Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gil Scott Heron Saved My Life With "B Movie," RIP

In the dark days following the election of a barely competent B Movie actor in November 1980, Gil Scott Heron spoke truth to people, that Ronald Raygunz' so called mandate amounted to just above a quarter of the electorate.

Mandate?  Mandate my ass!

Within a month, 3 American nuns and a Catholic lay worker died at the hands of a Salvadoran death squad, brutalized and raped.

A former Salvadoran National Guard commander implicated in the cover up legally came to America while nuns and priests in the US found themselves prosecuted for trying to help victims and targets find sanctuary from the US sponsored death squads in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

The election ushered into government an era of documented criminality unsurpassed perhaps by even the Cheney administration for at least the latter had fig leaf of 11 September attacks to cover assaults on the US Constitution.

Nevertheless, despite the media missing the issues at the time, the Revolution did find new form with Artists United Against Apartheid, with "Sun City" (pop up version).

On the vinyl platter, Gil Scott Heron sang, "Let Me See Your ID."

Never in a million years did sane people think S African apartheid era pass laws would come to America, speecifically in AZ.

So the struggle renews afresh, the working for the dignity of every breathing human starting with the least powerful of us.

Yes, the revolution will not air on television for it  begins in our hearts in desire to make things better for all children everywhere.

It continues as we reach out, make human connections, and organize, not just on Facebook but where people live, in the schools, our union halls, the streets of Madison and Tallahassee, wherever the powerful try to strip what little dignity remains for the downtrodden,

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