Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Own Personal Jesus: Feeding hungry humans

Folk, instead of worrying about the exactical (sic) date of the end of the world or oppressing the poor or trying to wring ever' last cent out of every capitalist transaction, could we just agree the time and $ and faith wasted by Harold Camping would more scripturally go towards feeding hungry humans? For feeding the hungry and giving even our own garments to those who have none?

"{W]hatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me," says my own personal Jesus to this very day, to tomorrow, for eternity.

Typical freaking engineer, taking English translations of the Bible literally where somewhere (Numbers?) it reads a day to the Lord numbers a thousand years.

Dude, that amounts to a bloody metaphor!

In nomadic times when people did not write, the numeral 1000 seemed like a BIG #.

Now, not so big.

So my humble suggestion would have christians read and take to heart the words of Jesus as recorded by His apostles or close associates of apostles. Consider the placement in the Gospel of Matthew of the sheeps and goats metaphor, right before the institution of the Last Supper and Jesus' martyrdom and Resurrection: :Whatever you have done for the least of My people, you have done for Me."

13`Watch therefore, for ye have not known the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man doth come.  For better and prayerfully even better, these thoughts go through my mind in my continuing conversation with Jesus.

Don't worry more than usual, friends and family and visitors, He never answers but this does make me  try to parse my thoughts, words, writing, and cynicism by a conscience informed by the statue at my church, Trinity Lutheran Evangelical Church Downtown Orlando, FL.

The story told me by dearly departed Pastor  Kunze holds this statue copies a statue made in Lutheran Scandinavia and, originally, the arms pointed up to the Father in heaven.  When the sculptor and students came in the next day, the clay arms had fallen to the position you see, and the students wanted to change it back.

The artist refused, saying he wanted folk to see Jesus reaching down to all humans.

This brings me down rivers of thought handicapped by my minor in Philosophy: does that really mean I ought pray for Hitler, for Bin Laden, for all who have personally wronged me?

Yes, uncomfortably it does.

So of course sinner that I am, I blog and try to help with charity and feeding folk rather than call the sister who doesn't talk to me and at least leave a message when no one picks up the phone.

OK, I got the card before her 12 May birthday but Target doesn't sell stamps and took me a while to get a ride to get some.

So my Jesus and me will continue to converse., inshallah I wake up breathing.

So forthwith count this my positive empire of dirt:

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