Sunday, June 29, 2014

Despicable Crook

maltipoo named "Oliver"

An asswipe whose very existence embarasses the rest of the human race, William Rabourn, felt spurned by a female. Instead of picking up his ego off the floor, moving on, and asking out other women, he decided himself some patriarchal god's gift to women, and decided to take his revenge--on her dog.

The asshole broke into her apartment and threw the helpess creature off the third floor balcony.  Apparently, the female, perhaps noting his penchant for irrationality and/or violence, had broken up with him, and then had the gall to reject his sexual advances.

Dude, get over it; get over yourself; use your Pickup Artist Game (PUA) to con some other gullible female into sleeping with you.  Just don't take your failure out on some poor, innocent animal or indulge in other forms of gratuitous cruelty.

We know serial killers usually start out with animal cruelty.  Elliott Roger, UCSB serial killer,  probably started out torturing animals to make up for his lack of self esteem.

William "Trip" Rabourn,
alleged felon.  Women, do not sleep with him.  Hell, don't even talk to him.  If you see him coming, cross to the other side of the street.  Shun him; warn your friends; warn the whole female race.

Can't yet prove it, would would bet my last 1$ Trip sprang from the loins of one William Rabourn Jr., of Springfield, MO, head honcho of a medical consulting group, probably a rich fellow, making young Raybourn the Third a youngster with a new sports car and sense of entitlement; how dare the young lady refuse his obvious charms?

Asshole listed as salesman for, presumably, his daddy's company.  Way to make your own way in the world, Tripp!  Wanna bet he and Daddy voted for Romney and look down on the 47% who don't pay income taxes, forgetting people like me paid 15.3% in Social Security taxes for every dollar we made, to pay for Social Security which now those of that ilk say the country can't afford!  As if riding Daddy's coattails doesn't amount to some form of welfare.

Douche canoe, another blog calls this miscreant mother*****r .  Not sure what that means or if appropriate in post on spoiled little whiny, white manchildren. but the term does have a certain ring.

Honestly, sense this episode probably fueled by acohol and inchoate rage, so will let it serve as reminder to me to treat women with respect, just like my momma taught me.  Hope court mandated counselling works for this kid.  Or his momma whups him.

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