Friday, May 27, 2011

Alan Grayson to me: "Will you help?"

In a word, Alan, no.

Did anyone in your office ever return 1--ONE--of my calls during your time in office seeking information on applying for Medicaid, or how to get it in FL after deemed eligible to receive disability payments for the second time in my life?

No, you and your staff did not.

Y'all forgot the cardinal rule that all politics is local.  You yourself sought the spotlight and progressive MSNBC adulation but did pinga for moi.

If you run for FL-08 again against Mr. Webster, you will not receive my vote.

Have a nice day!

Text of email received 27 May 2011:
[Dear Daniel,
I’m going to ask you something that I haven’t asked in over six months. Would you please make a contribution today to our campaign?
It’s hard to believe, but it’s been more than six months since the 2010 election. Six months in which we’ve learned a lot about the right wing in America, and what they do when they have power.
I lost the election last year, but I didn’t slink away. I’m still fighting for what’s right. You saw that in the fight against tax cuts for the rich. You’ve seen it since.
I am asking for your help because our campaign received two bills, well after the 2010 election, each for over $15,000. They weren’t in our campaign budget, but these are legitimate bills, and it’s time that we paid them.
I’m not going to tell you that there is some deadline, or some desperate need, or matching funds, or anything like that. Just that we have two vendors who have been very patient, and it’s time that they were paid.
Alan Grayson]

Pay 'em your own damn self, Al.

Lest any think me too harsh, see this image included in the email, seems reminiscent of Sistine Chapel ceiling. Al, buddy, you best check what your staff does in your name. Plus, didn't you self finance your campaign? 30 G ought amount to pocket change for you.

Fell my misers' mite best to go towards Tuscaloosa or Act Blue this month 'Sides, my green picture of Pres. Lincoln ain't gonna go too far for you.

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