Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Governor 48.9%'s Latest Offenses Against the Commonweal and Common Sense

"A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar."
H. L. Mencken

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Great H. L. Mencken's ghost, teabaggers and Governor 48.9%, how can you fundamentally fail to realize cutting jobs hurts the economy and, by the way, leads to injuries, deaths, at least 1 suicide of a child in state custody, and still no one can find Rilya Wilson, a missing black child.

Juvenile Justice centers to close: [Two Central Florida facilities are among five juvenile detention centers that will be shut down after recently approved statewide budget cuts, officials said.

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice announced last week that the juvenile detention centers in Osceola and Seminole counties will close by June 30.

Officials said that statewide, 1,229 positions will be eliminated, 500 of which are currently vacant. A spokesman said the agency is working to help laid-off employees find new jobs, either with the state or elsewhere.]

FL Dept. of Children and Families lays off 500 workers: [By Ana M. Valdes, The Palm Beach Post
10:24 p.m. EDT, May 26, 2011

[Twenty-six employees at the state Department of Children & Families in Palm Beach and Broward counties were told Thursday they will lose their jobs by the end of June, as part of a statewide plan to cut 500 positions at the child welfare agency.

Employees from DCF's support services office, human resources, information technology, the substance abuse and mental health program, adult protective services and the Access program, which administers food stamps, were affected, said Perry Borman, director for the Southeast Region of DCF, which includes close to 1,300 employees.] Yeah, like in FL we take great car of our vulnerable children already. (Links to follow but just too damn angry now.)

Of course, taking care of vulnerable kids gets loads easier when "authorities" (Dr,'s paid by makers of the drugs)dope kids up on anti-depressants even though drugs not approved for children: [...Doctors prescribed heavy doses of antipsychotic drugs for children in DJJ custody even before the drugs were deemed safe for kids.

Seroquel, for example, wasn't approved for kids until late 2009. Between mid-2006 and mid-2008, DJJ bought at least 217,563 tablets of Seroquel for children in the department's custody.

The state has no rules requiring drug companies to disclose payments to doctors. DJJ has no policy requiring contracted doctors to disclose conflicts of interest. In overhauling health care last year, Congress enacted a measure that requires all drug companies to disclose payments and gifts to doctors. However, that part of the law won't take effect until 2013.] emphasis addd

Even wayward teens who almost might have dabbled in drugs--maybe MARIJUANA!!!--knew such extreme dosages amounted to drug abuse by psychiatrists: [Florida has plied children in state juvenile jails with heavy doses of powerful antipsychotic medications.

The pills, widely viewed as the "big guns" of psychiatry, can cause suicidal thoughts and other dangerous side effects.

Yet, in state-run jails and residential programs, antipsychotics were among the top drugs bought for kids - and they routinely were doled out for reasons that never were approved by federal regulators, a Palm Beach Post investigation has found.

Reacting to the newspaper's findings, the head of Florida's Department of Juvenile Justice ordered a sweeping review of the department's use of antipsychotic medications. As it stands now, DJJ doesn't track prescriptions and has no way of telling whether doctors are putting kids on pills simply to make them easier to control.

"This is a very important issue," said Broward County Public Defender Howard Fink­elstein, whose office represents children in juvenile court. "If kids are being given these drugs without proper diagnosis, and it is being used as a 'chemical restraint,' I would characterize it as a crime. A battery - a battery of the brain each and every time it is given."

In some cases, the drugs are prescribed by contract doctors who have taken huge speaker fees and other gifts from makers of antipsychotic pills, companies that reap staggering profits selling medications, The Post found.

The medications have poured out at such a rate, said one former inmate, that even a confused teenager could tell that this wasn't how things were supposed to be.] emphasis added

Sis, how old has the oldest niece gotten? 16? Do I really have to refrane from profane writing for 2 more years?


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