Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hate vs Anger vs Righteous Indignation

A dear friend--OK, guy who goes to my church and barely knows my name but who commands great respect w/ his quiet demeanor--commented on my comment on President Cheney, saying anger becomes cancer destroying from w/in.

Having lost functional use of my legs, last walked in August, have lots of anger.

Can't hate my legs; seeing diabetics who literally lost their legs taught me ignore that anger as would miss them if gone. Can still pedal stationary bike for cardio.

Also, Mama & Jesus taught me not to hate anyone. So really try not to, even Osama bin Laden. Wanted to see him caught and tried in court of law. Never met the man so did not like or dislike the man, (the feeling of disliking, not button on Facebook.) Don't even dislike JEB! Bush, just have strong antipathy towards the man's actions, his policies as governor of FL.

A state budget consultant forecast state contribution to Medicaid would increase for decades. This came before JEB! cut taxes by approx $12 billion.

My mama also taught to save for a rainy day. Too bad JEB! never met momma, as the recent recession devastated the budget of Florida.

governor 48.9% cuts taxes on 1 hand and tells me we can't afford to to expand Medicaid roles, apparently not even for me, a man partially paralyzed, learning to live from a wheelchair, on dialysis, and needing mucho dinero for copays for specialists, Goddess knows how much everyone wants for vascular surgery last week.

Yet I refuse to hate Governor Dick Scott no matter how much I abhor his policies.

Nevertheless when it comes to that demon spawn Dick Cheney, the soulless bastard, vampire rising from his blood drenched crypt, maggot infested pustule on the body politc, I hate the motherf****r, hate him super nova intensity.

At the feet of Pres. Cheney lie hundreds of Iraqi civilians, over 4 1/2 thousand American troops, countless amputated linbs, & legions w/ traumatic brain injuries and countless cases of PTSD.

DAMN him, President Cheney, blood thirsty Master of War, blood slurping beast.

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