Thursday, May 19, 2011

An email to me from Rod Smith, chair of Democratic party of Florida. It truly has become a new day in America when a Democrat an get elected in N Florida.

[Dear Friend,

It came down to 1,648 votes, but yesterday at 6:00 p.m. Alvin Brown became Jacksonville’s Mayor-elect. No recount. No second guesses.

The news reverberated across the city, the state and the nation. A historically Republican city had elected its first Democratic mayor in 20 years.

While a mere 1,648 votes may seem like a small number, it’s representative of a huge swell of Democratic supporters in Jacksonville, in North Florida and across the entire state that are working together to elect Democratic leaders that share our values and ideals. It was truly a victory for us all.

It wasn’t an easy race, but Alvin’s focus on issues that improved the lives of the residents of Jacksonville – education, jobs and government accountability – earned him support from Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the many diverse groups across the city...]

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