Friday, July 22, 2011

Progressive Christans Form Circle of Protection for the Poor, Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security Cuts, Oh My!

" 'What do you mean by crushing my people, by grinding the face of the poor?' says the Lord God of hosts."
- Isaiah 3:15-

Since progressive has become a code word in view of some for "liberal," my definition of the word lies in social justice for all humans, starting with basic rights of having enough to eat, shelter from storms, and a voice through voting in establishing the governing parameters of their society.

The Bible tells me so, from the quote above to the parable of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25, God commands his people and by extension all humans to feed the hungry.

Disagree with me if you will on practical political points in modern America, but drive the streets of my humble Orlando Empire of Dirt or any US city and see homeless humans barely existing in misery and then tell me about the justice of an economic system allowing top 1% of individuals to control 20% of wealth and resources and then tell that makes a christian nation.

Other Christians agree with me.

If even the Baptists get on board, I double dog dare any so-called "Christian" to debate on their politics of parsimony towards the poor.

On 20 July 2011, twelve progressive Christians visited President Obama in the Roosevelt Room of the White House to engage him in a circle of protection for the poor of the world.

Let Jim Wallis, CEO of Sojourners tell you about that: "Yesterday, before congressional leaders were due at the White House for critical negotiations, I, along with 11 other national faith leaders, met with President Obama and senior White House staff for 40 minutes. We were representing the Circle of Protection, which formed in a commitment to defend the poor in the budget debates. Sitting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, we opened in prayer, grasping hands across the table, and read scripture together. We reminded ourselves that people of faith must evaluate big decisions on issues like a budget by how they impact the most vulnerable.

We urged the president to protect programs for low-income people in the ongoing budget and deficit debate, and in any deal concerning the debt ceiling and default crisis. In an engaging back and forth conversation, the president and faith leaders discussed how we can get our fiscal house in order without doing so on the backs of those who are most vulnerable. We shared the concern that the deficit must be cut in a way that protects the safety net, and struggling families and children, and maintains our national investments in the future of all of us."

Social Security currently has a surplus;

The Cheney administrations tax cuts for the rich and 2 costly foreign wars have led to current deficits.

So pray--even you heathens and atheists among all essentially believe in something like Karma or positivism ad epicureanism, something as fictional as my belief in Jesus, all of which I choose to cherish as all human embraced fictions that teach the Golden Rule--that President Obama can see through the outright lies and half truths and protect programs which help poor people.

Then, vote that way.  If you've visited my dirt pile before you know how I vote.  For those yet to retire, it don't concern me how you vote I gots me mine, retired too early in middle of my mid-life crisis.

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