Monday, March 24, 2014

Updating privacy settings, and what does a penny taste like?

Took brief looks at a fellow's updating privacy controls for paranoid's survival guide and frankly blew them ogg as my online persona reflects my real self, which I like to think of as loveable yet outspoken curmudgeon, guardian of liberty and defender of the English language.  Others probably me as arrogant ass speaking on things he has no clue about.

Neveertheless, I do listen and try to re-evaluate my positions, rhetorical and otherwise.

Then ran acrosss story of Brooklyn lesbain knocking on front door of homophobic "church" and asking when they could submit her to ritual of death by stoning.  Ever since, the google adds showing up on my blog have included ads for "muscular male model catalogs" and apparently a clip from a radio show talking about "what does a penny taste like."  Have a few ideas why they asked this rhetorical question, none of them palatable except perhaps in the throes of passion, but we usually don't discuss them in polite society.

So maybe changing privacy settings or ways to use the web would help stop hijacking of my web browsing. First, and this made a lot of sense, could set up email account to use for any web shopping and even use that address from which to web surf, which would not pollute my main email account nor my crappy blog.

Just for the record, seek a lunch date with only a genetic female; no substitutes accepted.

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