Sunday, May 8, 2011

Helping Alabama: another post I thought I'd never write

Toomer's for Tuscaloosa.

Please don't forget helping Haiti, button to the right, and also Japan.

What can 1 person do in this world of trouble? We all ought ask ourselves this second existential question.

If an army of tiny and insignificant ants can build an ant hill, then a million lowly humans could give $5 apiece and do great work together, collectively.

Maybe after basing my life and blog on Johnny Cash version of NIN song "Hurt", have come to see not only my empire of dirt, which humans all reap, more than just the grave but a more fun prospect, millions of people working together 1 widow's mite at a time through Facebook and organizing, (insert Youtube video of Frank's "High Hopes" song here}.

It were a brave new world that would have the police delivering Bratwurst to Madison protesters and the Night Watchman.

Helping Tuscaloosa, sheesh what should a poor Gator do but cough up a green picture of Pres. Lincoln:

Thank the Lord 'tweren't Athens, GA.

Organize, fellow ants, organize.

Although Steve Jobs has yet to see the ipad--16 Gig please--on my wish list, were he to ask, in truth would have to tell him Haiti (button on right broke) and Alabama and Japan and New Orleans and Galveston more important than me, to whom so much has already been given.

Happy Mothers' Day!

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