Does the abbreviation du jour read LBGAT or does that mean the latest Ford coupe?  Really, this blog kind of evolves from whatever gets read that interests me or makes me laugh or say, "Holy Shit!"

This picture, found at HuffPost, did the latter:


Incarcerated as I am at the hell on earth known as Carnegie Gardens without access to any of my Bibles, this made me have to look up the new testament citation.  So while the elements of the old law did not pass away, the whole point of my Jesus' life came in showing love towards all human beings as even all of us have sinned.

Since all we humans live as sinners--an inescapable and intrinsic part of human nature--we best not judge others unless that angry old white bearded dude in the sky craps on us and makes us burn in hellfire--or something llike that.

So these current versions of the Inquistion or Calvinists spreading out to burn Catholic churches or Crusaders pledging to purify Baghdad or Jerusalem just tickle me to no end.  Maybe I should turn myself in for stoning as have committed adultery a time or two and kind of want to again.

The Atlah church could stone me and my lesbian rhetorical sister at the same event, you know, kill 2 sinners with the same stones.

Of course if they really want to follow my Jesus, they'd have to find those without sin to cast the first stones.

Good luck with that.

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