Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who Gets Government Welfare? You Do!

Dummkopfs, pinhead tea bagging protesters , driving over federally built highways and riding in Medicare paid electric scooters waving your "Taxed Enough Already" signs, how could you fall for RepubliKKKans big lies?

[The same people who complain with such vigor NEVER seen themselves as the recipients of government largess. Well, it turns out that MANY of those people are both delusional AND full of shit. Here is a handy dandy chart – from a paper by Dr. Susanne Mettler — showing the percentage of people who have gotten, or are getting, government assistance, but who think they have never used a government social program. These are the kinds of people who join the Tea Baggers and hold aloft signs saying, “Keep Government out of my Medicare”.] emphases indicate links in original at

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