Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dang, I Feel Good Today

That calls for more Who!

Well, Roger solo song first, with Alvin Lee as guitar slinger du jour, gots the vinyl in closet, kids.

Avenging Annie--"Now she lives on a mountaintop
she's almost 35
she's found peace and found her release
happy just to be alive
she might go back to her Floyd
she thinks it's the thing to do
he gave up murder and theft
right after she left
and you know she still loves him too"

The Who--"I'm Free"
"I'm Free, and freedom tastes of reality"

Finally and most importantly "Join Together."

Join together, people.

We can do more together than alone.

I don't mean no stinkin' Facebook neither. Go to where people live, struggle, hunger--literally hunger for food. Children in A-Merry-Ca go to school hungry and can't learn as well as when well nourished--sweat, bleed, and cry for help.

Especially for we who aspire to become christians. Jesus did not "Like" anyone on Facebook but went and ate with sinners and healed the sick and confounded the rich and confronted the pharisees.

Little Steven, "Sanctuary"

Looks like I found my new look.

Make checks payable to Amnesty International.

You're welcome.

Have a nice day.

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