Sunday, June 15, 2014

Men by nature love

Found words below on article at Irish Central on orphanages in Ireland. Could not let the double negative stand as title of the post, however.  Thought to let them stand as a Father;s Day post and as comment on human condition.

It also stands as lens to view our current American society, all too often based on judgment and condemnation.  We ought sweep all that aside and base ourselves and thus our society on love modeled in the four Gospels, on forgiveness and love.

[But it is not natural for a man not to love. It is not natural for a child to be told that he or she has no father. 
What Ireland did with the help and instruction of the religious orders in the twentieth century was to remove love and responsibility from each man's actions, by replacing them with judgment and condemnation. 
The society they created together is what we’re looking at now.]   (emphasis added in case you missed the point)

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