Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Yellow Dog Democrat Praises Dan Webster R FL-08

As a progressive union man, have oft said a yellow dog would get my vote before a Republican.

From whence this springs I know not: maybe blessed by birth in Milwaukee, WI, in 1958; perhaps Pilot Mtn, NC, my dad's ancestral home, where park benches had labels for Democrats and Republicans; possibly because even at the tender age of 10, I knew Richard Nixon as a liar.

Oh, some Republicans have gotten my votes: Andy Gardiner who helped me get food stamps once and whoever runs against our District Attorney, whom I consider a corrupt SOB, possibly pursuing higher political office by prosecuting Casey Anthony to the fullest extent of the law.

Nevertheless after a cordial return phone call from a Webster staffer, had to admit to him that not once in 2 years did any person on Alan Grayson's staff return a phone call or even an email.

Of course, my BFF Grayson, former US Congressman FL-08, still sends me emails seeking cash.

Thanks but no thanks, Al.

So Mr. Webster, you may never get my vote, but then again, neither will Alan Grayson.

Thanks for the response and your embracing the communicating process in your contentious Conway town hall voters' meeting.

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